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    Default Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (RPG thread)

    Welcome to the RPG thread! First, a few rules and guidelines:

    1. Only people whose signups have been accepted (see the Signup Thread) may post in this thread.

    2. Remember to post your inventory at the bottom of every post. Failure to do so will result in me bugging you about it, or worse.

    3. Post any questions or comments you have about the RPG in the Discussion Thread. Only story posts are allowed here.

    4. Throughout the RPG, the links to the signups, this thread, and the Discussion Thread will stay in my signature! How convenient!

    5. I expect you to check the Discussion Thread frequently for announcements and such.

    6. Above all, have fun!


    Discovery, a modest city in Eagleland

    The Tsukimaru household was quite a humble place, despite being in a city. It was on a block with a bunch of other houses that looked almost like it, but was the only house on that block whose backyard was completely devoid of trees. But the backyard's not even important, save for being the spot where the family gathered to view the Aurora Mysteria on the first night of its appearance. On this fine morning, the main place of importance is a bedroom whose window faces the street. The sun was shining through this window, touching the face of a 14-year-old boy sleeping on the bed.

    When the bright light burned through his eyelids, he woke up, easing out of bed and doing his usual morning chores to get himself ready for the day. He had no need to change his clothes, for the clothes he wore throughout the day were perfectly comfortable to sleep in. Just some deodorant, a quick brushing of the hair and teeth, and a little bit of baby powder, and he was ready to go downstairs. As he approached the stairs, he paused at one particular door, gazing longingly at it.

    Mariko-chan, wherefore art thou? Gon thought, remembering well the day he discovered that his little sister was missing.

    His mum had already left for work, but his dad was still sitting at the dining room table, a newspaper next to an empty plate and a half-finished cup of coffee sitting on the table in front of him. Within a few minutes, Gon joined him, accompanied by a plate of pop-tarts and a cup of black tea. Looking out the window, he could see a woman being chased by a stray dog in the street. Apparently Dad saw it too, for it seemed to remind him of something.

    "I tell you, this world is becoming weirder and weirder," Dad commented, poking at the large mole next to his nose. "With all these strange creatures attacking people, there is definitely a concern for the safety of everyone. Who knows, maybe... ARRGH!"

    The tea kettle suddenly decided to spray Dad's face with hot water, leaving his left cheek blistered. Cursing under his breath, Dad got up and rushed over to the sink, turning the faucet on with the coldest water that could possibly come out of there. Then he stuck his head in the sink, tilting his burned cheek so that it received the falling water. Ahh, refreshing. Meanwhile, Gon took a look at the tea kettle, swearing that he spotted a pair of eyes on it. Cautiously, he stood up and crept on tiptoe toward the kettle.

    Just then, a beep sounded from the living room. "Enraged Tea Kettle," spoke his smart phone.

    In one swift motion, Gon grabbed the tea kettle by the handle, crossed the kitchen in a single bound, and opened the lid, dumping all the remaining water into the sink. As steam rose in front of him, he sighed.

    "Don't you ever do that again," he threatened, pointing a finger at the tea kettle before putting it on the drying rack.

    Gon returned to the table, his stomach growling on the way there. Just as he took his seat, his teacup jumped up and splashed its contents all over his shirt.

    "Ow ow ow ow oww..." Gon jumped up in surprise, throwing his suddenly-very-hot-shirt off his torso. "Dammit, now I have to change my shirt..."

    He ran up the stairs and dove for his dresser, pulling out a black T-shirt with a cute yellow star with eyes on it. It was one of his favourites--he remembered buying it at an anime convention he and Ari attended last year. They didn't bother cosplaying or anything, but they did buy quite a bit of stuff, and got to see Candy and Andy perform as well. Of course, Gon's favourite part of that whole convention was spending quality time with Ari. How he missed those days... especially with her having gone missing.

    What could have happened to her? Gon thought as he put on the new shirt. I hope she wasn't kidnapped by the Starmen and... and here he gulped, ...experimented on... I-I just hope she's alright... I wonder if there's any way I can save her? I dunno if I can do much, but... nah, what am I thinking? I don't have any of those magical abilities that I hear some people have obtained. I'm no good at fighting these enemies... What, has the world become some video game I'm suddenly thrust into, unprepared? And what will attack me next? My notebook at school?

    As Gon was about to take a step towards the door leading out of his room, a tiny little something darted in front of his face and stopped him... It was a dragonfly! But... how? Oh yeah, he left his window open a crack. But how did the dragonfly know to go through such a crack? At any rate, this dragonfly hovered right in front of Gon's face, beating its wings too fast to be observed, its orange-red body glistening like fire. Dragonflies like these used to appear en masse back in Robot City towards the end of summer, but right now it was the middle of spring. Why did a red dragonfly appear now?

    "Psst, Gon!" a tiny voice sounded in front of him. "It's me, the dragonfly!"

    Gon took a step backward. The dragonfly was talking to him?!

    "Yeah yeah, don't think too much about why I can talk," the dragonfly reassured. "But listen! Our world is in grave danger! The Aurora Mysteria is not just a pretty thing in the sky--it's a bad omen! The world needs your help!"

    "My help?" Gon replied, pointing to himself. "I... I... I'm still figuring out how to deal with all these enemies that keep appearing! One of them just spilled hot tea all over me! And I don't have any... special abilities or anything... but wait! Do you know anything about where Ari could have gone? Ari is my little sister. She went missing and I... I wanna find her but..."

    "Ding ding!" the dragonfly chimed, whizzing in a circle around Gon's head. "Help save the world from the terrible evil that befalls this world, and you shall find your 'Mariko-chan'!"

    "Wait... how do you know her name?" Gon asked. "How long have you been watching me anyway?"

    The dragonfly giggled. "Ohh, I know more about you than you think. Well, why don't you hurry downstairs and finish your breakfast? I'll be waiting on the living room lamp afterwards. I'll see to it that the lamp does not attack you. Oh, and you might want to make yourself some of your favourite Curry before you come."

    That last part was already done; Mum had packed some for his school lunch. This time, Gon was able to finish his breakfast in peace (he decided to have orange juice instead of tea this time); by that time, Dad had gone back upstairs to gather some last-minute stuff for work. In a few minutes it would be time for Gon to wait for the school bus, to begin a day in his eighth-grade class that was more chaotic than it should have been, with all the new enemies around and a few random teenagers discovering they had psychic powers. Those two combined were never a good sign.

    At last, Gon picked up his messenger bag and put on his sandals, entering the living room to find the dragonfly perched on the lamp as promised. While he was at it, he removed his smart phone from the coffee table; the screen was showing a picture of a tea kettle with an evil-looking pair of eyes on it. He put the phone in standby mode and stuffed it inside his bag. The weather in Discovery was predicted to be moderately chilly today, so he had his DCMC sweater in there as well. Gon never liked carrying a backpack; a messenger bag looked way cooler to him.

    "Hey!" the dragonfly chirped. Gon turned his head to look. "Listen! Take all your school stuff out of your bag before you go! You won't be needing it!"

    "Whaddaya mean I won't be needing it?" Gon retaliated. "I got a big homework assignment for my history class due!"

    The dragonfly flew up to Gon and pressed its head against Gon's forehead. "Don't tell your dad this," it said in a whisper, "but don'tcha think saving the world is more important than school?"

    "So... you're having me play hookey to do something I'm not even sure I'm capable of doing?"

    The dragonfly grumbled and pulled back. "Look, just do what I say, or you'll never see Ari again! Now, go and fetch your bug net from the garage."

    It seemed like a bizarre idea, but that dragonfly did have a point. Gon was already getting pretty good grades in school, so what was missing one homework assignment? And if the teachers punished him, they would probably take a dictionary to the head before they could do so, for all he knew. So with that, Gon took his huge binder and some pens out of his messenger bag, leaving only a notebook (which was half-filled with finished math problems) and a mechanical pencil as far as school stuff went. And he grabbed the bug net as the dragonfly instructed him to, figuring he could use it later to punish the dragonfly for being annoying.

    At last Gon stood on the sidewalk, having said to his father that he was going to "check the mail really quick". The dragonfly few in front of him, looking towards a long stretch of street that ended at a liquor store at the end of the block.

    "Listen!" the dragonfly called. "On the count of three, I will fly as fast as I can over towards that liquor store. What I want you to do is catch me in the net while I do so. It's simple. Got that?"

    "Uh... okay," Gon shrugged, holding the bug net at the ready. "What, are you planning on carrying me down the street or something?"

    The dragonfly giggled. "Hold on tight to the net now! 1, 2..." Then there was the longest pause ever; Gon's heart was actually racing at this point. "...3!"

    On three, Gon raised his net right in front of the dragonfly. The dragonfly dashed forward with an incredible burst of speed, ramming right into the end of the net. But rather than stopping or going right through the end of the net, it flew with such force that it carried Gon right off his feet. All Gon could do was hold on to the net as hard as he could, feeling like he was flying along the sidewalk. Houses and trees whizzed past to his left; the street on the right was just a gray blur. And in front of him, the liquor store rapidly approached... Gon shut his eyes tight for a very painful impact.

    Instead of an impact, Gon got the feeling that he was slowing down... and then stopped, landing smoothly with his feet on the ground. The unharmed and unphazed dragonfly flew out of the net and stretched its wings to make sure they were all right. Meanwhile, Gon looked around... and his jaw fell open. He was clearly not in Discovery anymore. Before him was some sort of village in a valley, an odd village with odd buildings. All the houses in this valley looked identical... well mostly. Gon caught a glimpse of part of a large steel building far ahead in the valley, hidden by a cliff. But all the other houses were remarkably short, only about a head taller than him. They had beige, circular walls and a little red door in front, and a brown cone-shaped roof with a red bowtie-shaped ribbon at the very top. Gon may very well have stumbled upon Munchkinland.

    "oh hi ho," a voice called from somewhere. It was a very... nasal voice, carrying an indescribably strange accent. Looking around for the source of the voice, Gon eventually spotted a face appearing from the doorway of one of the houses.

    Gon's eyes widened at what he saw. There in the doorway was a pink dome-shaped creature, looking to be just a bit higher than his knee. It had a face featuring little black eyes topped with thick eyebrows, and its round-ish nose was so large that it was nearly a third the size of its body. It had little whiskers on the sides of its face, two little pink feet for walking on, and a ribbon identical to the ones on the houses atop its head.

    "other person no see in while, boing," the weird yet admittedly cute little creature spoke in that same nasal, oddly-accented voice. By that time, more creatures of the exact same appearance appeared out of the other houses. One of them was carrying a red balloon, apparently trying to use it to fly.

    "am mr. saturn," the nose-person continued. "all of us mr. saturn. this saturn valley. ding ding! you who?"

    "Mr. Saturn?" Gon repeated, utterly befuddled by all these little pink things in cylindrical houses. He uttered a sheepish laugh and rubbed his hand against the back of his head. "Uh, wow, nice name! Maybe if you put rings around yourselves, you'll all look like Saturn! Erm, I'm... I'm Gon."

    "you go away?" the balloon-holding Mr. Saturn squeaked--this must have been a younger one judging by its higher-pitched voice. It still carried the same accent though. "you like, no go so soon, zoom!"

    "What!?" Gon was shocked. "I-I'm not going away! It's just that... oh. Hehheh. I see what you did there. I'm not gone--I mean my NAME is Gon. Erm--boing?"

    "dakota!" all the Mr. Saturns chorused.

    Gon took a nervous step backward. Man, these guys were strange. For now he turned to his dragonfly. "Are you sure we have to end up here?" he whispered, not wanting to offend the Mr. Saturns. "I mean, this is a really cool place, but why'd you bring me here anyway?"

    "Look!" the dragonfly chirped cheerfully. "An important inventor lives here! He's a brilliant scientist--I'm sure you'll like him! He's been studying the Aurora Mysteria for quite some time, and thinks he has clues to what's going on!"

    Before Gon could say another word, he heard strange whirrs around him--the same kind the thought he heard when the dragonfly slowed him to a stop. He wasn't the only person who had arrived here...

    - Smart phone (apps: Enemy Index)
    - Notebook with a bunch of math notes
    - Mechanical pencil
    - DCMC Sweater
    - Packed lunch (Curry, his favourite), with fork inside
    - Can of strawberry nectar
    - Bug net

    ^^ I promise, not all my posts will be as long as that was... My first post in an RPG is almost always long.

    All right, now it's your turn to arrive in Saturn Valley! Basically you have to first find your favourite animal (or have it find you, more likely). Then the animal will teleport you to Saturn Valley. This teleportation works the same way as in Earthbound: it requires a running start across a relatively open space. The animal will move you faster and faster--it might sometimes make sudden turns to avoid obstacles in the way. At some critical speed, it will warp you to the desired location, then slow you down to a stop. Oh, and if you bump into an obstacle, you will feel dizzy for several seconds and will have to try again. And you have to be holding onto the animal in some way (using an intermediary object might be necessary if the animal is too small to grab onto, as in Gon's bug net) in order to have it teleport you. After you arrive in Saturn Valley, just... react to the Mr. Saturns. If you want, you can bunny the Mr. Saturns and have them greet your character and such--you might want to look at my most recent post in the Discussion Thread for info on their style of speech. Otherwise you can just interact with the other people that have already arrived (which so far is just Gon). No enemies will appear in Saturn Valley.

    For those of you with water-dwelling favourite animals, you may benefit from this piece of information: There is a hot spring on a ledge in Saturn Valley. If you teleport into it, be careful not to land on any Mr. Saturns that may be resting in it.
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