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Thread: After Halcyon Days II: Stirring Ashes (RP)

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    Default After Halcyon Days II: Stirring Ashes (RP)

    After Halcyon Days II: Stirring Ashes

    (Gingerdixie: GM
    Agent Tectonic: Co-GM)

    This is the RP Thread. Discussion thread is here and sign ups are here Sign-ups do not close even after the RP begins.


    [This RP will be using post headers, which serve to help let other RPers know who is interacting with whom and at what time, as well as keep track of character effects that last more than one post. I believe in one rule about post headers, and that rule is K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid*)

    * no offense intended

    Therefore, this is all I expect of a proper heading to an RP post:

    Character Name and Species
    Faction and Orientation
    (Optional line for any ill or beneficial effects your character may be suffering, and how long this affect has lasted for)
    RPers Affected (Both character name and RPer name)

    Thus, here is what it would look like in the RP:

    Vernonia the Nuzleaf
    Wild Faction/Terran Oriented
    Route 111, Near Mauville Settlement, North Gate
    (Optional Ill/Beneficial Effect: Post 1/3)
    Affected Characters: Tango the Lombre (GingerDixie)


    As is stated in the premise below, Manifest abilities cannot be controlled with utmost precision. However, they can be used, and when the time comes that you wish to use an ability in the RP, I ask that you please quote it from your sign-up sheet and include it in your post below when it is used, like so:






    Side Missions and Pokemon Post




    Faction/Orientation Information:





    • Of course, all Serebii rules apply.
    • Given as both GMs are college students as well as a part-time employees, we understand if you cannot post here every day, on the day. That being said, please at least try to remain somewhat active. The story doesn't go anywhere when no one is participating.
    • Though we are lax about bunnying and will permit it given permission from the other RPer is given and acknowledged, We will absolutely NOT tolerate godmodding, and all complaints of such will be investigated and could lead to you being kicked out of the RP. Simply put, don't do it.
    • Agent Tectonic and I will gladly take suggestions or critiques from fellow players, but in the end, we are the GMs and we have the final say in things, so I politely ask that you respect the decisions we make.
    • With that being said, do not hesistate to come to us with questions, comments, or criticisms! Just do it in the discussion thread, please. We have one of those things for a reason.

    Cast List


    Roland the Gallade - GingerDixie
    Reserve - Agent Tectonic
    Zelda the Charizard - TheCharredDragon
    Anubis the Lucario - Andydemon
    Nina the Gardevoir- Andydemon
    Lyra the Lopunny - Huntress Wizard
    Eris the Delphox - Meeker
    Viola the Shiny Gardevior - cmats4020


    Shoshone the Mightyena (Reserve) - GingerDixie
    Lorelei the Serperior (Reserve) - GingerDixie
    Bismark the Nidoking - Agent Tectonic
    Mason Sootburrough Stoneworthy the Camerupt - SilentMemento
    Ricket the Heliolisk (WIP) - ChaosCaptain
    Luno the Growlithe - Kukanisis
    I have claimed Nuzleaf

    Current Chapter Progress: Chapter IV, 10% complete
    Second Place: Best Pokemon-Centric, 2013 Fanfiction Awards
    Credit goes to Brutaka for the banner

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    Lyra the Lopunny
    Trained Faction/Terran Oriented
    Route 118, east of Mauville
    Affected RPers: Any in Mauville

    Lyra's head hurt.

    She'd been walking west since sunrise, avoiding confrontation by hiding or running away, and now the sun was bearing down on her with full force. She stopped and leaned against a tree for a moment, catching her breath. Normally she would travel at night, to avoid being in the sun with her heavy fur, but that Luxio had been adamant that she avoid night whenever possible. The depth of his wounds lent gravity to his words, and she took them to heart. But, as she leaned against the tree, her Silk Scarf limp in the heat, she wondered if it would be better to die in a fight than of heat exhaustion.

    That's no way to think, she told herself. You are not dead yet. Mauville must be close. You're also a healer: they wouldn't refuse entry to a healer, would they? Her resolve strengthened, she pushed off the tree and continued walking. At least most of the pokemon she encountered along the way either didn't bother with her, or stopped looking a few minutes after she ran and hid. And she had yet to encounter any of these ghastly "rotters" the Luxio had described. Hopefully they couldn't climb trees.

    The sound of waves crashing on a beach reached her sensitive ears, and a few minutes later she was at the stretch of sea between her and Mauville. The massive human city's walls still stood: a good sign. But she could not hear any signs of life over the ocean, nor could she see any movement on the opposite shore. Lyra took a delicate step from the grass onto the beach. The sand was hot, but not unbearable, and she hopped to where the sea began. She couldn't possibly swim across. It was too far: surely she would drown from the weight of her fur. But without a way across, she was as good as dead when night fell. Her luck was bound to run out some day, and she'd rather be inside a city anyway. Nature was nice, but she'd grown up in human dwellings.

    Looking around, she spotted a neat row of rocks stretching from one end of the northern part of the route to the other. The boulders were spaced fairly far apart, but not so far apart that Lyra didn't think she could get across. She hopped onto the large gray boulder on the beach at the start of the line. After making certain that her Silk Scarf and pouch were securely fastened, then bent down on all fours and leapt to the next large rock, several meters away. Her hands scrabbled for purchase and found it, as did her feet.

    One down, three to go, Lyra thought. She lifted herself slightly, pushed off the rock, and succeeded at grabbing the next one in line. This wasn't that hard; she was already at the middle of the route, and the last two rocks were fairly close together. She pushed off again, grabbed a handhold on the fourth rock–and lost her footing. This last rock had accumulated a layer of slime, and she could not find a place to grip with her back paws. Her lower half went into the water. She jerked her ears up and out of the way before they, too, became soaked, but already her grip was starting to falter as her water-soaked fur weighed her down.

    The Lopunny cried out, gripping onto the rock with all her might. "HELP!" she screamed, hoping she was loud enough to carry over the waves and into the city.

    ((OOC: Hope that's okay for a first post. I'm assuming this is ORAS Mauville, with the fancy walls and inner courtyard.))

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    Anubis the Lucario & Nina the Gardevoir
    Trained Faction/Terran Oriented & Trained Faction/Urban Oriented
    Mauville City
    Affected RPers: Lyra the Lopunny (Huntress)

    "Anubis." A familiar voice rang in his ear, "Anubis, wake up." As the soft voice called out to him Anubis began to stir until opening his eyes. Upon looking around he found the source of the voice. A female Lucario sitting nearby. "Glad to see you're finally awake. It looked like you were gonna be asleep the whole day if no one woke you up." She told him.

    Anubis held his head as he slowly got out of bed and stood up saying, "That would've been inconvenient. Thank you, Reala. I appreciate it." He looked around for a moment and walked to the door saying, "I guess Nina is out and about as usual?"

    "Of course.", Reala replied. "You know she's not gonna sit and wait for you to wake up before going off on her own."

    "She'll be fine. As long as she doesn't go outside the city without the rest of us, she can take care of herself." Anubis stated confidently. He was not wrong in that assumption, while they were traveling together Nina has proven to be able to hold her own against anything they went up against. Granted, that didn't stop Anubis from worrying about her from time to time.

    "You know she worries about you when you go out there with Roland and the others without her." Reala told him as she approached him. "And so do I."

    Just when Anubis was about to respond to that statement, they both her the door open as a familiar Gardevoir walked into the room and noticed Anubis. "Oh hey, you're finally awake! Took you long enough.", she remarked.

    "Good morning to you too, Nina." Anubis replied.

    "Ya ya ya, good morning and all that. Are we gonna go see if there's something we can do today or not?" Nina asked, sounding annoyed.

    "Of course." Anubis turned to Reala and told her, "I'm off to see Roland, I'll be back, alright?"

    "Just be careful out there." Reala told Anubis as she watched them leave.

    Anubis and Nina started off to find Roland when suddenly they heard something. It was hard to make out, but from what they could tell it sounded like a scream for help.

    "What the hell was that?!" Nina exclaimed.

    "That sounded like was coming from outside the city." Anubis stated. After a brief sigh, he closed his eyes and focused until the appendages on the back of his head rose into the air. Looking into the direction the noise came from he eventually gave a more stern expression behind his closed eyes and said, "There's an aura outside the city. We should go check it out." Before suddenly heading off in that direction.

    "Wait! Shouldn't we go tell someone about it or something?" Nina asked right as Anubis sped off. After giving a frustrated sigh, Nina quickly teleported in the direction Anubis went, while she was able to keep up with him, between him running while she was teleporting to his location just to keep up with him, they weren't able to talk at all. Eventually they made it to the outskirts of the city where Nina noticed someone holding onto a boulder in the water. "Anubis, look!" As she pointed the Pokemon out to him.

    "I see!" Anubis replied, looking closely at the Pokemon, Anubis saw that it was a Lopunny, and upon closer inspection they appeared to be wearing an accessory of some kind, which told him the Pokemon must've belonged to a human. With the knowledge that the Pokemon was at risk of drowning, Anubis wordlessly jumped away from Nina and landed cleanly onto the boulder the Lopunny was holding onto before grabbing it's arm. "It's alright, I-" Anubis was about to say when suddenly he lost his footing and fell into the water, quickly using his free paw to grab onto the boulder he was just standing on.

    "Anubis!" Nina exclaimed as she watched Anubis end up in the same predicament as the Lopunny. She had to act fast and she knew it, so she quickly reached out to Anubis and the Lopunny and began to concentrate her Psychic power onto them. After a moment she managed to levitate both of them out of the water and over safely to where she was. "What the ****, Anubis?! Are you crazy?! You could've gotten yourself killed!" She yelled out loud.

    Anubis took a moment to catch his breath before saying, "But you got us out just fine, and that's what matters in the end." He looked over to the Lopunny and asked, "Are you okay? Everything's going to be alright now." He then turned to Nina and told her, "Nina, why don't you take her to Reala. I have to tell Roland about this, alright?"

    "Wait, what? Hold on Anubis!" But Nina's words fell on deaf ears as Anubis was already heading off to find Roland. After giving off an annoyed sigh, Nina looked over to the Lopunny and said, "Uh...Hey! Sooo can you walk just fine by yourself? I mean, I can get us both to Reala myself, I'm just asking."

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    Lyra the Lopunny
    Route 118, east of Mauville
    Absolutely drenched from the waist down (1/???)
    Affected RPers: Nina the Gardevoir (Andydemon)

    It seemed Lyra's cry for help had been answered. She managed to claw her way far enough up the boulder to see a Lucario and a Gardevoir standing on the beach, evidently summoned by her shrieking. The Gardevoir was pointing at her. After a heart-stopping moment where neither of the two pokemon did anything, the Lucario bounded right onto the boulder and grabbing her arm. "It's alright, I-" it said, and then lost its footing and fell into the water with her.

    "The rock's covered in slime," Lyra whimpered, gripping the Lucario's forearm with her right paw to try and keep him from going under as well. Not that it helped much, since she was missing two fingers on that hand, but it made her feel slightly less useless. She looked at the Gardevoir standing on the shore. "I hope your friend doesn't try the same thing. She-sorry, they-would probably just end up like us." Lyra had met a male Gardevoir once, who'd taken great offense when she'd referred to him as a "she." That was a moment she didn't want to relive any time soon.

    The sensation of floating snapped her out of her memories, and she noticed a purple-pink aura surrounding her and the Lucario. The Gardevoir lifted them both out of the water and deposited them on the beach. Lyra fell to her hands and knees almost instantly, the weight of her fur dragging her down. But by Palkia did it feel good to have solid ground under her again. The Gardevoir cursed out the Lucario, naming him as Anubis, for nearly killing himself trying to get to Lyra.

    "But you got us out just fine, and that's what matters in the end," Anubis retorted. He looked down at where Lyra was shivering lightly, the cold sea water having soaked into her downy undercoat. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Everything's going to be alright now."

    "I'll be f-fine in a minute. Thank you for helping me," Lyra said. She rubbed at her leg fur. No good: it would be soaked for hours, if not an entire day, if she didn't get access to a hair dryer or something. And that seemed very unlikely, given the circumstances. She could only hope mold wouldn't set in: the first and last time that had happened was unpleasant, to say the least. The Lucario told "Nina" to take her to "Reala," then ran off. She assumed Nina was the Gardevoir, but who was Reala? The Gardevoir shouted after him, then sighed. This must happen quite often.

    "Uh...hey!" said the Gardevoir. "So can you walk just fine by yourself? I mean, I can get us both to Reala myself, I'm just asking."

    "Yes, I can walk." She pushed herself to her feet. Her legs still felt heavier than normal, but she could walk fine. "I'm Lyra, by the way. You're Nina, right? And that was Anubis? It's nice to meet you. Or rather, one of you."

    She smiled and combed a paw through her creamy ear fur. "I, um, was hoping to find some refuge in Mauville? This Luxio told me it was where a lot of pokemon were fighting against those awful walking corpses. I'm a healer, if that helps my case. Well, former-healer-in-training I guess. I know a lot, just not...everything."

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    Valios the Kabutops
    Trained Pokemon/Terran Oriented
    The Ashy Hills of Route 113 ----> Fallarbor Town
    Affected RPers: N/A

    The ash storms of northern Hoenn were rather hellish, to begin with. Ever since the outbreak of of some virus, I've noticed that each and every trainer slowly began to turn into cannibalistic monsters whose violence would rival even that of a school of Sharpedo. I've seen them walk and tread these lands restlessly, as if finding some purpose. Unfortunately, the nightmarish reality of it all was that there was no purpose for them. All of the human nurses began tearing at other people's flesh rather than repairing them, elderly folk are now gnawing at other undead children, pokemon all over the region or either scared, hostile, or they've broken down and have found no purpose in common propriety. What about me, you ask?

    I'm all of those.

    Ever since my sweet release from those cladheaded Magnemite bastards, the world felt a bit too real. The blood that was simulated within this "New Mauville" (what those uppity Pokemon seemed to call it) that I lived in for years was suddenly more grotesque than I had anticipated. Anger was not only an emotion that could be displayed, but felt by others, and can somehow fill a silence with breakneck tension. And then there were the old voices inside my head. Oh dear...

    But the voices that beckon me. They have some good ideas.

    Great, actually.


    I walked along the ashen-silver path, waving a scythe in front of me as a gust of soot came toppling down over the grey skies. The temperature had to have been around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and as I neared Fallarbor, I felt it rise to a sweltering heat. Ugh, and the mess of dead humans and pokemon didn't help either. Every now and then, I'd step on some large lump of soot, only to expect the gurgling rise of warm red blood rise up to my knees. It was annoying, really. Stupid, damned humans. They probably did deserve to die for being so weak-willed.

    The trek over the hills was rather uneventful. If you'd picture a restless snowstorm on a hot, sunny day, minus the cold, then you've got a good idea. If not, then wake up. Slow-witted stupidity like that is what caused all of these humans to resolve in waste.

    Judging by the sun, it was probably hitting the late afternoon as some dusty shacks came into view. The ponds were contaminated with ash and feces, the roads were simply covered in heaps of soot, and Fallarbor...well, just the same old Fallarbor. But there was a lack of humans. Not good. There should be humans. Anywhere, just popping out of a shack just to sink his or her teeth into me. Just somewhere. But...ugh...I need blood. I need to shed some blood.

    So I came up to one of the shacks, knocking on the door as the voices in my head began to escalate in some crescendo.

    No, I had told them. Not now.

    But it was already too late. I had just hoped that whoever was in the shack came by quickly. I just felt something...surround me. But no one was there.
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    Nina the Gardevoir
    Trained Faction/Urban Oriented
    Mauville City
    Affected RPers: Lyra the Lopunny (Huntress)

    "Yes, I can walk." The Lopunny said as she stood up, she looked like she was having a bit of trouble, but she was managing. "I'm Lyra, by the way. You're Nina, right? And that was Anubis? It's nice to meet you. Or rather, one of you."

    "Yaaaaa, once that guy sets his mind on something and starts moving, there's no stopping him, not even to formerly introduce himself." Nina stated. "Anyway, yes. I'm Nina, that was Anubis. Nice to meet you too and all that."

    "I, um, was hoping to find some refuge in Mauville? This Luxio told me it was where a lot of pokemon were fighting against those awful walking corpses. I'm a healer, if that helps my case. Well, former-healer-in-training I guess. I know a lot, just not...everything." The Lopunny explained.

    "Huh? I would think if he knew about this place he'd be trying to get here himself." Nina said, puzzled. "Anyway, you're in luck! Reala's the best damn healer in town. If there's something about being one you're all clueless about, she's the one to ask."

    Nina took the Lopunny all the way to where she, Anubis, and Reala stay and knocked on the door. Soon afterwards the door was opened by Reala, who quickly said "Nina? Why aren't you with Anubis? And who is this Lopunny?"

    "Long story short, she nearly drowned outside of town, we saved her, Anubis told me to take her to you while he looked for Roland, the end." Nina quickly explained.

    "I see. Well come inside you two." Reala replied, she then turned to Lyra and said "If you've been in the water then I say you need help drying off quickly. I'm afraid I can't help you with that, but the heat from a Fire-Type Pokemon's flame should suffice." Reala then turned to Nina and asked "Nina, would you please help this one find someone willing to help her?"

    "Alright, alright." Nina responded, "Just as long as we don't have to turn to 'her'"

    "Now now, Nina." Reala said sternly "I've told you before. She may be odd to the rest of us, but if you look past that then you may see some good in her."

    "You might think so, but....I dunno, something is really wrong with her." Nina stated, she then stepped out the door and turned to Lyra asking, "You coming or not?"
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    Eris the Delphox
    Mauville City, Necropolis
    Affected Characters: N/A (Directly, at least.)

    Cuckoo! Cuckoo! the clock went, thrusting the fake pidgy in and out of its door. It was enough to wake me up, as if that was hard. It would do this every evening, just in time for the opening of my shop, The Brew.

    It was a real shame most Pokemon stayed away from it. They seemed rather turned away each time I kindly asked them if they were interested in improving their spiritual well-being. No potions, medicines, elixirs, or ethers. Not a single customer. What was it that truly turned them away?

    Before leaving bed, I examined my room. I had repurposed a shop from the city into my own house and emporium. I had blocked off half of it with a makeshift fence made from large slabs of plywood and sheet metal. It worked quite well, and I’m proud to say I did it all by myself. It provided the privacy I needed for any projects I worked on. My supplies were not very organized, with various stains, spills, containers, and other equipment that I frequently used scattered around the room in rather messy fashions. It worked, and the only place that needed to be organized was the shop itself, not my room.

    I slipped into my purple robe, tied on my matching-color headwrap, fastened my belt around my waist, slung on my canvas pouch around my shoulder, a pair of reading glasses with a left lens that was in pristine condition, and for the finishing touch, slipped my cigarette holder between my lips. The cigarette holder held an herb blend I made and rolled myself. It gave off smoke that varied between white and grey that smelled of a mint incense. I found that it had aided in concentrating my psychic prowess, as well as keeping me awake if I needed an extra boost during long shifts.

    I walked out into my shop to start my shift. It was filled to the brim with various occult goods, to the point where they seemed that they would fall off the shelves if so much as a dust mite touched one object. The contents of the shelves included various jarred goods such as slugs, body parts and so on, as well as a number of other ingredients useful for potion brewers of any experience level. Display cases showed a wide variety of herbs and salts, and bookcases in one corner were chock-full of books, be it recipes for concocting elixirs of any kind.

    However, I decided to instead take a walk around the city-sized mall. I rarely got business, and even then, they never bought anything. Perhaps a stroll through the various shops would aid in making me feel better.

    There seemed to be a shop for everything. Accessories, food, bikes, move tutoring, medical aid, books, and even bikes! It was as if there was no limit to the amount of things one was able to buy here two decades ago. Most of the shops still worked in their old fashions, just owned by Pokemon instead of humans. I eventually found myself passing by an open area filled with tables, most likely filled with old restaurants of the past. They continued operation to this day
    however, being run by the goats that might be serving something from the berry bushes in the back. They were like any other berry bushes, but the fruits they grew here were completely different. Perhaps someday I’ll make sure to ask what they’re like.

    The air started to turn cold, as if it was the middle of winter inside. I shivered, continuing to browse the stores as my fur turned a ghastly blue. My breath became visible in the air, the puff becoming bigger each time I exhaled. Everyone acted as if they were not bothered by the major issue with the air current in here. There’s just no way they could ignore it…. Could they be planning this? Just to make me uncomfortable? Bother the one with the odd coloration? Make her feel out of place in the most well-established fortress for the living? They wouldn’t do that, would they?

    My paws clenched and my teeth bit down on my lips so hard I tasted blood as I walked back to my place. They… Couldn’t attack me, right? This is just a weird coincidence. Right? When wiping the long stream of blood from my mouth, I noticed something truly frightening. Crystals started to grow on the back of my hand. The flesh they sprouted from felt numb, yet they gave off a sharp pain that spread from nerve to nerve as the crystals began ripping out of my robe. The robe started to fall apart, revealing more and more of my body to the public. But no one did a thing. They just walked by. No help, no fascination, no gawking. Nothing. These crystals were cold to the touch, undoubtedly make of ice. But how? I’m a Fire-Type!

    I ran throughout the city, screaming my lungs out, hoping someone would help before whatever this was finished. I started to lose control of my legs as more ice sprouted from them. It wasn’t long before I finally tripped, twisting my ankle with the sound of glass breaking and a pain greater than any other I’ve ever felt. I put my hands out to lighten my fall, only for them to shatter like glass when they hit the floor. I cried out in pain, looking at my feet to realize my ankle had literally snapped off. My heart rate soared, but started slowing despite my attempts to suck in as much air as physically possible. My body had started to freeze over. It became the same ghastly blue my fur had become earlier as more ice sprouted from my now-exposed chest. I couldn’t breathe anymore. My sight faded to black. This is it. I was going to die here, without a single Pokemon knowing it happened despite being right in front of them. But just then, it all flashed white.

    I found myself in an old janitor’s closet, still bleeding and almost naked in the corner. My robe. It was torn apart. But I was fine. A black feet, silver fur, and no blue. No ice. I still had my arms and my foot, but… if that was… Whatever it was, why was my robe torn?
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    (Note: Sorry in advance if something here isn't right, like I said in sign-ups, I have never done a forum RP before.)
    Ricket, Heliolisk
    Sea Mauville

    Ricket ran through the decayed hallway of the abandoned oil rig, his claws digging into the sloped concrete floor. A bundle of wires was clutched firmly in his left paw, he had cut them from a control panel moments before.

    Behind him a hoard of shambling zombies was swarming in is wake, from what he had gathered, in the final days of civilization many humans had gathered in removed and isolated locations like the Sea Mauville in hopes they wouldn't be afflicted by the virus and anarchy that was destroying their population. As he struggled to outpace the shambling mod of corpses he cursed himself for not having realized how overrun the abandoned oil rig would have become.

    Fortunately for him he could make out a familiar hole in the
    crumbling ceiling several yards ahead of him, focusing his mind he prepared himself for the feat required for him to enter the hole. When he drew close enough he dove to the side, his feet and right paw clinging to the wall's metal sheeting and holding him in a horizontal position to the floor.

    Manifest Abilities:
    Electro-Mag Bind: Uses Electromagnetism to cling to magnetic surfaces momentarily. (Fails within seconds and the electromagnetism greatly damages his hands and feet.)
    He wasn't sure how his magnetic powers worked, but at the moment he didn't care. Wasting no time he used his momentum to vault himself upwards, unfortunately his feet were still magnetically attached despite him trying to "deactivate" them to the wall so the leap left him inches short of the edge of the hole. To his terror he fell to the floor, the quickest members of the undead hoard now surrounding him. Wasting little time he jumped to his feet and kicked off the wall, not risking his faulty magnetic powers a second time. Having no other option he kicked off the chest of one of the former humans, propelling himself upwards.

    This time the jagged edge of the hole was in his reach, heart pounding with terror he scrabbled into the small ventilation shaft it opened up to. While the crowd bellow tried in vain to access the hole he rolled onto his back and panted heavily, cursing his luck while thanking Arceus or the narrow escape.

    After a moment of rest he began to head down the cramped air duct, the growling and groaning of the zombies growing distant as he went. Eventually he reached an air vent with the grill ripped off. After checking the room for any signs of intruders as he always did when he returned., he crawled out and landed on the floor bellow.

    Ricket had found the room several days after a faulty engine on his makeshift raft had stranded him at the ruins of the Sea Mauville. The doorway was blocked by a pile of concrete rubble, with the vent as the only available entrance the room was easily the safest place the whole oil rig.

    Dropping his black backpack in a corner, Ricket made his way to a desk with a small black radio on it. With little thought he dropped the wires he had collected on the table. At some point since the collapse of society the radio has stopped working, but Ricket was attempting to repair it as a pet project, he found small activities like this were the best way to keep himself from going crazy.

    Ignoring the nagging voice in the back of his head saying the radio would never work and that if it did it would receive nothing, Ricket made a mental note to work on it after some rest. He then returned to his backpack, laying down with it nestled under his head as a makeshift pillow. Within moments, he was asleep.
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    Lyra the Lopunny
    Route 118 --> Mauville
    Absolutely drenched from the waist down (2/???)
    Affected RPers: Nina the Gardevoir (Andydemon)

    Lyra giggled at Nina's description of Anubis the Lucario. She stopped giggling abruptly when the Gardevoir questioned why the Luxio hadn't come to Mauville himself.

    "I assume he was on his way here, but the rotters got to him and I couldn't...he didn't make it." She pressed her nose into her wrist cuff. She hadn't lost many patients, not before in the hospital and not now after the collapse of human civilization, so every death still felt like a barb in her heart. Compouding her pain was the fact that she did not know anything about the cosmetic side of healing, so those she did save were often left with terrible scars.

    "Anyway, you're in luck!" Nina went on, snapping Lyra out of her morbid train of thought. "Reala's the best damn healer in town. If there's something about being one you're all clueless about, she's the one to ask."

    "That's good to know, thank you." So they already have a healer, she thought. The Gardevoir led her into the city. Lyra struggled a bit to keep up. Her damp fur was weighing her legs down, so she was forced to walk instead of hop, which threw her off. She scrubbed a paw through her fur again, with no effect other than dislodging a few drops of water. The Gardevoir stopped in front of one of the old human apartments and knocked, and a different Lucarion than the one that had helped her answered.

    "Nina?" the Lucario said. "Why aren't you with Anubis? And who is this Lopunny?"

    "Long story short, she nearly drowned outside of town, we saved her, Anubis told me to take her to you while he looked for Roland, the end."

    "Um...yep!" Lyra added. "That's about it!"

    "I see. Well come inside you two." The Lucario moved to allow them entrance, and Lyra hopped in. It was still quite a nice apartment, even in this time. They even had a bit of electricity, judging from the lights glowing faintly on the ceiling. Perhaps her idea of a hair dryer wasn't as far-fetched as she thought. "If you've been in the water then I say you need help drying off quickly. I'm afraid I can't help you with that, but the heat from a Fire-Type Pokemon's flame should suffice. Nina, would you please help this one find someone willing to help her?"

    "Alright, alright. Just as long as we don't have to turn to 'her'." Her? Lyra wondered. Why are they referring to someone like that?

    "Now now, Nina. I've told you before. She may be odd to the rest of us, but if you look past that then you may see some good in her."

    "You might think so, but....I dunno, something is really wrong with her. You coming or not?"

    "Ah, that's very kind of you," Lyra said, running her paw through her ear fur, " fur is rather flammable, and I don't have any Rawst berries on me at the moment. I don't suppose you have a blow dryer or something?" She hastily added, "It's fine if you don't, I'll just be super duper careful.

    "Also, I didn't get your name." She waved vaguely at the Lucario who was not Anubis. "And who is 'her'?"

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