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Thread: Playing Red?Blue with only 6 Pokemon.

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    Cool Playing Red?Blue with only 6 Pokemon.

    I am thinking about playing pokemon red or blue but with only using the pokemon in Route 2 and viridian forrest . I'm planing to capture the first 5 species I see.
    My team would include:
    Starter (Charmander, squitle, Bulbasaur)
    Pidgey (shuld i use a Spearow instead?)
    Rattata (Hyper fang is strong)
    Caterpie or weedle
    Pikachu (He's good againts Loriel and Lance's water and flying types)
    Nidorino(His horn attack is strong during the early game and he becomes a posion/groun type.)
    I'm open to any suggestions.
    I'm decciding on who the starter should be. Squitle can use Surf but I think Ratta/Raticate can also use surf, but I'm not sure. Charmander is good againts Grass and Ice but Pidgey/spearow can defeat Grass and bugs. Nidoking can learn Fire Blast. I will probably ether use Squitle or Bulbasaur as my starter.

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    I would go with bulbasaur because nidoking can cover water types in surf and fire types wth fire blast/flamethrower. Also I belive you might be able to get a monkey in red.

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