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Thread: Your Favourite Video Game Moment

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    Default Your Favourite Video Game Moment

    Uh... Well.
    Use spoiler tags if you don't want to spoil/it's a newer game that you don't want to spoil (Eg: Hyrule Warriors), and it can be funny. Yay for boring intro.

    I really liked the part in Golden Sun: The Lost Age when you leave Lemuria for the first time.

    Sheba: "Umm... Piers?"
    Piers: "Yes, Sheba? What is it?"
    Sheba: "There's something I've been meaning to ask you... Something I have to ask you..."
    Piers: "Ask me, Sheba."
    Sheba: "You and I look roughly the same age, but how old are you, really?"
    Piers: "Is that your question, Sheba? It's not important!"
    Jenna: "It is to me. If you are much older than us, then I'm afraid we've not shown you the proper respect."
    Kraden: "She's got a point."
    Piers: "Don't worry about such things. Please, treat me as you have all along."
    Kraden: "No, that won't do. You have to tell us."
    Piers: "What!? Come now! This is silly!"
    Sheba: "No, Piers! Tell me!"
    Piers: "You're afraid you haven't shown me the proper respect, and yet you make demands of me?"
    Jenna: "Come on, Piers... You can tell us. How old are you really?"
    Piers: "This has nothing to do with respect! You just want to know how old I am, don't you!"
    Sheba: "Hee hee!"
    Jenna: "Heh heh!"
    Kraden: "Oh ho ho ho!!!"
    Piers: "I knew it! Come on, Felix! Can't you get them off my back?"
    Felix: "... ..."
    Piers: "You're in this too, aren't you, Felix? I've had it with your conspiracies! I will not tell you!"

    Need help in Golden Sun/ Golden Sun: The Lost Age? I'm good for questions. Just nothing past the Kraken in Golden Sun. I'm stuck on it.
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    When ratchet and clank meet courtney gears
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    Thanks for the trades everyone

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    When you fight Sunstar in Mega Man V...his speeches at the beginning and end of the fight are cool...

    That and Sepiroth's theme...One-Winged Angel is AWESOME/GOD-TIER/10 OUTTA 10!
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    Probably when I first played Super Mario Bros. and finished the first castle and a character said "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!". That was amazing.

    More recently, the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Both, First playthrough and DLC) and Lightning Retuns. Great way to end a serie.

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    Blackreach, Skyrim


    Every moment I have ever spent in Skyrim is my favorite. Although, my absolute favorite, if I had to pick one, was the moment I walked into Blackreach for the first time. It was breath taking. It remains my favorite place in the game to this day (with Lakeview Manor as my second favorite, with my children, employees, and pets) and I go there when I want some quiet time.
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    I do want to say the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 but I'm not sure | Steam ID

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    Sonic's dynamic entry into Brawl's Subspace Emissary, Wii-U version totally should have had a sequel campaign mode.

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    Personally, my fave moment in a video game has to be everything I've done in Far Cry 3. Can't wait to get the sequel...
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    - Silent hill 2, near the end and one of the endings. It's best that you play it for yourself.

    - Ascending on nethack which is pretty much beating the game. Best one I had was that I had a load of spare wishes just before ascending so I decided to use them up, not for high value loot but for some random stuff: An ice cooler box to stash away my booze in, a figurine of a Incubus which I summoned and he placed an ring of adornment on my character's finger, A figurine of a woodchuck and a potion of hallucination which I drank straight away. After all that I ascended and beat the game.

    - Beating any civ game with a conquest victory and beating any civ game in the space race victory as a non-science civ.

    - Alpha Centauri, the detailed story you get told as the game goes on and attacking other civs with an army of mind worms.

    - The Blackmore boss fight in Castlevania: order of ecclesia. "I will be your shadow! Hahaharahrahahrh!"
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    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - When my game gave me the blue screen of death. I was playing at 2 in the morning and shouted out loud which didn't make my neighbors in the apartment next door too happy.

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - When Darth Revan was unmasked, I was literally floored. I tried to load it again just so I could watch it, but ended up saving over my previous file.

    Legend of Zelda: Windwaker - Defeating the final boss. Yeah I get it, we've been hacking and slashing for 25+ years. I just never expected to ever see such a direct blow before.

    The very beginning and endings to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. A lot of people give that entry grief because it doesn't have the monsters or other things synonymous with Silent Hill. Here's what the game did deliver on though, Emotional and Psychological levels. The beginning and endings are told to the player though home movies. Seeing video taped evidence of the picturesque family devolving into a fractured broken home filled with abuse, alcoholism, and adultery really tugs on your heart strings.

    There's probably more moments that had a significant impact on me, but these are the ones that stick out the most.
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    One of my favorites just happened. I'm playing Saints Row the Third, and the mission "Trojan *****s" a bunch of stripper assassins are at a party at your crib, and then it basically turns into a giant gun fight, as I was running around shooting strippers, I noticed one of my Gang members was standing in the middle of the kitchen. Eating a sandwich. Acting like nothing ever happened.

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    When the RNG doesn't screw me over in Fire Emblem games!

    In all seriousness,the final boss in the Hero/Pure Hero story of Shadow the Hedgehog.That,and the Hero/Pure Hero endings.So touching.

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