For those that never heard of this series, Plants Vs Zombies id currently one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry. Beginning its debute in 2009, it plays like an adorable tower defense game where you defend your home from the zombie invasion by planting unique plants that Crazy Dave gives to you so that they won't eat your brains.

But so far, the series has grown further when Plants Vs Zombies 2: It's About Time where one travels in various timelines while defending yourself from the zombie invasion of said timeline. More plants and zombies come in this game. DLC expands this world even further, alongside with Chinese plants and zombies only available in the Japanese translation.

And one of the latest is called Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare where the popular series takes its roots and try to beat each other in a multiplayer third person shooter genre. Oddly, the game itself has been winning the hearts of some gamers from the shooter genre for its humorous and colorful tone, in contrast to the gritty tones of other games like Call of Duty.

So, here we are welcome to share your thoughts and discussions as to what is happening around this popular franchise