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Thread: The Souls series (and Bloodborne) thread

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    Default The Souls series (and Bloodborne) thread

    So I started a Souls thread back when the first Dark Souls' DLC came out and that picked up some steam. Thought I might start it again.

    I found Dark Souls 3 amazing, definitely better than Dark Souls 2 and on par, more or less, with Dark Souls 1. While the maps are more linear this time, I think that was for the better in some ways. Dark Souls 2 was a jumbled mess.

    Besides that, post builds, discuss series, state your platform if requesting jolly cooperation or setting up a duel/fight club, etc.

    I'm on PC, and I usually invade or co-op from time to time. Maining an estoc.
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    I was playing DkS3 on Xbone with a friend we both returned it for the PS4 version. The framerate on Xbone was horrendous, especially in boss fights.

    Currently going for all the trophies. Pretty mad that the Darkmoon covenant STILL doesn't work right and I'm going to have to farm Silver Knights for at least 10 hours. Doing Mound Maker invasions in the forest however was some of the most fun I've had in PVP.

    Overall I'd put this game above 2, but below Demon's, Bloodborne, and Dark 1. A few level designs are good but a few are terrible (looking at you Catacombs and Demon Ruins) and the game relies on nostalgia a bit too much without doing enough that's new.

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