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Thread: Digimon: The Mystery of E.V.E (RP)

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    Default Digimon: The Mystery of E.V.E (RP)

    Digimon: The Mystery of E.V.E
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    Love: Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone and Lalamon (Monster Guy)
    Courage: Daciana Lupei and Dracmon (*Jean Grey*)
    Friendship: Callaway "Cal" McDonough and Betamon (Schade)
    Sincerity: Alexander "Alex" Wesker and Renamon (Andydemon)
    Knowledge: N/A
    Reliability: Hannelore "Hanna" Louise Roth and Floramon (Minteh)
    Hope: Corrin Nogh Akiyoshi and Dorumon (Pyroli)
    Kindness: Homer Suga Hernandez and Agumon X (TheCharredDragon)
    Light: Maddison “Maddie” Pellerzi and Hagurumon (Samayouru)

    Corrin Akiyoshi
    //> Wyvern <\\
    Tokyo, Japan


    Today was just like any other, Corrin waking up late, doing her hair and makeup and getting ready for the day ahead. She didn’t have many plans today, but had some plans of making some coffee and perhaps logging into E.V.E. After all, your friends from the chatroom had been growing curious about that whole E.V.E Complex phenomenon, as well as the whole hacking revolution taking place within E.V.E. Although Corrin had never admitted it to her peers, she had a keen interest in hacking, as well as hackers in general and was actually quite curious about Digimon and how they could be used by hackers. In a way, Corrin wished for power, wanting to obtain a Digimon for herself and use it to shut down E.V.E from the inside and make the large Kaiju Group suffer and beg for mercy at her own hands. She grinned at the thought, but then proceeded to clear her mind, she didn’t want her friends within the chatroom to know anything about her secret wishes nor did she plan on ever letting them know.

    She walked over to her kitchen table, pouring coffee into the dragon mug that had been resting on her table. Next to her mug was her small E.V.E device, which she usually kept on the kitchen table due to the fear of losing it. She grabbed the set of goggles that came with the device and placed it upon her face, ready to visit the world of E.V.E. She slowly walked back into her living room and forced herself to lie on the couch so that she could be comfortable in her unconscious state and wouldn’t awaken with a horrible kink in her neck or anything of the like.

    She adjusted the knobs on the side of the device and typed in the URL to her private chatroom that a few friends that she had met over the internet frequented with her.

    >>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    The usual prompts appeared on the screen and she slowly faded into unconsciousness as her avatar logged into the chatroom. Once she was fully logged in, she slowly wandered around the currently empty chat room and took a seat on one of the couches she had loaded in, waiting for her friends to arrive to discuss their plan of action.
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    Maddie Pellerzi
    Ipswich, England

    Maddie eyed the set of goggles on her bed nervously, fidgeting with her hands. She had been sitting on the chair at her desk for over an hour now, debating silently to herself about if she should log on E.V.E again or not. Granted, she didn’t want to end up like her father, but at the same time Maddie realised that there were other people who were at risk of suffering like she did. Besides, her new friends had been planning to meet up in the private chatroom tonight due to finding out about two more people now in a coma.

    There was one other concern that she had – the Digimon. She was well aware of the hackers and what they used Digimon for, but at the same time, she didn’t agree with others who believed them to be nothing more than viruses. They were still beings in their own rights, and the fact that people were using them for their own gains made her feel angry. Maddie, admittedly, did want a Digimon for herself, but more as a friend than a tool of war. She daren’t say anything about it to her new friends, though, they’d probably have her kicked out of the group in a heartbeat.

    She checked in on her mother one more time, her heart sinking when she saw that her mother was still glued to the TV. Then Maddie returned to her room, glancing at the letter she’d prepared in case she fell unconscious too on her desk, and grabbed the goggles. Once she’d put them on, she placed herself on the bed and typed in the URL to the chatroom.

    >>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    Maddie felt her consciousness fade as her avatar was loaded into the chatroom. It wasn’t long before she noticed that she wasn’t alone. She turned to see Wyvern sitting on one of the couches, obviously waiting for everybody else. She offered a shy wave to Wyvern and sat down on one of the sofas. “Hi, Wyvern.”
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    Callaway McDonough
    London, England

    Callaway sighed loudly as he came back into his appartment. The day at school had been rough, and the fact that his appartment building didn't have an elevator. Combine that with the top suite, and you had one frustrated student. It wasn't usually such a pain walking up all those stairs, but he was tired after a long day starting early again. Hooray for finals week, right? He prepared some coffee as he fiddled around the ritzy appartment he was more or less forced to live in, and dropped his bag on the couch. after having had a cup of delicious fuel, he proceeded to take a shower. He didn't bother with getting up earlier than he had to just to shower before school anyways.

    His day was more or less open, with he exception being him having to study for some exams, which he figured could wait, as he didn't have lectures the day after. He glanced over at his E.V.E device for a few moments while contemplating on using it or not. His friends had planned for a meeting to discuss recent happenings of people falling to a coma, and the thought of the irony didn't seem so appealing. He imagined the headlines. "Guy falls into a coma while investigating people falling into comas!". He chuckled by the thought, and cleared his head of his paranoia. If he was to somehow get knocked into a coma, then so be it. At least he might have a valid excuse for not taking the exams later that month.

    He ventured into his bedroom and opened one of the windows so that he might at least air out the room in case of the worst, and laid down on the bed. His E.V.E device was usually stationed on his night stand, and he put the goggles on as he typed int he Url for the chatroom.

    He felt his consciousness slip as his avatar was loaded to the chatroom, and he appeared int he usual hangout the group had used for the ast year. Though anyone else, and he himself sometimes thought it was pathetic for a guy to only have online friends, it was better than the alternative, as he was still as socially adept as a sock. He saw that Wyvern and BlackShuck was already logged in, and he gave them a wave and a smile. "Yo!"

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    Leo Silverstone
    New York, United States

    Leo lay comfortably on his bed. With his homework finally finished, he now had some free time. He had arranged to meet up with his friends from E.V.E. He looked at the E.V.E device he held in his hands. There was no question about whether or not he was going to use it. He did after all promise to be there. They had planned to discuss recent happenings of people falling to a coma. Fortunately for him, this hadn't happened to anybody Leo knew personally, but this was still an issue. It all sounded like one big mystery that you would see in a TV show, and he just had to be a part of it. There was also this thing floating around about hackers using Digimon for there own purposes? Everything Leo knew about Digimon came from TV shows, so the prospect that they could be real was very exciting.

    So, with all of this in mind, Leo grabbed the goggles, and put them on. It felt silly having goggles on his head, and goggles on his face at the same time, but Leo didn't mind. He liked silly things anyway. He typed in the URL to the chatroom into his device.

    >>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    He felt his consciousness fade away as his avatar was loaded to the chatroom, Once he had fully maternalized, he saw that Wyvern, BlackShuck, and Callastrophy were already logged in. Leo smiled, and waved to everybody present. "Hey everybody, Lionheart reporting for duty!" He said as he gave a mock salute. "Isn't this exciting? We're going on a secret mission! I know this whole E.V.E. complex thing is serious and all, but you have to admit this is cool!" He then happily started skipping over to a sofa, and took a seat next to BlackShuck. He put his arm around her shoulders, and gave her a big smile. "Hi Fluttershy... I mean BlackShuck! Hehe." He said with a giggle, making it clear the slip of the tongue was not accidental. From what he had seen of her, BlackShuck did remind him of a certain yellow Pegasus from a certain TV show he liked. "You look like you could use a friend!"
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    Hanna Roth
    Upton-upon-Severn, United Kingdom

    Gulping down the last mouthful of food, Hanna arose from her seat, moving to put her now empty plate in the sink. With her father working such late hours now, it wasn't uncommon that she prepared dinner and ate it alone. After washing her plate up and putting her father's dinner in the microwave, she left the room. She was about to head upstairs to her bedroom when she realised she had forgotten something. Grabbing a pen and piece of paper from her bag in the hall she hurriedly scribbled down a note for her father and left it on the kitchen table. It wasn't anything of great importance, just a simple note to let him know she'd be logging on to E.V.E for the night. Ever since her friend had fallen into a coma, Hanna had been leaving these notes.

    After entering into her room, she was quick to adjust her pillows so she'd be somewhat comfortable in her unconscious state and that she wouldn't be all stiff when she awoke. Grabbing her device from her bedside table, she sat on the side of her bed, holding her simple white device in her hands. Was she really about to do this? Of course, it was too late now to back out; the whole decision to journey into the main chatroom had been in the works for weeks now. Still, Hanna couldn't believe she had agreed to it, let alone that she was actually going through with it. She could just imagine the headlines should anything go wrong...

    Sighing, she lowered herself onto her pillows, making sure she was comfortable before putting her goggles on and typing in the url to the chatroom into her device.

    >>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    Hanna could feel her consciousness begin to slip away as she logged into the chatroom, and with it, her earlier reservations about even logging on. Once she had fully materialized in the chatroom, she could see that Wyvern, BlackShuck, Callastrophy, and Lionheart were already logged in. With a smile and a wave at the friends who had already logged in, she casually strolled over to them. "Hey guys!" She smiled, seating herself on one of the sofas.

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    Homer Suga Hernandez
    Sage Harpuia
    Cebu, Philippines

    Homer placed the last plate into the drainer with a satisfied smile. After cleaning up the sink, he gave a stretch to loosen up some of the muscles that bundled up when he was doing the dishes. He looked around the kitchen to see if had anything else he needed to do and found none. So he went to the living room. There, he saw his father on the couch reading on of the local papers that was written in English.

    He tapped his shoulder and said, "Father, I will be going on E.V.E. I'll try not to stay online too long."

    His father looked to him with a small smile and said, "All right."

    Homer couldn't help but smile back as his father went back to reading the newpaper. He headed for his room, clean and tidy as usual. After closing the door, he sat by his desk where his E.V.E device and goggles were. He looked to the clock. It was a bit after eight in the morning, when the time for most of his friends was late at night or close to it. Timezones were sometimes a problem but he had quickly gotten the hang of it after the first few times. He was glad they had chosen Saturday as it would mean Sunday for him, and he could be online at the same time as them.

    He was glad that they were interested in all the coma cases as he was, but he started to wonder if it was for altruistic reasons. He hoped so, but he knew the world wasn't like that. He sighed and picked up the two things and going on his bed. He lay down as he typed in the info needed before putting on his goggles. He felt himself slowly slip into a sleep like state before passing into unconsciousness.

    *>>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    *He opened his eyes and looked around. It was just like last time, a simple room that reminded one of a rustic castle, with several couches here and there. Though he was still suspicious of the Kaiju Company (especially considering the translation of the name that he knew all too well from reading mythology), he was glad that the virtual enviroment was like an old castle. It reminded him of Arthurian legends.

    He found a few of his friends had logged in as well. Wyvern, Lionheart, BlackShuck, Callastrophy... He kind of liked Callastrophy's name. It sounded like something his sister would make up, an attempt to have a cool sounding name and yet had that hint of silliness because of what it's trying to acheive. Not that he'll tell Callastrophy that. It'd likely insult him. Besides, his handle wasn't any better than his.

    With a small smile, he walked to them and gave a slight bow. He then said, "Hello, everyone. I'm pleased to see you're well." as he took a seat near Lionheart.

    He knew many people think he was acting it, but his manner of speaking kind of came from watching too many movies with his sister and reading too many "ye olde" style writings.
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    Alexander "Alex" Wesker
    Tokyo, Japan

    Alex found himself home alone once again. His mother was out working, just like she always was. It wasn't so bad at first as Alex used to have his sister around to keep him company. In fact, she was the only person he felt like he could be himself around, but now she wasn't home anymore, and she hasn't been for almost a year at least. She was somewhere else, lying in a comatose state. Where she was right now, not even Alex knew.

    A serious matter was taking place in the world. People that logged onto a virtual network called E.V.E. were falling into comas, and they weren't waking up from them at all. To make matters worse, those that fell into this "E.V.E. Complex" were taken to an unknown location, making things like visits from family and friends impossible. An issue that Alex knew about all too well, because one of the patients of this Complex was his sister, Alice.

    It has been a year since Alice feel into a coma, and Alex is determined to get to the bottom of the E.V.E. Complex and find a way to awaken all those that had become comatose to it. If everyone woke up, then whoever is looking after them would have to let them go back to their families, right? Thankfully, Alex had since found a group that was also out to investigate the E.V.E. Complex epidemic, and with their goals aligned with his albeit for different reasons, Alex intended to cooperate with them in order to get his sister back by any means necessary. No hacker, no Digimon, and not even the Kaiju Corporation that ran E.V.E. was going to stand in his way. As the moment to meet up with this group neared, Alex took one last look at his locket, and the picture of himself and his sister inside of it.

    Feeling that the time had come, Alex put on his goggles and laid down in his bed before typing the necessary information into his E.V.E. Device.

    >>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    As he lost consciousness in the real world, Alex quickly found himself in the all too familiar chat room he had been frequenting for a nearly a year. In it, he saw that several familiar faces were already there. Wyvern, BlackShuck, Callastrophy, Lionheart, Romulus, and Sage Harpuia. Sporting a nonchalant smile that the group had come to know him for, Alex stepped forward with his hands in the pockets of his jacket and told them, "Well, well, well. Looks like most of you are already here. I certainly hope you didn't start the party without me, that would be such a pity." He then followed up that remark with a brief snicker as he took a seat on one of the couches.

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    Daciana Lupei
    Brasov, Romania

    Daciana plucked off a black, skull-shaped earbud as she felt her iPhone vibrate. Picking it up, she tapped the 6-6-6-6 that was her passcode (she found passcodes trivial at best and settled for the only number string she could remember aside from her own birthday), and was greeted by a text message coming from her mother. She didn't have to read the name "Tati Lupei" to know that it was indeed her mother. Ever since the older woman discovered emojis, she used them in every single, fucking message, even when they didn't make sense.

    Honey, I won't be home for the next two days. Don't forget to eat dinner, OK? And if you're logging into that device or are expecting anyone, don't forget to lock the front doors. Katalin can be such a heavy sleeper, and probably forgot to do so. Stay safe! - Mama

    The message was peppered with a few emojis, including one of the the new upside-down ones at the end - her mom's favorite. The mention of device made her remember the arrangements she made to meet her chatroom friends. Just a few days ago, they had agreed to meet up and investigate further, and the redhead was excited at the prospect.

    "Hell yeah, today's the day alright," she said to herself before getting down from her bed and out of her room to lock the front doors. Now, the Lupeis had their own electric gate, scanner system and all, but old habits were difficult to kill, especially when it came to Tati Lupei, who was once too superstitious and paranoid for her own good, and only came around recently. Fears were something that the woman found hard to shake off, while Daciana saw them as something that shouldn't affect anyone that much. Once she secured the elaborate double doors, she jogged back up the wide, ornate, carpeted staircase and back to her bedroom.

    After she dug out her device and goggles from her nightstand's drawer, she lay down on her black covers, twisting her long scarlet hair over her shoulder before putting on her goggles. While nobody Daciana knew had fallen into the coma, it was only a matter of time before any of them did, especially if she didn't act quickly. She had made a promise to them, and she frankly hated just sitting around doing nothing, especially when the prospects of investigating sounded a lot more exciting. With the promise in mind, she typed the URL to the chatroom.

    >>//: E.V.E-SLEUTH-CO
    >>> LOGGING IN

    Daciana felt her mind cloud over, as if she was falling asleep, and it didn't take long for her to slip into unconsciousness. It was only moments later, however, that she saw things once more and she found herself in the familiar chat room that she had been a member of for several months already. The rest of them were already waiting for her to arrive - Wyvern, Lionheart, BlackShuck, Romulus, Kotaro, Sage Harpuia and Callastrophy. Kotaro had actually just arrived shortly before she did, as he was still standing in front of the rest.

    "Well, well, well. Looks like most of you are already here. I certainly hope you didn't start the party without me, that would be such a pity," he remarked before snickering and taking a seat on one of the couches. Daciana grinned as she strode towards the seated group.

    "Y'know what they say, natch. No D, no party," she boasted, her smile turning into a smirk before she wiggled her fingers in greeting. She did not sit down, however. What was the point? They were all here, so they might as well get up and get started.

    "C'mon, men! We jerks are all here now…might as well get the hell going!"

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