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    Nine nine town, (Eagleland)

    As Bowie rolls out of bed, his clock radio switches on by itself. (Nobody can tell you..) He brushes his teeth and looks into a mirror as the song keeps going. (You've gotta, maaake your own kind of music. Siiing your own special sooong) Bowie picks out his clothes and starts thinking about breakfast. (Make your own kind of music, even if nobody else sings along!) A scream comes from outside and Bowie quickly turns the radio off. He grabs his clothing and backpack and rushes out of the door!

    Bowie is relieved to find that no one is in immediate danger, it just appears that an army of fire ants is carrying a picnic basket. Unfortunately the hundreds of ants are marching straight toward him! Thinking fast, Bowie leaps into the nearby shallow pond to evade the bugs. They do not seem to notice him and pass by with the picnic basket in their posesssion. The local wildlife had recently become very aggresive and Bowie was not about to take any chances!

    Soaking wet, Bowie stands up in the knee high water and notices a snow white kittey cat. The cat begins speaking, "Come on, we need to go!" The feline says urgently. Bowie is still drenched, so he truns the animal down, "Sorry, but, I am all wet!" The cat tries again. "Nevermind that! We have to hurry, the future of the planet could be in jeopordy! Just grab my tail!" Bowie was not entirely comfortable with the idea but the cat seemed to know what it was talking about. He grabs the tail but braces himself to get scratched.

    "We're already late, now hang on tight!" The cat takes off running like a rocket and it is all that Bowie can do but to keep his grip! Bowies boots drag on the ground as if he were jet skiing, except they are zipping along a busy concrete street! The cat collides with a pizza delivery van but by some miracle they are unharmed! Bowie and the cat only stop in place for a few minutes looking silly and burnt. "Sorry, not enough room." The animal apologizes, before picking up speed and trying again. After 8 more crash and burns, the pair finally teleports successfully and arrive at Saturn valley.

    "Whah, where are we?" Bowie asks disoriented. "No time, quick this way!" The cat leads the way past some Mr. Saturns to a lab where there are a bunch of other people and a closet full of items. "Hi everyone, I'm Bowie!" He greets the group before claiming one of the wolverine claws and taking a seat in the unusual flying object.

    (OOC: Obviously I do not take credit for the song lyrics)

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