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  • Pikachu

    43 12.61%
  • Unfezant

    8 2.35%
  • Pignite

    14 4.11%
  • Oshawott

    76 22.29%
  • Snivy

    68 19.94%
  • Leavanny

    9 2.64%
  • Scraggy

    37 10.85%
  • Palpitoad

    25 7.33%
  • Boldore

    10 2.93%
  • Krookodile

    51 14.96%
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Thread: Who Is Your Favorite Ash Pokemon At The Moment??(Spoilers)

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    Default Who Is Your Favorite Ash Pokemon At The Moment??(Spoilers)

    The title really speaks for it's self, who is your favorite of Ash's Pokemon on his team at the moment??

    Now pls no bashing guys, this is a who is your favorite not who is your least favorite thread. Follow all forum rules and enjoy !!

    Also if you don't like spoilers, don't look at this thread lol.

    My favorite at the moment is Krokorok, cuz he is awesome!!!

    Also guys, I hate Oshawott's english name so I just left it as the japanese name.

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