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    Default Children of Legend

    Children of Legend
    Rated R for mild sexual themes, romance, and violence

        Spoiler:- Plot:

    Bug: Ria Davenport (Minteh)
    Dark: Nerissa Lovell (*Jean Grey*)
    Dragon: Dalton Boone (Tangeh)
    Electric: Felicity Lux (Mogar)
    Fairy: Andre Bellamy (Monster Guy)
    Fighting: Zack Gorm (King Infernape the III)
    Fire: Reserved for GoldenHouou
    Flying: Astor Gale (Le Prince de Fées)
    Ghost: Alexander "Alec" Eberhart (Schade)
    Grass: James Quinn (Treeconator11)
    Ground: Derek Sanderson (BugPokemonMaster316)
    Ice: Ryan Cyrios (Rotrum)
    Normal: Samantha Lincoln (RealMrGame10)
    Poison: Crash Venture (Crash & Charm)
    Psychic: Justin Kiki (Chihaya01)
    Rock: Peter Aren (CuriousHeartless)
    Steel: Charm Wallace (Crash & Charm)
    Water: Wes Strider (Billy Mays)

    I would like for your first post to somehow involve your guardian convincing you to go to Canalave City in the Sinnoh region. As Sinnoh is the birthplace of most myths it seems like a fitting place to start this RPG. All of our players will meet up in the library.

    The second voice is currently an unknown character, all of our characters have dreamt of this disembodied voice along with Xerneas. It's a frightening voice and all children and guardians have no idea as to who it is.

    Felicity Lux | Ryker (Pichu)
    Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh

    Felicity sat by the water, her legs crossed as she stared off into the distance. She often came here to escape the voices that had been plaguing her dreams, especially now that they had started to follow her into the waking world. However, unlike the dream she had almost eight years ago, there were now two voices. Both of these voices were different, contrasting in a odd way which she had never come to fully understand. One made Felicity feel calm, but the other, made her skin crawl. She didn’t know why, but everything about the second voice which had started speaking to her made her feel sick, in a way that she likened to being shaken to the core by a horrible cold storm.

    “What’s up, Fel?” Asked a familiar voice, small and somewhat soft, like a small child had begun to speak to her. She turned her head slightly, looking at the small rodent who had followed her out of the house and onto the expanse of beach that sat around them. The rodent approached her, ears sagging slightly as she knew something was troubling her master, she sat down next to her looking up at her master. “It’s your birthday tomorrow, what’re you so mopy about?” Asked the small Pichu, her red scarf the brightest and most vivid colour on the beach.

    “I dunno, Ryker. I keep hearing the voice of that uh,” Felicity paused, trying to remember the name of the being who had visited her in her dreams all those years ago. The name was odd, often escaping her mind as she attempted to figure out what it was, she was almost certain it started with an ‘X’ but she was never certain.

    “Xerneas.” Ryker finished her thoughts for her, glancing up at her master with her pale green eyes. Felicity had always found it interesting that her Pichu had such a human like eye colour, as most rodents, and Pichu’s for that matter, had dark brown eyes; almost black. Ryker never seemed bothered by it, and due to not knowing anything about the Pichu’s origins, she attempted to liken the eye colour to a possible defect in her genetics.

    “Right. But, there’s another voice now too. Not even in my dreams anymore, like I can faintly hear both of them right now, even as I speak to you.” Felicity continued, slowly bringing up a hand to her mouth and biting one of her nails, a forceful habit that she had picked up when frustrated or worried. Ryker had never questioned this behavior, as it usually seemed to calm her master down in ways that her words could not.

    “That’s… weird? I don’t know who else could be invading your dreams, I mean there’s lots of powerful Pokemon in the world that could be doing that but I really doubt any would mess you you. I mean, you’re basically electricity trapped inside a human body.” Ryker let out a small giggle. Felicity smiled, Ryker always knew what to say to make her feel better in situations like this. Felicity decided to let it slide, maybe the second voice was just someone who understood this weird prophecy like Xerneas.

    “So should we head out then?” Asked Felicity, early in the day Ryker had mentioned going to Canalave to visit the library on her birthday. Ryker wouldn’t give a reason other than to visit the expansive library. The small Pichu gave a rather happy nod.

    “Yeah! We can go check out some books on myths, and uh, you know have fun for your birthday.” Ryker said with a smile, Felicity had to agree. It would be nice to even just get out of Sunnyshore for awhile and go see more of Sinnoh, she still lived at home but often went out exploring for awhile with her small companion. Her parents never minded, knowing she’d be safe. The two stood up, Felicity picking up Ryker and placing her on her shoulder, heading off towards the east, hoping to make it before nightfall set in.
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    Charm-Ensis (honedge)
    Fuego Iron Works, Sinnoh.

    I walked out of the hot and muggy building that we called the Iron works. Ensis was strapped to my side of course but, my usual sparring gear was at home. I still felt odd not wearing it. I was spending more and more time at the iro works now that Wikstrom had left. He had left me with his scyther. I had kept the pokemon on my nightstand not wanting to touch it. It reminded her of her uncle. He had left to deal with some issues in Kalos. He had left without saying goodbye. He knew it was hard for both of them to do that so he had simply left a note and the pokeball on her nightstand. It read...


    I know that leaving and goodbyes are hard for both of us. It's just better this way. I leave my loyal scyther Walter here. He prefers to be addressed as Sir. Walter the Quick but Walt. just works fine. Anyways there has been some trouble brewing in Kalos and I was needed to help sort it out. I might be gone a great deal of time And I thought that you should have someone to soar with. Walt. is quick and crafty don't underestimate him. I am leaving you in his care. I also have talked to your mother and she agreed with me. You are to leave on a journey. This will help you tremendously. Ensis and Walt can fight and protect you. A journey is just what your swordsmanship needs real practice in battle. I suggest that you travel to Canalave City first. I met a young lad in Eterna City that was heading the same way. He is about your age and I sensed a similar potential that you have. His name is Crash the same as your brothers and you would do well to meet with him to talk and discuss your powers. I think you would learn much from him.

    P.s. Your mother has agreed to let you go but you should stay about another week until your birthday before leaving. This gives you time to prepare for the coming horizons. Great change is coming and we DON'T want to miss it.

    The day she was leaving was a mere night away she was nervous. She had packed a bag and had got her sparing gear all packed up. She had an outfit ready for the road. But she was still very nervous. During her contiplations the voice of Ensis broached her thoughts. "Are you going to open Walt's pokeball or not? I mean we do need some company." His voice sounded only in her head unlike the other wild pokemon that she had spoken to. With Ensis the communication was perfect whereas with others She seemed to not be able to understand them very well. Especially fire types. "No," She said allowed. Even thought it wasn't necessary she could speak into his mind as well as he could speak to her She still spoke out loud. It was a little disconcerting carrying out a conversation in her head "Using him would just bring back too many bad memo-" Her train of speech was interupted by a voice in her head. She recognized it as the voice of Xerneas. There was a second voice. It was powerful and terrifying. It made both her and Ensis shiver. They could not understand either of the voices but they sounded like they were arguing.Even as if they were fighting each other. A bid for desperate survival. Then the voices secased. Charm spoke to Ensis with a sharp quick mental thought.

    We need to leave...Tonight
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    Wes Strider | Jet (Buizel)
    Undella Town, Unova

    In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
    A stately pleasure-dome decree:
    Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
    Through caverns measureless to man
    Down to a sunless sea.

    "Ey, are you even listening? We gotta head to Canalave City dude."

    Wes stared out at the rising sun on the beach by Undella Town. At this time of morning, it was too early for anyone to be out on the beach save for a few surfers out in the water trying to catch waves on the morning tides. Wes was used to being out on the beach at this time, however. Every day, he would spend his morning heading out to the beach to watch the sun rise. Nothing was different about it today, yet Wes never grew tired of it.

    Jet, on the other hand, had never understood his morning ritual. Using his shorts and then his shirt as leverage, Jet climbed up Wes' back onto his shoulder and snapped his little weasel fingers in front of his face. "Yo, earth to Wes. You and I both know we gotta leave."

    Wes did know heading to Canalave was important. The voices he had heard since he was ten were becoming more frequent, including a new, more threatening voice. This was the sign he had been waiting for, the signal for Wes to finally fulfill his destiny, whatever it was. Xearnes, that voice, it needed him. Wes didn't know what his future held for him, and he didn't know if he'd ever get to see the sun rise over Undella's beach again. So before getting ready to leave, he was going to make sure he enjoyed this last sunrise to its fullest.

    "Give me a sec, Jet." The Buizel sighed, but figuring this was important to Wes he hopped off his shoulder and waited on the ground. He wasn't usually this impatient, which was another reason Wes knew leaving for Canalave was important. In all honesty, Wes barely knew much about the world outside of the area around Undella, let alone outside of Unova. The extent of his knowledge of Canalave was that it was in Sinnoh and it had a big library there. Wes had trouble believing that he was needed to go sift through books in a big dusty library, so he figured there was something else important about Canalave that he didn't know about.

    Wes mentally shrugged. He'd cross that bridge when he got there. For now, he'd just enjoy the sunset while it lasted.

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    Dalton Boone | Rook (Bagon)
    Mossdeep City, Hoenn

    A fist streaming with indigo energy flew toward a small boulder, causing bits of rock to explode everywhere as it shattered upon impact. Dalton didn't even flinch, only pausing to adjust the brace on his right wrist to be sure that he hadn't jarred it too much. There was a brief moment of silence in which the scarlet-haired boy took in the unfortunately familiar sound of waves gently hitting Mossdeep's island coast -

    "Ey, that was a real good one!" a bagon exclaimed, leaping with abundant enthusiasm toward Dalton. "Y'know, I don't mind this whole 'stay on the island' thingamajig. Butcha know what would be betta?"

    Dalton raised an eyebrow at his guardian. It wasn't unusual for Rook to be in a good mood, especially when they were training together, but today he was being oddly persistent about a very odd change of scenery. Dalton chose not to acknowledge Rook in the hopes that he would drop it.

    Rook seemed to know that he wasn't going to get a response, for he continued on anyways. "We should go t'Sinnoh!"

    "We can't," Dalton grunted, for what he was sure must have been the fiftieth time. "Shut it, Rook." Why his guardian was being persistent on going to Sinnoh of all places, he could hardly fathom, but being taunted about being unable to leave Mossdeep was quickly getting annoying. He had never been outside of Hoenn in his life, but he knew Sinnoh was vaguely to the freezing north. They had no way of getting there, and both of them would hate the cold climate regardless, which made Rook's behaviour all the more unusual. He charged his fist up with dragon-type energy and smashed it into another rock.

    "We should go to Sinnoh," said Rook.

    Dalton rolled his eyes and then set his sights on a more difficult challenge - there was a cliff jutting out from the ocean, and Dalton knew that if the tides were exactly where he thought they were, he should be able to make the jump to a low rock and continue to leap all the way to the top -

    "I've heard Canalave City is kinda nice this time of - "

    Dalton took off, bounding perfectly onto the first cliff rock. He grinned as adrenaline took over, and he leapt easily upward to the second, then the third, the fourth, the fifth -

    Rook was sitting on the fifth cliff rock that Dalton was currently trying to land on. "You ain't listenin - "

    "ROOK!" Dalton yelled furiously, his frustration finally peaking. He charged his fist once again and tried to slam it into the bagon to make room on the rock for himself. Rook jumped too far back to avoid it, and tumbled off. Dalton grit his teeth and reached, but he had been thrown off of his momentum and his arm scraped the fifth rock before he too fell about fifteen feet into the ocean.

    Dalton reached shore spluttering and glaring a look of utter malice at Rook, who was finally looking sheepish. "What the hell is with you today?!" Dalton spat, trudging up the beach to his guardian. "What the hell is so special about Sinnoh?! I've never left this damn island except to find your sorry *** and you want to tackle Sinnoh of all places?!"

    Rook tapped his two nubs of hands together. "Uh, you're bleedin' y'know."

    "What... oh." Dalton glanced down at where he had skinned his right arm. Blood was trickling down his arm onto the sand, but the wound itself didn't look deep. He concentrated on it, and watched as it magically began to heal over. "...are you okay, buddy?"

    "Yup." Rook crossed his arms. "No thanks to you, ya idiot."

    "I'm the idiot?!"

    "Yup!" Rook repeated, nodding his head firmly. "I mean, what idiot forgets their own birthday? Ya'd have to be pretty stupid t'forget that!"

    "My... birthday?" Dalton hesitated, trying to bring up a mental calendar in his head. He'd skipped classes for the last few days, which made remembering which day of the week it was a bit difficult. "That's today?"

    "Tomorrow," Rook correctly with a smirk. "I knew ya'd forget. And whatsa birthday without an early birthday present, huh?! I hadta play charades with your mum foreva, but we both know that ya'd like to travel more than anything, sooo..."

    Dalton blinked. "So... so we're going to...?"

    Rook nodded once. "Sinnoh!"

    "...You're kidding."

    "Would this face lie?!"

    Rook might lie about a lot of things, but a surprise trip off of the island with parental permission was definitely not one of them. Dalton gave a rare smile and looked to the sea in wonder. "Sinnoh... Sinnoh!" He threw an indigo-laced fist into the air. "YES!"

    "Heh heh heh!" Rook ran ahead and grinned widely. "C'mon, we'll miss the boat!"

    "We're... we're leaving now?!"

    "Well, maybe if ya hadn't ignored me all day - hey, wait up!"

    Dalton sprinted ahead, hungry for adventure. Being stuck on the island made him feel like a dragon chained to his cave, his wings sore and begging to be stretched. The simile was highly appropriate given his abilities. He still couldn't quite fathom why Rook had chosen Sinnoh, but anywhere was better than being stuck on an island for another day. Rook trudged behind, and it was all he could do just to keep pace.
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    Andre Bellamy and Jolie the Cleffa
    Pokestar Studios, Unova

    Andre left the theater after his newest film debuted. The first person that spoke to him was Stu Deeoh a familiar balding man he had known ever since he became a star. He was always present after all of his movies to congratulate him, and now was no exception. The two men greeted each other by giving each other air kisses on the cheek, than Stu congratulated him. "Andre dahling! You're movie was a spec-tac-ulah hit! I knew you could do it!"

    Andre nodded, and smirked. "Well, of course mon chéri! Did you expect anything less?" If that movie didn't do well, Andre would not be happy. It was a rare time where he was playing against type, and was cast as the villain. Stu thought it was a good idea, but Andre didn't think so. He had an image to maintain, and he didn't think his fans would be too happy to see their idol as a bad guy. Nevertheless, he took the role anyway. Not only did he hate the costumes and make-up he had to wear, but he was forced to use an Aegislash instead of his adorable Cleffa, Jolie. The thing was a nightmare to work with, and it wouldn't listen to a word he said. Normally, Andre could speak Pokemon language, he learned he could ever since he was ten, but that still didn't help get this sword to cooperate. While it did succeed in making the film better, Aegislash was now on his list of Pokemon he didn't like. Why couldn't they have let him use Jolie? Unlike that nightmarish piece of metal, his Cleffa was properly trained to star in films. It would also be much more interesting to see a villain using Pokemon that obviously intimidating for a change. Unfortunately, he had no control over such things. After all, he wasn't the one writing the script.

    "I would love to stay, but I've got business to attend to. Ya know, places to go, people to see and all that. But go ahead and celebrate. It's you're birthday tomorrow, and you deserve it. Ta-ta!" After Stu left, he then greeted by a mob of screaming fans, as well as a few photographers. All of them shouting Andre's name, and a few of them flashing their fancy cameras. He smirked as he calmly walked past all the photographers. Every now and then giving them a smile, posing for a few pictures signing some autographs for fans that asked for it. This was the part of the business that Andre loved. He loved all the attention. After all, these people were supporting his career, it was the least he could do to give them what they want. Any star who complains about the constant media exposure is lying. They wouldn't be stars if they hated attention.

    After a few minutes of that, Andre strolled over to the exit. Before walking outside. he turned around, smiled, and waved goodbye to his fans. "Merci beaucoup, mesdames et messieurs! You have been a wonderful audience! Au revoir!" Then he gracefully took a bow, and made his way to his dressing room.


    Once Andre got to his dressing room, he immediately took a seat on the chair in front of the mirror, and sighed. For the last few nights he had been having the same dream over and over. It was similar to the one he had when he was ten, and received Jolie. Only this time, there was another creepy voice thrown in along with Xerneas.' This one was deep, distorted, and hard to make out. He had no idea what it could mean...

    Andre's thoughts were interupted when he saw Jolie sitting on a velvet pillow on the vanity table. She had on her usual red bow and diamond studded collar that Andre dressed her with. She been eating special Pokemon food made just for her, and admiring her appearance in the huge lighted mirror while she awaited for her trainer's return. Once she did get back, her face lit up, and she happily jumped into her trainer's lap. "Oh, mon ami! You have returned! Did you bring back something for me?!" She asked while batting her eyes cutely.

    Andre affectionately patted the pink Pokemon's head, and laughed. "I am afraid not ma chérie. There was not anything you would have liked." He then sighed again.

    Jolie tilted her head curiously, It was rare to see her trainer not smiling. Especially when it was this close to his birthday. "Oh? Is something the matter?"

    "It is nothing serious. Jolie. I have been having that dream again... It is nothing more than a mere dream, I am certain, but it still bothers me for reasons I do not understand..."

    Jolie crossed her stubby little arms, and tapped her foot. "Garçon bęte... Have you not learned by now to take things like this more seriously? After all, you can speak to me oui? And you have other abilities of le fée at your disposal. Surely, this is some sort of message from madame Xerneas!" Jolie clapped her hands when she brought up the legendary Pokemon's name. The pink Pokemon practically worshiped Xerneas like a Goddess, being a Fairy type herself and all.

    Andre laughed at his Pokemon's gestures. She acted almost like a miniature human. He had been able to do this for some time now, but this whole talking to Pokemon thing was something he would never fully get used to. "Maybe so, but what could it mean?"

    "Well, I do not know. But, I know one place we could go to find out. Sinnoh. We could go visit that library in Canalave. They are certain to have a lot of information about this kind of thing. I am also sure you would like to take a trip on your birthday. How does that sound?" She batted her eyelashes, and made a cute face, just to make sure her trainer would comply. "S'il vous plaît?"

    Andre raised an eyebrow, This was not the first time the small Fairy type had been asking to travel to Sinnoh. She had been bringing it up all day. Andre ignored it before, because usually his career as a Movie Star kept him too busy. It was the reason why he didn't have much time to catch and train other Pokemon. Not to mention that Sinnoh was not exactly a place he was interested in going. Even though that was where one of people he looked up to as a child, Fantina, lived these days, there wasn't really much of interest to him there. The Contest Hall was really the only thing he cared about. Besides, it's much too cold there for his liking. This time however, the Cleffa actually had good points. Not to mention the fact that she would just keep asking even if he did say no, She was good at that. She also knew he couldn't say no when she made that cute face. "Very well ma chérie." The young movie star answered. "Although, I do not understand the reasons why you want to go there, If that is what you want, than we shall go."

    The Cleffa grinned enthusiastically, and pumped her arm into the air."Trčs magnifique! What are we waiting for?! Let us leave right now! We want to get there by tomorrow, oui?"

    Andre laughed, and gave Jolie another pat on the head. With that, he grabbed his pink bag, took Jolie into his arms, and headed off. No one would mind if he took a brief trip out of town for a little while, anyway. It was his birthday.
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    Ryan Cyrios | Delia the Delibird
    Ice Path, Johto

    The beautiful and remarkable colorful glow that enveloped his hands faded as he put the finishing touches on his bladed creation. He was getting quite good at doing this, after realizing the central design points. Though it wouldn't last long, and no one could see him with it anyways, he felt it was well worth the effort and time. His hand no longer coated in an aurora, he gently ran his finger along both sides of the icy blade. He bit his lip, using an aurora to burn away at ice was not only inefficient, but far too imprecise despite his numerous attempts. Pulling out a pocket knife, he corrected it.

    Sliding up to a stand, he dashed across the empty hallway, testing the twin blades of his makeshift ice skates, turning around into a stop as he approached the wall, and instantly skating back down the way he came, spinning partway through. There wasn't much reason for him to make these, it took an unreasonably long amount of time to trace out the blades layer by layer. If not for the naturally insulating cold of the Ice Path, it would probably also use a stupid amount of energy as well. But it felt normal, in a way.

    Delia stopped asking him about it a while ago, and mostly just skated around along with him, holding up her bag so it didn't touch the ice they'd smoothed out together beforehand. She didn't say much this morning, thinking on how to ask him to go to Canalave by the next day. She'd acquired the ticket, through somewhat of a noodle incident, but she'd been stalling on how to ask.

    Ryan, being generally antisocial, didn't notice his uncharacteristic silence, simply enjoying the ice. The shout of several Zubats suddenly pierced the air, and he slid to a stop, kicking a skate against the rocky wall, then the other, shattering them in turn. It maaay or may not be his fault that Zubat encounters in this cave are so high. It made for a good warning system though. Nearly seven years he'd used his powers in here without anyone finding out, though the floors were a lot slipperier in some places nowadays...

    He crunched over to where his cloak was, the broken ice that still remained frozen to the rubber soles of his shoes causing the odd sound, and donned the chilly fabric. Laying it flat against ice for a while did that.

    He was suddenly reminded of the mysterious voice he'd been hearing lately as he heard the distant and somewhat distorted and echoing voices of travelers down along the cave. Even messed up as they were, it didn't sound at all like what he'd hard in his dreams, so he briefly wondered how on earth the thought occurred to him. It'd been plaguing him for a while, he supposed, but he wasn't the kind to let it get to him.

    He reached a hand up to his temple, a thin ice coating his fingers as they rose to rub his forehead. Though he didn't have a headache per se, the cold was comforting. He flexed his fingers, breaking the ice and simply willing a bit to form along his temples (Which he could've done to start with, but, again, it feels more normal, in a way)

    After the travelers passed, Delia finally spoke, "We should finally leave, you know your dad has given you permission a million times. You can't expect to save the world stationed in a small town."

    Ryan rose an eyebrow, only just now realizing how long it'd been since she last spoke. He took some time to respond, which she was used to, so he could think this through. She'd probably not been speaking before expressly trying to figure this out, he deduced from the situation and her somewhat uncertain tone of voice. "You've been thinking about this a while." He said, his tone of voice introducing the statement as a matter of fact, little emotion or expression joining the words.

    She just smiled, however Delibirds smile, as a reaction, before realizing that he wasn't going to say anything further. "Well...the point is that I made arrangements already and we're going to Canalave~!"

    Ryan blinked. And stared. It wasn't often he was caught off guard, but spontaneous assertiveness from, of all people, Delia, was...well. He stared.

    "It'll be fun~!" she sang, spinning around on the ice. "In fact, we ought to be leaving soon~" She skated over to where he was standing, pulling him gently along the ice.

    By the time their feet touched solid rock, he'd regained his composure, walking steadily behind her. His mind was racing, analyzing the situation with what information he had, as well as bracing himself for the trip and arrival. There were too many unknowns when it came to leaving home, let alone leaving the continent. He didn't like it one bit, he was an expert at slow gain, and this was a sudden burst that could really go either way, loss or gain. He kept silent all the way home, where some essentials were packed into Delia's bag, as well as in the pockets of his cloak and cargos. For good measure, he packed a drawstring bag as well. He wasn't the kind to bring more than he could walk with, it wasn't practical. Besides, Delibird bags have a way of holding way more than one might expect.

    His father, who was expecting him to have gone on a journey by now anyways, didn't have too much to say, noting that the location was odd, but not delving into it.

    Though he questioned her further, she didn't relent, and he didn't retreat. This was important to her, so he occupied his mind with preparations, plans, and predictions. He figured he'd have to face up to the world sooner or later, and, with his birthday coming up, it wasn't the worst time in the world.

    Pulling the hood over his head, his hair frosting into a silvery gray color underneath it, he flourished the cloak to make sure it wrapped fully around his person, before setting off with Delibird leading the way...because he wasn't exactly sure how they were getting all the way to Sinnoh from a landlocked and small town anyways, or, indeed, how she managed to make arrangements, being a pokemon.

    Goddamnit, getting older was confusing.

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    Alexander Eberhart - Moop, the Drifloon
    Lavender City, Kanto

    "I don't know, Moop. That is a fairly long travel" Alec said to his trusted partner and apparent guardian as the two of them flew over the town of Lavender. From below, it looked like a Drifloon had kidnapped a guy, flying around, holding his arm, trying to steal him away to some unknown destination. That was, however, not the case. Moop loved pulling people, and Alec liked their flying sessions. He was in his incorporeal state, and wasn't heavy. Moop had encouraged Alec to travel to Canalave City, after Alec ad told him about his recent dreams of questionable inhabitants. The dream of Xerneas from when he was ten had started appearing again, but this time along with another voice in them as well. This new voice was ominous, and made chills go down Alec's spine, which was a pretty rare thing to happen, and Moop figured the answer must be in the Canalave City Liberary in Sinnoh. "Besides," Moop said. "I am kinda homesick, y'know? Haven't seen my family there in a very long time. Oh, they were so proud of me, so proud, when I was chosen as a guardian. My ma' cried her eyes out when I was leaving with the flock". Moop started babbeling on again. Alec smiled as he both listened to Moop, and looked down on the townspeople. A few of them was looking up, and some of them were pointing. He liked flying aroud, talking to Moop. It was one of the highlights of his otherwise pretty dull life.

    "Well, the dreams are becoming more frequent now, and that says a lot, since you rarely sleep" Moop said. that was true. after his resurrection, Alec slept a conciderably amount less than he used to. One could say the dreams happened everytime he slept. Moop had been telling him to go to Sinnoh for quite some time already, ever after the first time he had the ominous dream, and alec suspected that meeting his family was not the main reason he wanted to go there so badly. Over the past years, Moop had always functioned as a guardian to Alec, though he hadn't been able to prevent bullying in high school. Moop had helped Alec figure out his ghost-type powers, and had helped him master a few neat moves. Nobodyseemed to mind the youngster and his balloon entering the Pokemon Tower on a daily basis. after being killed there, he had a new understanding for the ghosts there, and they didn't bother him anymore. Not even the Marowak Ghost, that some trainer had put to eternal peace, was around anymore. People of the town would hear noises from the top of the tower, and just assume the ghosts were throwing a party. More than once though, Alec had to scare away a bunch of teenagers thinking they would be cool in front of their girlfriends. All in all, the Pokemon Tower was an ideal place for training, and Alec had befriended several of the towers ghosts already.

    Taking their usual landing spot at the summit of the Pokemon Tower, a smaller remote place where there were a giant hole in the roof, Alec scouted the area. the tower was dark, and surisingly old despite the time of year. They didn't care much that anyone would see them, as Alec was used to being the weird outcast by now. He was seriously considering leaving to Canalave City with Moop, but seeing as his Birthday was coming up, he wasn't so sure. is dad always tried his best being a decent pa' on his birthday after his mom passed, even though he failed quite miserable at it. He hadn't noticed the drastic change in Alec's personality after he died about 7 years ago and was brought back by Xerneas' light. He wouldn't even notice he was gone. "Moop, if we are going to Sinnoh, I'd recommend we take a boat, or a plane. No flying all the way over there" Alec said to Moop, who now bursted with enthusiasm. "It is about time I went on one of these "Pokemon Adventures" anyway". Alec said, remembering his father trying to convince him to go on a journey, mostly as an excuse for him not to feel bad for being a lousy father to him. "Oh well. I'm in" Alec said, giving in to Moops babydoll eyes. "Yaaaaaaaaaay" moop shouted as he swirled around, being all happy. Alec could only laugh at Moops enthusiasm. "All right then! Let's go!" Moop said as he took hold on Alec's arm again, and started lifting them both out the same way they entered. "Whoa! What are you.." Alec said wuprised. "We're going right now, can't miss the last cruise over to Sinnoh!" Moop said happily, and alec wondered what kind of mess he had gotten himself into all of a sudden.

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    Ria Davenport | Chuck (Shuckle)
    Azalea Town, Johto

    "I still don't know why you even want to go there." Ria grumbled, as she suffled around her room, grabbing a few small items she would need for her trip to Sinnoh. Instead of offering a helpful response Chuck muttered something in an inaudible tone. Her packing was fairly last minute as she had initially been reluctant to leave, but after nearly an entire day of persisting from Chuck she decided to go. However, that day hadn't been the only time Chuck had mentioned it. Several times that week he had tossed up the idea of them going to Sinnoh, though they weren't as clear during these earlier times. Stuffing a handful of unused pokeballs into her bag Ria quickly zipped it up, highly confident she had everything.

    Chuck's yellow limbs popped out and he shuffled forward a bit on the desk where he was sat. His beady black eyes darted between the bag and Ria and then back again. Ria knew that look quite well. It was her companion's silent way of urging her to double check. He had done it when they visited Kanto a few months back, and more frequently, he did it when they visited Ilex forest. "Double check if you want to, Chuckles." Ria teased, making sure to emphasise his former name. Chuck shook his head lightly, before Ria picked him up and held him in her arms. Exiting her room, with her organised bag in tow, she headed downstairs where she was to determine to leave the house as soon as possible. There were two reasons for this. The first reason was that Olivine City was quite a distance away, and that the only boat to Sinnoh that she afford was currently harboured in the town's port. The second reason was that Ria was not up for confronting her parents again. The previous night, Ria had announced to her parents and her sister Kerry (who had been staying for a few days) that she was leaving to Sinnoh. Thanks to Chuck not giving her much information as to why they should leave for Sinnoh she was unable to answer any of the questions her parents asked her subsequently setting off a rather large argument between the family. Needless to say, Ria had gone to bed in a particularly sour mood that night. As she went to grab a coat from the closet in the hallway she noticed a small envelope with her name on the front. Setting Chuck down for a moment, she opened the envelope and slowly began to read.

    Dear Ria,

    Your father and I are sorry for the behaviour which we displayed last night. You were right to be upset, but please understand we only said what we said because we love you. If going to Sinnoh is so important to you, then you have our blessing. Just remember to stay safe and know that we will always love you.

    - Mom & Dad

    Before she set the letter down to pick Chuck back up, Ria smiled happy that she had her parents approval. She set the letter down, allowing Chuck to scan through the words. "You're taking this remarkably well..." Chuck noted, eyes narrowing at his companion almost as if he did not believe her. Picking up her companion and resting him upon her head, Ria continued to smile. "Of course I am Chuck!" she responded with a somewhat exasperated tone. "I mean, I've been waiting for my parents to give me permission for so long...this is just surreal!". After calming herself down a little bit, Ria eventually grabbed her coat, careful as to make sure Chuck wasn't bumped off of her head by the low doorframe of the closet. As they finally made their way out of Azalea Town, Chuck was quick to comment on another matter which had been troubling him.

    "You had that dream again last night didn't you?"

    Arching her brows in a questioning manner, she replied, "How did you know?"

    "I saw you wake up in the night again and you were all flustered and fidgety. You always get like that when you have that dream." Chuck sighed a little, lowering his yellow head. "I only wish I could tell you who was invading your dreams..."

    Me too Ria though to herself Me too...

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    Derek Sanderson and Juri the Sandile
    Clay Tunnel/ Driftveil City, Unova

    "Yes! A thousand times yes!" Derek roared, his voice echoing through the cave while he thrust his arm into the air in excitement. A horde of Zubat flew off, scared of his outburst.

    "Calm down kid. I didn't expect you to be so giddy," a tough voice blatantly stated. Derek didn't even have to look down to know that it was his Sandile, Juri.

    "How do you expect me to be calm when you've just asked if I wanted to go to Canalave City?" Derek asked, heading towards the cave's exit. He had always wanted to visit another region, or even another city. After all, the only time he had ever left Driftveil was on a trip with his father to Mistralton City, and cargo planes didn't exactly interest Derek. Sure, exploring the Clay Tunnel was enjoyable, but it became stale after years of wandering around the same place. He hungered for adventure, and it seemed that he would be satisfied.

    "How do you expect to get permission from you parents?" questioned Juri, stopping to admire a particularly interesting rock formation.

    "Eh, I'll figure it out somehow. The real question is how do you expect us to get there?" Derek retorted, although this made him realize that he might not be going to Canalave.

    "I've got that covered," smirked Juri. Derek always knew that when Juri smirked, some little plot of his had been accomplished.

    "Now what did you do?" asked Derek, fearing the answer. Juri was always mischievous. Most times it was petty pranks, but once or twice he had dug pitfall traps for certain people around town that he disliked.

    "I bought a boat ticket, with your money that is. Well, technically your parents bought it since I left them a note from you," answered Juri, beginning to speed up his walk into a jog.

    "I probably would have bought the ticket myself, and I doubt my parents will ever believe that handwriting," he responded, also beginning to jog.

    "You'd be surprised by how neat I can write when I really concentrate," Juri boasted, puffing out his chest. Derek rolled his eyes. After a few minutes of silence, the duo exited the tunnel. They ran up the steps of the crater, well at least Derek did. Juri always did have problems with stairs due to his short legs. They then walked through town and towards the northern section. Upon, walking up another set of stairs, they arrived at a small, green house, with a view over the entire city, though some hotels now blocked out portions of the ocean.

    "Anyone home?" Derek asked, opening the door. A pair of dusty boots sat near the front hall, a sure sign that Derek's father was home. Sure enough, he was. Footsteps could be heard, and Derek's father appeared at the top of the staircase. He had tanned skin and a short, dark brown beard. His footsteps thundered as he walked down the stairs.

    "Son, your mother and I have spoken about your desire to go to Canalave City to learn more in the astounding library found there," he explained, walking towards the living room. He motioned for Derek to follow, which he did, but not before glaring at Juri. The crocodilian Pokémon curled up in a ball on the floor, pretending to sleep. Juri knew how much Derek hated learning via books, and had decided to make it the reason Derek wanted to visit Canalvae to spite him.

    "So, can I go?" Derek asked before his father could finish explaining. He never liked to cut people off, but he just could not stand the suspense.

    "Yes, your mother and I have decided that you can go," his father replied, sitting down on the muddy brown sofa. Derek leaped into the air with a wide smile.

    "Thanks Dad!" Derek exclaimed, running upstairs to go pack for his journey. On his way up, he made sure to grab Juri in his arms, knowing how much his guardian hates being held. Despite the excitement, Derek quietly closed the door and began to pack. He snatched a large, black backpack from the far corner of his room. It served as his bag for when he would go camping on the outskirts of the city, and could fit a fairly large amount of supplies. However, Derek didn't bother to count his clothing as he tossed it into the bag. He only prayed that he would pack enough clothes to last him an entire week. Among other things, he packed deodorant, a toothbrush, and his wallet. After packing, he fell backward onto his bed. Derek closed his eyes, thinking of the dream he had last night.

    "That dream, care to tell me more about it?" Juri asked, hopping onto the bed. Derek had started explaining it earlier, but Juri had insisted that his news was more important.

    "Well, okay. I saw Xerneas, and she was talking about saving the world like usual. It seemed really similar to the one I had when I was ten," he explained, staring blankly at the ceiling. "All of a sudden, I heard a growl, and a deep, growly voice began to speak. I couldn't even understand what it was saying."

    "I have no idea who, or what, that voice is. I have a bad feeling about it though," Juri responded, a shiver going down his spine. The time was nearing for Derek's destiny to be fulfilled, but Juri did not know as much as he wished he did about his friend's future. Their talk was disturbed by Derek's father shouting.

    "Hey son, get some rest before you leave tonight!" his father yelled. Though his voice seemed harsh, Derek knew it was filled with kindness. He knew that his father's job as a miner required a lot of yelling, well at least Derek imagined it did.

    "I will!" Derek replied, beginning to nod off. He was tired, as that dream had caused him to wake up in the middle of the night.

    "Oh, and Derek, try to improve your handwriting, will you?" his father said back. Derek glared at Juri, as Juri began to smile. Derek couldn't help but smile too. His guardian may be a prankster, but he did care about Derek. He knew that the dream probably meant something, but he could always think about it later. All he needed now was some peaceful sleep.
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    Samantha Lincoln l Larry the Munchlax
    Route 104, just outside Petalburg City, Hoenn

    Larry basked in the sun on a ledge as Samantha ran through her routine. A few sound wave punches here and there, a few sonic screeches, a bunch of noise manipulation dances, etc. Sweating, she sat down next to Larry. "So... anything you'd like to say?" She repeatedly nudged the pudgy Munchlax. In reply, he yawned extensively. "Hmmmm? Is there something I need to say?" As he asked this, he stretched out. "You know, my verrrrry special day?" Samantha asked, giggling at the lazy nature of her guardian. As she did, she took out her earbuds for the first time that day since she had showered. Larry actually seemed to think for a moment. "Uhhhhhhhh, could it beeeee your birthday?" he slowly inquired. "Yeah, Sleeping Beauty!" she said as she shook him in a bubbly manner. Larry yawned again. As he did, he sat up straight for the first time since Samantha met him. "*snifff* We should do something special!" he practically snored. "Sinnoh maybe? Canalave? Havveeen'tttt really beeennnnnnn...." The chubby Munchlax dozed off again. Samantha stroked his fuzzy head. "Yeah, let's do that buddy."

    While Samantha waited for Larry to wake up, she contemplated what she had experienced the night before. The Mama Deer, Xerneas, had appeared again, but so did another voice. And that was not cool. Finally, she got tired of waiting, and created some small-scale levitation sound waves underneath him to pick him up. Slinging him over her shoulders, Samantha began the walk back home.

    "Mommmmmmmm! I'm home!" A petite, homely figure appeared at the door, wiping her hands on apron she was in the middle of taking off. "Welcome back honey! How was training? I was just in the middle of baking a snack for Larry!" She saw the sleeping figure on her shoulders and knowingly grinned. "Maybe I'll stick it in the fridge for now. HONEY! SAMMY'S HOME!" A bespectacled, tall, scrawny man in a suit appeared at the top of the stairwell, pipe in mouth, and newspaper in hand. "Done with training already? I swear, my daughter is the best darn superhero who ever lived." Samantha hugged him and said, "Daddy, I told you that I'm not a superhero, like a gajillion times!" "I know Sammy, but you gotta admit," "Yeah, I got it Daddy. Hope you're hungry, because Larry's not having his cookies at the moment, and it'd be a shame to let Mom's cookies rot away in the fridge, huh?" The aproned lady joined the hug. "Oh, Samantha, you always know exactly what to say." Samantha pulled away from the hug. "Actually, I had an idea for my birthday I'd like to discuss with you."

    After telling them about Larry's sudden "outburst," Samantha's father sat in his armchair, and her mother subconsciously munched on cookies. Her father finally broke the silence. "I'm sure Norman's kid can set something up with Mr. Briney, but are you sure that a hunch is all it is, sweetheart?" Samantha sighed. "No, actually. I had a dream about Xerneas again. I think that this is kind of meant to happen. And...." Samantha's mom interrupted her. "You might not come back? Oh, don't worry, dear. We should have let you go YEARS ago. I even had a backpack prepared for the occasion." Samantha teared up. She looked at her mother, then her father, then back to her mother, then completely broke down, hanging off of both of their necks. "I-I-I love you guys so MUCH!" Her father patted her back, and her mother started crying as well. "Have fun dear! J-J-Just come back to us, all right?" "Of-of-of course Mom!" Larry woke up, blinked, then fell off of Samantha's shoulders. "W-W-What did I miss?" They all laughed, and prepared for the next day.

    On the boat, Samantha and Larry (mostly Samantha) helped out around the deck, much to Mr. Briney's delight. "Now that's a nice kid! Believe me, I like Norman's kid as much as the next guy, But you! You are just a born sailor, my lady! Almost as good as Peeko!" Samantha giggled, then said, "Oh, I'm sure they're all right. Of course, they must have seen a man like you, and been assured in your capabilities. And no one can compare to Peeko, right?" She smiled at Peeko, who said, (as best she could tell) "Arrrr, I be sure that be true, landlubber!" And they were on their way.

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    James Quinn/Dara (Treecko)
    Eterna City, Sinnoh

    Dara paced on top of James desk, quickly reaching the end of her patience quickly. She jumped over to James' bed, before shouting, "James, why are you still not packed yet? We need to get going as soon as we can. We don't have time for you to mess around packing later, get your butt in gear and pack already!"

    James looked up from the book he was reading, and smiled at Dara, before calmly saying, "Dara, lighten up, it's my seventeenth birthday tomorrow you know. We'll have plenty of time to get to Canalave City Library. Thank Arceus my mom and dad are finally letting us go."

    Dara sighed and shook her head. "Still, idiot, it never hurts to be prepared." She then hopped back over to James' desk, and began to look out the window. She stayed silent for a moment, her expression shifting from her normal arrogant smirk to a concerned frown, before asking. "James, are you still hearing that voice? Lady Xerneas' voice and the other one?" James frowned, looking back into his book, not answering her question, which was all she needed to tell the answer was yes.

    James pretended to leaf through his book quickly, although the two knew each other to well to not notice he was only putting the question off. The silence between them grew oppressive, with James remembering the most recent dream he'd had, only a few nights ago, though it had felt more like a nightmare, with no real concrete visions, just waves of pure malevolence and hatred. He'd been so frightened after his first experience with the voice, but luckily, Dara had protected him. That was her way, smacking you with one hand and comforting you with the other.

    The thought brought a small chuckle to his lips, but he quickly sobered up, and decided to answer the question, after all Dara was starting to get an angry look on her face. He quickly shut his book, and said, "Yes, I have. I'm still hearing Xerneas, but the other voice is there too, and it's not just in my dreams anymore." Even now he could hear them, Lady Xerneas' calming dulcet tones soothing the roiling beast, but that voice was just getting stronger and stronger. "I just didn't want to worry you." He admitted.

    Dara shook her head again, muttering "Idiot. I'm your guardian. Lady Xerneas sent me to protect you. You should have told me this. We're a team you know."

    James' face turned from a contemplating frown to a beaming smile in a fraction of a second, before he exclaimed, "Dara! I knew you cared!"

    Dara's face however, morphed into a look of pure anger, and quickly leaping over to James, delivered a pound with her tail that smacked James face directly into his bed. "Of course I care about you idiot! Stop acting like that or I'll have to hit you again." Rubbing his head, James started to complain, before Dara shushed him and declared "One more chapter of the book, then we pack and get on our way. Maybe we'll figure something out about this voice at the library."

    "Fine," James mumbled, before picking up his book, and starting to read from where he left off.

    "Hey, James," Dara inquired, "what's that book about anyway? You've been focused on it for a while."

    "Well," James responded, a catty smile coming across his face"it's about anti-gravity. I just can't put it down."

    A moment passed.

    "AAAHHH, DARA QUIT IT, I WAS JOKING!" James screamed trying to avoid the Treecko flinging herself at him with a murderous look in her eyes.

    "That was terrible and you know it!" Dara countered, not stopping in her assault.

    Downstairs, hearing the sounds of battle from upstairs, Laura and Logan Quill simultaneously sighed, with small smiles hidden on their faces. Those two did make a very interesting team.
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    Crash - Tindwyl (Budew)
    Eterna City, Sinnoh.

    Sorry later than expected

    ''I hate it when you ride on my shoulder" Crash complained He was running around the city. He had just passed the Dialga Statue.
    “But, I can’t keep up. You run so fast.” Tindwyl replied. “I know you like running but do you have to go so fast. We have to leave tonight. You should save your strength.”
    You have a long way to travel tomorrow.” Crash continued to run until he passed the gym. After passing he stopped and started breathing heavily. He then walked briskly into an apartment building and up the stairs. His parents owned the building and they lived on the top floor. The rest was rented out to various people. At the top he opened the door. Opening it he slipped in acting as if he wanted to remain unoticed. Proceeding to his room he took one quick look around. He saw a clean, dusted, and swept version of his room. It no longer felt like his room instead feeling foreign. He grabbed a bag sitting on top of his bed. He was set to leave in 2 hours.

    “Why are we leaving early?” Tindwyl asked. “Don’t you want to say goodbye?”

    “Nope” Crash replied Shrugging on a purple lined leather jacket. “I want to avoid my family. If I leave now I might avoid…” A mental commotion interrupted them. “Two voices, Xerneas… and someone else. Do you hear them Tin?”

    “Don’t call me Tin!” Tindwyl huffed “And, yes I do thank you very much. But that’s beside the point. You need to stay here to say goodbye. Your family wants you to stay. Don’t make me call your sisters. ”

    Crash groaned. The Venture Girls (His sisters) would just knock him out using his own poison. They had somehow gained a great amount of proficiency with blow darts. They had also found a vile of some of his weaker poison. “Fine, fine I’ll stay just don’t call in my sisters to keep me here.”
    Two hours later he sat at a table a large rectangular cake sitting on the table. It said Goodbye Crash In large purple lettering. It was a teary goodbye just as Crash had feared. He was hugged to death and with teary goodbyes he walked out. Wait his father said just before he closed the door. Crash opened it sticking his head through the opening. For you his father said. He threw a Pokeball. Crash caught it and with a resounding *Whap* closed the door. He walked down the stairs hoping to get outside without anyone seeing him.

    “Where are we going?” Tindwyl asked her voice as squeaky as ever.
    “Do you ever stop asking questions?” he replied a smile touching his face. We’re going to Jubilife. To meet a girl named Charm. If we miss her than we will proceed to Canalave. I need to read up on my powers. They have a very extensive library there and we could learn much.”

    Onward to destiny
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    Hajime Angol & Oscar (Beldum)
    Cosmic Grove, Outerspace

    Space, where the dreams of man are hidden. Along with countless unknown Pokemon, many great Legendary Pokemon have used space for protection. At the moment, a beautiful grove with wonderful plants had sprouted and blossomed to life. At the center of that grove was the majestic Fairy Goddess, Xerneus. There was also a princess, though self proclaimed, who could see the future. Accompanying the princess was the Royal Guardian: Oscar the Beldum.

    "Xerneus, Oscar and I have arrived for our weekly visit. Are you all right?" The princess asked Xerneus, making sure to curtsy before he spoke.

    "My xer Hajime, please neus stand." Xernus spoke, much of which Hajime did not understand. Oscar, who could easily understand, pushed Hajime to stand up.

    The plants in the grove all seemed to face Xerneus, as if she were the sun. They were unlike anything Hajime had ever seen in her travels across the Earth. Plants with rings, trees that burned like scorpions, and succulents that had their own miniature moons. A few of the plants changed colours or radiated their own light, but one flower was familiar to Hajime. The ten year old rose bush that had sprouted when he first visited the grove was now fully in bloom. Blue roses, made only possible by Xerneus's powers, marked where Xerneus and Hajime met ten years ago. They were the only flower that did not face Xerneus. Instead, they faced the endless vacuums above.

    As Hajime turned to leave the grove, a wonderful comet soared past the Grove. The blue and purple orb flew past rather quickly, but the tail lingered. It wrapped around all the flowers and trees in the grove, then disappeared as if they absorbed the cosmic energy. Taking a step off of the grove, Hajime and Oscar fell for what seemed to be an endless distance.

    Hajime Angol, Oscar (Beldum), Wakaba (Aromatisse), Dios (Dusclops, Belle (Clefairy), & Meme (Spheal)
    Lilycove City, Hoenn

    The city where land meets sea, Hajime awoke in his bed with Oscar next to him. The only other entity in the room was Dios, Hajime's faithful and protective Dusclops. Using his powers to communicate with the spirit world, Dios uses his and Hajime's powers to visit the Cosmic Grove. However, only their souls can visit Xerneus. Stepping out of the round, canopy bed, Hajime was now in a rag doll night gown. His hair was an utter mess compared to how it was during his meeting with Xerneus. He sat at his vanity table and began brushing his hair. After curling his hair into royal looking princess spirals, Hajime put on light make-up. It consisted of eyeliner, pink lip stain, and powderpuff to the nose. He put on a rose colored ensemble for the day. His dress was knee length and had no actual shape. The lower portion of the dress featured a light blue hem and intricate patterned that circled the lower portion of the dress. Under neath, he wore a rather poofy pair of rose pants and his most of his head was covered by a rose hood that sported the same light blue hem. The only skin that could be seen was his face, but the dress could also function as a robe. Underneath, he wore a rose colored blouse. His favorite pair of red mary janes were his choice of shoes for the day.

    Upon getting dressed, he left his rather dark bedroom and entered the rest of the house. Most of his house featured bright florals and plants were everywhere. His parents turned their artistic creativity into gardening, and decided to make the entire house one big green house. Hajime didn't mind, and made his way downstairs. He was greeted by his parents and two other Pokemon, a Clefairy and an Aromatisse. Hajime and Belle have been friends from birth, and nothing ever changed. Next to him was Wakaba, a gift that Hajime received from his cousins when he moved to Anistar City. Pokemon freely roamed the house, since the Angol family didn't believe in the use of pokeballs.

    "Good morning, Hajime-chan." His mother said from the dinner table. She was drinking green tea.

    "Mon petit princess, good morning." His father said, putting down a plate full of bread and a cup of earl grey tea for Hajime.

    "Good morning, mother. Good morning father." Hajime said with a curtsy before sitting down with them to enjoy breakfast.

    "Wakaba and I hope you do well today." His mother said before sipping her tea.

    "Who are you going to perform with?" His father asked.

    "Well, Wakaba and I performed together last time. Belle really wants to be in the finals, and Oscar and Meme are still training." Hajime said then stopped to look around the room. "Where is Meme?" He continued.

    "She's out back splashing around." His father said, looking outside the large window next to them. Meme was a small blue dot from where they were. "She really does love splashing in the ocean." He said then took a sip of his cafe au lait.

    "Then you're using Dios. He's going to be happy joining you on stage." His mother said, putting down her empty tea cup. Hajime always wondered how she could easily finish cups of tea so fast.

    Wakaba and Belle, who sat next to the family, had their own conversation that Belle could barely understand. Oscar claimed it to be the language of the Fairy, which was fairly new.

    Hajime left home with Dios as soon as he finished eating. His parents promised to watch Hajime's performance and to take the Pokemon with them if they wanted to watch. Oscar also joined them, since they had to fulfill their duty to Xerneus.

    "Ha-ji-me-We-Must-Vi-sit-Sin-noh-Upon-Xer-ne-us'-Or-ders." Oscar spoke with his metallic drone.

    "We'll challenge the Sinnoh contests after I win Hoenn." He replied.

    Once they arrived at the Contest Hall, Hajime greeted some of his fans before entering the backstage area to prepare. He completely changed his outfit, now wearing a large, blue, bell shaped gown. His face was painted ghostly white and his eyeshadow was comic blue, with constellations painted on. He wore white gloves and a beautiful blue vail that looked like a constellation map. His red mary janes were replaced with blue ones.

    "Dusclops. Dusk dusk." Dios spoke in a deep, booming voice.

    "He-Sai-d-You-Look-Be-aut-i-ful." Oscar translated for Hajime.

    "Oh, Dios. You always say that." Hajime said, then hugged the ghost.

    After getting himself ready, Hajime put a silk hat on Dios's head and pinned a star to the side of it. "You'll be Princess of the Future's dear prince." He said, then held Dios' massive hand. If Dios could, he would possibly be blushing.
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    Nerissa Lovell | Cecil (Houndour)
    Undella Town, Unova

    Canalave City? Why there, again? Nerissa Lovell thought to herself as she looked down at the Card Flip table with tiny Cecil on her lap, pretending to be in deep thought as she eyed the pile of coins that she bet on a single-card, sudden death game. Of course she was confident, after all, she was experienced at this sort of thing, and looking apprehensive wasn't going to help. Both her and the older man had their eyes on the card in the middle of the table. Her mind though, was elsewhere, remembering what Cecil had told her earlier that morning. Now, Nerissa was one who did things for the hell of it sometimes, and never backed down from new experiences. But Canalave? Why the stodgy, stuffy city of all places? Unless of course, Cecil meant that it was a stopover or something. Nerissa seriously hoped that there was no research involved in whatever she was getting herself into. She wasn't stupid, but neither did she enjoy intellectual endeavors. She smirked at the man she sat next to, as the dealer turned the card face-up. Silver Poliwag…let it be Silver Poliwag, damn it!

    "Silver Poliwag! Better luck next time, Vargas. This game goes to Lovell." The dealer called out as he held up the card, showing the intricate Poliwag illustration and the silver border. The well-dressed game corner regular gave Nerissa a disapproving look, but the strawberry blonde either did not catch it, or just did not care. She wasn't about to let old-timers try to lord over her. She won fair and square after all…it wasn't a crime to closely watch the dealer shuffle, especially if said dealer was a pretty clumsy shuffler to begin with. Nerissa grinned as the young, suited man counted how many coins she had actually bet. If she were really going to Canalave, she wasn't about to depend on Dorian, even though he already knew of her plans to head to Sinnoh, having discussed them that morning. After all, she was seventeen and was good at what she did. The man shook his head as he wrote down the amount on a slip of paper and gave it to Nerissa. It was a substantial amount, more than enough for a plane ticket to Canalave if she cashed in. Carrying the paper to the counter, she pushed it towards the woman attending to the coins.

    "I'm cashing in, man. All of it." She said, grinning as she adjusted her trademark black leather flat cap before looking down at her Pokemon. She still didn't get why Canalave of all places, but perhaps she could get her answers there, from what was plaguing her dreams for the past few days, to why Xerneas chose her in the first place. The woman had returned with a large bundle of Pokedollars, which she handed to the seventeen-year-old without batting an eyelash, having been accustomed to the teenager's presence. Taking Cecil with her, Nerissa exited the game corner, greeted by whistles from a small group of visiting roughnecks. She winked at them and smirked, before giving them the finger and heading home.


    "Tell me, Cecil…why Canalave?" Nerissa asked as she got a black leather jacket and stuck it into the bag she prepared. Fuck organizing, as long as all her things were inside. Cecil sighed, he somehow didn't seem like himself when bringing up Xerneas. Normally, he was playful and all, but when he started bringing up Xerneas that morning, he seemed more serious, as if he meant that it was something important.

    "You did see Xerneas again, didn't you? Trust me, goth girl, it won't be that boring. You'll get to meet all the others, after all!" Cecil replied, sounding more like his usual self this time. Nerissa could've sworn that he gave her those puppy-dog eyes again. Typical Cecil, he knew her weakness for him, after all. Nerissa groaned, and then nodded. Yes, she saw Xerneas in her dream, but she also heard that one other voice that she was still thinking about up to now.

    "Just Xerneas? No, hell no…there was that one other guy too. Damn, don't tell me I'm going crazy!" She replied, prompting the tiny Houndour to give her a quizzical look.

    "So you heard it too, then? Nah, you're perfectly fine, no more insane than the next person with powers. In any case, we have to move quickly and get to Mistralton Airport." Cecil replied, pointing at Nerissa's bag with his paw. The strawberry blonde checked the time, then cursed. She had checked the flight times earlier, and now, she only had three hours to catch it, including the time she had to take for the trip to Mistralton. Shrugging, she quickly finished up her packing and took her motorcycle keys. She could have opted to take the ferry, but there was too little time. Besides, Nerissa enjoyed feeling Undella's cool evening breeze, and of course, being the one who destroyed part of the research station without being caught, the prospect of riding through Lacunosa gave her a sense of pride.

    "C'mon, let's get the hell out of here, before we don't get to Canalave." She said once she was finished, taking the spiky, black, single-strapped backpack she packed and allowing Cecil to climb into her arms. After hugging Dorian goodbye and assuring him that she could handle herself alone, she was out of the Lovell villa and speeding out of Undella town on her motorcycle.
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    Alexander Eberhart - Moop, the Drifloon
    S.S. Anne. En route to Sinnoh

    Before he could really get a grasp of what was going on, Alec and Moop now found themselves on S.S Anne, en route to Sinnoh. The scheduled arrival in Canalave City would take some time, and Alec was kind of worried about the ship itself. Who in their right mind would name a ship after another one that hit rock-bottom (Or ocean-bottom) a few years prior? It was jst oozing bad luck and ship wrecks of the entire thing, and alec could notice some of the other passengers, and even the staff, seemed uncomfortable by the huge sign on deck with images of the old S.S Anne. There was even a story atached there from the newspaper back then of a team of youngsters being trapped in the ship itself as it sank. Heh, as if anyone could get out alive from that Alec thought as he awkwardly laughed to Moop, who had attached himself to Alec's arm as usual. The two of them looked like from a carnival where they walked around deck, feeling the nice ocean air as the ship travelled on.

    The weather was clear, and the Wingulls were making noise as they followed the ship. On the pool-deck, which was where Alec and Moop had ventured, people were sun bathing, swimming and enjoying the good weather. It was almost tempting to have a Pokemon use Hail or Rain Dance, and Alec was struck with the weird realization that people could actually control the weather with their Pokemon, yet, nobody seemed to do so anywhere. It was surely an odd world. but then again, what world where a dead kid rose from beyond to take a quest by the legendary Fairy-Type, Xerneas, together with his sidekick and guardian, a Balloon-Pokemon named Moop, of all things, in what kind of world would any of that be concidered normal?
    Alec was standing near the railing, looking out on the aquatic life. Moop was tangled to the railing himself, and was hanging on like a flag in strong wind, making weird happy noises. Out in the ocean, there were a lone Wailord, enjoying the sun as well. On top of it, a few Wingulls and Pelippers were roosting, readying themselves to take off again. The sight was truly magnificent, and Alec wanted to take a picture of it.. too bad his phone was just as dead as he himself was. Note to self: buy a proper charger when arrriving in sinnoh.

    "Look at all this life" Moop said enthusiastically, looking like a cloth in the washing machine due to the wind. "Y'know. there is a guardian of Water-type Pokemon as well, just as you and the ghost-type", Moop then said. that was interesting. Though he figured he wouldn't be the only one experiencing this, he hadn't really gotten to know anything about the other guardians yet. "There is?" Alec said.

    "Yeah." Moop said. "There is a guardian representing all of the known Pokemon-types, going to Canalave City as we are." Alec knew Moop had ulterior motives to dragging him along this way. A frowning wrinkle found its way to his forehead as he looked angrily at Moop.

    "Yeah, sorry 'bout that. but I had to get you along, y'know? We're both on a mission!" he now sounded serious, but still in the wind like that, Moop just looked comical. He was right though. the dreams had clearly hinted towards Alec that he was on a mission to save the planet from something. the something that was invading his dreams as of now, and the something he would most definitely meet in person one day.

    not really finding the words to counter Moops truth, Alec just put on a pouty face and looked at the Wailord as it was about to dive again. "... You're mean!" he told Moop. "Well, I couldn't just unload everything on you all at once, now, could I?" Moop said, detaching himself from the rail and revealing that he could, in fact, stay perfectly still mid-air, even in this wind. "When incorporeal, we're not physical beings, so wind etc. doesn't affect us." Moop said, and Alec decided to try this out himself. Going incorporeal, Alec immediately noticed that his shirt stopped moving in the wind like it had done before, as well as his hair. "Cool" he said, and a little girl a few feet away from them looked at him in horror. to her, she was now looking at a blurry projectile image of the guy standing there a few minutes ago, with deathly pale skin, and completely black, hollow eyes. Alec quickly returned to normal, to save the girl from having a heart attack. The girl simple just took her fathers hand, turned around and walked away, not saying a word. "Now, that was wakward," Moop said. "Maybe we should keep this incorporeal stuff out of the public eye?" Alec answered, feeling like an idiot for exposing himself like that in public.

    The trip itself seemed to take a while, and Alec and Moop soon grew tired of exploring everything, and decided to take a nap on dec. Since he didn't have anything with him besides his wallet, Alec hadn't bothered booking a room. the duo once again entered the pool deck, where now romantic young couples played around in the water while single young women were sun bathing topless to attract attention from the teenagers playing ball further ahead. Alec found a neat place in the shades, and closed his eyes, just listening to the surrounding noises. Moop decided to attach to the chair, like the balloon he truly was, before falling asleep

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    Dalton Boone | Rook (Bagon)
    Vermillion City, Kanto

    "Whaddaya mean we gotta stop in Vermillion?!" Rook hissed at the high-speed ferry's captain, who simply raised an eyebrow at the little pokemon over the ship's modern control desk. "I thought ya'd said we'd get there by tomorrow, ya stupid geezer!"

    "Is this your pokemon?" the ship's captain - a small man with an abundance of grey hair - asked Dalton. "We have pokemon food available if it's hungry."

    "Who're you callin' an it, cabby?!"

    Dalton raised an eyebrow at Rook, who literally had steam coming out of his nostrils. "Uh... yeah, he's mine. Sorry. C'mon Rook, you hungry?"

    Rook glared at Dalton. "Whadda you think?"

    Dalton lead Rook away from the Captain and outside onto the deck. The wind blew back Dalton's hair as the ship soared across the open sea. They were far enough now to be away from any stray wingull, and a close inspection of the water revealed hordes of tentacool and little else. "You know, there's a lot to see in Kanto," Dalton said. "This boat stops in Vermillion City, Rook. We could finally have a gym battle without Tate and Liza's stupid 'double battles only' rule."

    Rook huffed and crossed his arms. "We're goin' to Canalave, and that's that. And no sneakin' offa the ship! I ain't gonna follow ya if ya do!"

    Dalton stuffed his hands into his pockets and stared out to sea. He could see Vermillion City quickly approaching to the northwest. "Why are you so adamant about this?" he asked. Something was definitely strange. Rook was rarely so stubborn, and for him to be stubborn about Sinnoh was just plain suspicious. "You're hiding something. I don't like it."

    Rook scrambled onto the seat beside Dalton and stared at him sadly. "I don't want ya to ditch once I tell ya what's up."

    "I won't."


    Dalton rolled his eyes. "Could you just tell me why I'm about to sit on this boat and go to Sinnoh when I could be getting off in Kanto?"

    Rook nervously looked over his shoulders, which Dalton found pretty amusing considering nobody else could understand him anyways. "Well... it's gotta do with Her Highness X-Xerneas..." Rook trembled and glanced behind himself again. Rook's fear of fairy-types extended to Xerneas in an odd sort of fearful worship. Dalton was relieved that his guardian didn't go into full-out prayer mode, at least. "And it's gotta do with... well, the Children of Legend."

    "Children of Legend...?" Dalton mused, unfamiliar with the term. "Who're they?"

    Rook sighed. "They're the most important people you'll ever meet in your entire life." Dalton blinked in surprise, but Rook swiftly continued. "You're one of 'em - blessed with dragon-type powahs, right? Well, the other sixteen children are the same way - there's electric, water, bug... even ice, f-fairy..." Rook shuddered. "They're traveling from all over the world, they've got their own guardians too, and we gotta meet 'em at Canalave. Sinnoh's a real religious place, you followin' me? If anywhere's gonna have info on the legend, it's gonna be the Canalave library."

    Dalton was quiet for a few moments as he considered this new information. If he hadn't already been forced onto a boat to Sinnoh, he very well might have dismissed this as tauros-shit. After all, why would Rook be the bearer of this information? Why not Xerneas? "...alright, Rook. I believe you."

    "For real?" Rook grinned. "That's good, cuz you're already on-route."

    Dalton nodded absently and turned his attention back to the rapidly-approaching Vermillion City. There was a massive cruise liner departing, and Dalton's eyes widened. "Isn't that the SS Anne?"

    Rook nodded happily, his mood much improved. "Yup! The unsinkable ship that sank! Or, well, the new model of it. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other children are on it. They're probably all leavin' today, ya know? After all, your birthdays are all tomorrow. We'd better make it by then, or I'll have to teach that geezer a lesson in punch-tuality..."

    Dalton watched the massive ship sail further and further away as their own ship docked at Vermillion City. "Attention to all passengers: we will be docking briefly to refuel and allow additional passengers from Vermillion to board. Will be departing in an hour to our final destination, Canalave City."
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    OOC: God, this is so late...
    Zack Gorm | Scia (Riolu)
    Saffron City, Kanto


    "What is it, Scia."

    "I need to tell you something."


    "It's about the children of legend."

    "Children? There are others beside me?"

    "Yes. One for every type."

    "OK, what of it?"

    "We are to meet at the Canalave library tomorrow."

    "Why didn't you tell me this sooner? There's no way we could get to Sinnoh in a day from here!"

    "The Vermillion city port has a ship leaving for Canalave in half an hour."

    "OK, so we have to get to the port. I guess we could plow through Route 6... Do we have any repels left?"


    "Then we have to risk it."

    A young man, dressed in blue, stepped out of the fighting dojo. As he begins to run to the south, the dojo master rushes out. "No! Come back!" The dojo master falls to his knees, and begins crying. "You were my best student! WHY?!?" He breaks down in tears.

    "I almost feel bad."

    "Don't. He was only for you to exercise with. He couldn't possibly teach you anything you don't already know.

    Zack continues to run until he reaches the south gate. At that point he pulls out a pokeball. "OK, here we go!" He throws it, and both Scia and his staff come out. He grabs the staff and Zack feels the energy flow through him. They both step out to Route 6. "OK... so if we can use Extremespeed correctly, then no pokemon could battle us." Zack looks to Scia then at the field in front of him. "Now!"
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    Hajime Angol, Oscar (Beldum)& Dios (Dusclops)
    Lilycove City, Hoenn

    "That was a wonderful performance, and now it's time for the next!" Vivian Meridian cheered. The crowd was rather excited from the last performance, and Vivian did her best to feed them even more. "Now, we will present our local celebrity," the crowd roared, as Vivian called the name, "Princess of the Future!"

    Hajime and Dios walked onto stage, waving to their fans and the other viewers. Hajime noticed his parents in their VIP seats that they always sat at. He smiled and curtsied, Dios bowing next to him. They then turned and bowed to each other, then held hands. Blue and purple orbs of fire flickered into life around them in pairs. Party music started to play, which the fireballs danced with. In the middle of it all, Hajime and Dios began dancing too. Dios taking the lead, while Hajime twirled, dipped, and flared his dress. Around them, the floating fireballs moved faster as the dancing progressed. After some time, the orbs were no longer orbs, but strands of fire that weaved together around Dios and Hajime. As the duo danced, they nonchalantly dodged the fire. As the dance ends, Dios gives Hajime one last twirl, then pushes him into the large ball of fire that was created as they danced. After swallowing Hajime, the ball broke apart into strands once again. The crowd, shocked by the sudden change of event forced a collective gasp. The judges were focused on the performance, as any harm done to Hajime would lower the score.

    Within the fire, Hajime is still twirling. Glitter and embers surround him, while he spun. The radius of the sparkling grew the longer he spun, causing the whole stage to be coated in glitter. Threads of fire, intent on hitting him would instead be caught by Hajime as he twirled, flying upwards to create a new shape. Before Hajime collapsed, Dios rushed to his side, catching him. Above them, made of blue and purple fire, was a beautiful rose that burned with passion.

    Hajime stood up and curtsied to the crowd once more, Dios also bowing again. When they turned and bowed to each other, the giant rose fell apart around them. They returned to their original shape as balls of fire, then exploded into more glitter and shining embers. Hajime and Dios walked of stage holding hands, as wells as a blue rose that was locked between their hands. The audience cheered as they walked off.

    "My, what a beautiful performance!" Vivian said. She reclaimed the stage for herself. "I never would have realized that Dios was the one controlling the fireballs with Psychic!" She admitted, clearing most of the confusion that the audience had. "Nurse Joy, how did you see this performance?" Vivian asked the local Nurse Joy.

    "Well, Vivian, Dios and Hajime are such a close pair. You could clearly see that in their dance number." Nurse Joy spoke over a recap of Hajime and Dios dancing together. The camera then returned to her. "The audience also seemed to love Dios's outfit as well." She continued.

    "Thank you for the valuable input, Nurse Joy!" Vivian took over once again. "Mr. Contesta, I know you have a lot to say about this performance." Mr. Contesta was now the main focus of the large screen.

    "Hajime and Dios showed us what trust between a Pokemon and Coordinators could produce." He spoke proudly. "The dance was very romantic, and the blue rose at the end hinted at an unattainable love."

    The judging ended with a 'spectacular!' from Mr. Sukizo.

    "Here are the results!" Vivian said then pointed at the screen. Coordinators who made it to the second round could be seen on the screen, Hajime was one of the first few pictures on the screen. The pictures were then shuffled and turned into brackets for battles. Hajime would be fighting another male coordinator.

    "Dios, we made it to the next round!" Hajime cheered as he jumped around, hugging both of his pokemon.
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    Ria Davenport | Chuck (Shuckle)
    Jubilife City, Sinnoh

    It had been four days, since Ria left Johto and now here she was sitting with her uncle Percy in a cafe in Jubilife City. When she got off the boat, she was more than a litle surprised to have seen her uncle waiting for her. If it had been anyone else, Ria would've been pretty annoyed to see them waiting for her, but seeing as it was her uncle Percy she would make an exception. For the last two days, they had been staying in a small hotel just outside of Jubilife City. The more she thought about it, the hotel was closer to Sandgem town rather than Jubilife City. Her uncle Percy hadn't bothered her in the last two days, which Ria noted was probably down to him sorting things out with his wife at the ranch and probably contacting her parents and letting them know she had arrived all safe.

    When Ria left her hotel room, the sky was grey and overcast, but as a few hours went by the clouds rolled away and the sun began to peak out. As the sunlight had become more intense, Chuck retired from his spot upon Ria's head and was peacefully dozing in her bag. The cafe where her uncle decided to mett, was in a part of Jubilife City where all the high rise apartment buildings. It was a bright and colourful building the was squished in between two large apartment buildings. Her uncle was sat outside at one of the silver tables, admiring one of the plantpots beside the door in which a a plant resembling a Roselia was planted in. Ria calmly took a seat opposite her uncle setting her bag down on the floor. He smiled at her, before calling for a waiter to take their order.

    "So why Canalave City, Ria?" he inquired, interlocking his fingers together.

    Ria shrugged. Chuck had explained his reasons for wanting to got to Canalave on the boat. Ria had barely managed to wrap her head around it herself, so she doubted her uncle would understand. "I read about something known as the 'Children of Legend' so I thought I'd come to Canalave to see fi they had anything about it. You wouldn't know anything about it would you, uncle Percy?"

    Her uncle chuckled, briefly pausing to pay the waiter and take their drinks. "Arceus no! I was never into the study of legends and fossils. That was always more of your mother's thing..." he smiled, almost as if reminiscing a memory at that very moment, "I will say that Canalave is the best place to go if you want to read up on that kind of stuff though."

    Ria nodded. Whilst her uncle began talking about his ranch, Ria sipped on her tea going into deep thought about what she would find at Canalave City.

    "Hey kiddo, don't zone out on me just yet!" Percy teased, breaking Ria's train of thought. "I need to head home today, or else your aunt is going to have my hide. Would you like me to go with you to Canalave City, or are you alright by yourself?"

    Ria smirked, as she finished her tea. She stood up from her chair and walked over to her uncle, enveloping him into a large hug. "I can handle myself uncle Percy. I'm not the fragile little girl I once was."

    She stepped back to pick up her bag and when she turened around her uncle had stood. "Of course you arem't kiddo, sometimes I forget how much of a young lady you've turned into." he looked down at her bag, aiming his next comment at a resting Chuck. "You keep your eye on my niece alright? I know you'll keep her safe, just as I know you would when she first brought you over to me."

    With a final hug and goodbye, Ria set off to Canalave City, curious to see what events would unfold next.

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    Crash - Tindwyl (Budew)
    Jubilife City, Sinnoh.

    Where is she? Crash said impatiently tapping his foot. He was waiting at a café. Over t another one of the tables a girl stood up, hugged an older man, then left. She seemed to be about his age. Then he saw Charm. More accurately he heard her and THEN saw her. She was wearing what appeared to be armor and chain with a legit sword strapped to her waist. She saw Crash looking at her and she waved, running over. "Hey," he said, "The Pokétch gave a pretty cruddy picture of you. you look [/I]much[I] better in person." Charm took the seat opposite Crash.

    Crash slightly flabbergasted at Charm's abruptness stuttered "Sammmme with you." He took a deep breath composing himself. "We should head of to Canalave. We should get their as fast as we can."

    "Hold on" Charm replied "After we eat. I'm starved." Just then a waiter brought over a plate of sandwiches Crash had ordered. "Well I suppose..." He trailed off as charm began to devoir the food. He grabbed a sandwich realizing how hungry he had been. After the sandwiches were gone they both sat back slightly tired. "So?" Crash asked "Do you have any pokémon? Its not safe to travel without them you know." Charm laughed the sword at her waist unsheathed itself. This is Ensis she introduced. "I also have a Scyther with me, but I haven't needed to bring him out yet." She grabbed a pokéball out of her belt. "What Pokémon do you have?"

    Crash gestured at Tindwyl. She was asleep under the table. He also pulled out a pokéball. "Who's that?" Charm asked "I don't know." Crash replied, "My father gave this to me."
    "Well open it." Crash tossed the pokéball. The glow faded, A pair of wings immediately started flapping. "Its a Zubat." Charm exclaimed "What’s your name buddy" She said, a screeching sound appeared in Crashes head. The voice was high pitched. "I'm Zzzzzzzane... Yezzz I'm Zane. Who are you?"

    “Oh, Crash said slightly startled “This is Zane.” Charm Looked at him and said “Yes I heard. You can understand pokemon too?”

    “yep, but I have trouble understanding non-poison types. Now come on lets head over to Canalave I have to do some research.”

    With that they both stood up. Crash grabbed Tindwyl and they walked over to Canalave City.

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