Ok, I think by this point everyone uses Pokemon Online instead of Wifi.

You can use this cool thing to turn your PO logs into short animated movies (but everyone seems to already know that). Post your best logs here so we can make a collection.

Blue Harvest vs D.Grayman - Sunkern does its share of work.
Epic Eevee vs Lunar22 - Epic Eevee wins his Battle of the week with Moltres.
Zerofield vs Aldeib - The mighty Ald is demolished by Skarmbliss.
Jesusfreak94 vs SPM3 - Despite starting the battle off rough Jesusfreak turns it around at the last minute.
Complete Legitimacy vs [Drac]Blazeisback - Tangrowth is a hero.
Puretrainer vs Gamefreak - An extremely close match which ended at the last possible minute with a disconnect. Hard to say who won.
D.Gray Man vs [TSS]Zellimi - Probably the only time you will see Baton Pass take out a Haze Milotic. Oh, Emolga sweep too.
Gamefreak vs Lunar22 - Some amazing prediction on behalf of Gamefreak. He is the king of HO.
Epic Eevee vs Nails - Each side used the same team, and Epic Eevee crushed one of the best players around with it.
Dragonuser vs Joeyboy13 - A close match between sun and rain. Porygon 2 taking 6% from Gyarados's Waterfall alone makes this video worth watching.