Authors Note- Hello! Didn't see this coming, right? Well its happening! A new chapter in the Pokémon Heroes series begins! Professor Sycamore's students gather for a new semester! Are you ready? Enjoy!

/Enough- 001

In this world there are two people that exist, those who do purposely do wrong and those who purposely do wrong... The punishments for these individuals, however differ greatly depending on the conditions of their birth. These conditions include social class, wealth, heritage, genetics, gender, sexuality, education, and perspective. In this world there are people with poor conditions of birth, those with suitable conditions, and those beyond average. These individuals can be separated into two groups X and Y, the ins and the outs of the world respectively, these are their stories...

"Unfortunately we were not able to keep our discretion when we raided your house... All of your possessions were burned in the fire... We apologize for what appears to be a exert of justice upon your life, Madame." a man in a black tuxedo said to a young woman with raven black hair who stood before him steaming with anger.

"Come again?! Did you really just say that you burned down my house and not only that but all of my belongings with it?! What the hell is wrong with you people?! Arent you trained in keeping causalities as low as possible?!" the raven black haired young woman yelled completely disgusted with their lack of restrain.

"Unfortunately our men didnt believe that- that the alleged apparel could be considered a causality... Ma'am..." the man said starting to tremble a little in fear as the young woman steadily started to approach him with flames in her eyes.


"We- we're dreadfully sorry Madame... It was the only way we could arrest your father!" the man in the black tuxedo attempted to explain but to no avail as the young woman burst into tears over losing her clothes (not even concerned about her father...).

"Its not fair!~ You all told me if I turned my father in I could have my own castle~ Waaaaah! But you've ruined my life instead!" the young woman whined as the man and the other agents in the room covered their ears to mute the crying.

"We're so very sorry! So very sorry! Please, listen to this! Its important! You can no longer be here in this region now that we have arrested your father! Former members of his mafia will surely come after you for leading to his arrest! We must place you into Witness Protection Services immediately, this is for your safety and protection!" the man in the black tuxedo shouted attempting to explain the situation over her obnoxious crying.

"Nooooo! I dont wanna go! I dont wanna go!"

"I wish it didnt have to come to this but I have no choice... Look at this!" the man in the black tuxedo said flashing the young woman with a school uniform that stopped her crying almost immediately.

"W-What is that?" the young woman asked crawling over to it and rubbing her face gently against it.

"Its the school uniform for Professor Sycamore's Pokémon Academy in the Kalos Region... It can be yours if you attend his Academy." the man in the black tuxedo explained attempting to bargain with the young woman.

"... Fine! I must have that uniform! Men, make haste for Kalos, pronto!" the young woman exclaimed standing back on her feet and ordering the men around like normal.

This is Aunya Rossilia, the daughter of a mafioso and the sole heiress to his Underworld empire, she has a passion for fashion and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

"Why? Why does this sort of thing always happen to me? Why am I always the last person to find things out? Why am I always the last person to find love? Why have I never had true love? Why?" a young man with brown hair questioned as he stared up at his wall blankly reflecting on past events as his television blurred in the background showing images of a couples wedding and the reception that followed.

"Julian... You were suppose to be mine, forever. I mean... I know we only met once and that was in passing and you barely smiled at me but--- That day that we spent together! How could you possibly forget all that we went through?! And all that we promised one another?! How could you completely forget all of that you promised me?! And go off and marry that dingbat!" the young man shouted getting angrier and angrier the more he thought about the situation.

Someone slowly opens the door and walks in uninvited.

"Okay Syd, I'm done packing now... We cant live here with the termites anymore... Lets go." an older woman demanded the young man to get up out of his slump as he rolled over pretending to be asleep.

"Syd! Lets go! The movers arent gonna wait all day on you to go through some stupid teen melodrama! Kalos awaits us!" the older woman said grabbing Syd by the arm and literally dragging him out of the room.

"No no no no! I dont wanna go to the same Region as him! I dont! Waaaaah~" the young man started to pout and whine as the older woman dragged him down the stairs outside to the moving vans.

This is Syd Hitchings... He's heartbroken over a former flames unexpected marriage to a famous movie star in Kalos... He really does not want to be in this story whatsoever.

"Shauna! Come quickly, my child! You wont believe what came in the mail today!" an older man called out for his daughter as she raced into the den to see what he was talking about.

"What is Daddy? Are we being evicted from this house too?" Shauna said before she saw her father crying tears of joy while looking over some sort of letter.

"No... Nothing like that... Y-You've received a full scholarship to the Sycamore Pokémon Academy! You got in sweetheart!" her father said lifting her up with his massive strength and spinning her around joyfully.

"Oh yeah... Thats great..." Shauna said halfheartedly but not wanting to show it to her father.

This is Shauna, a young Pokémon Trainer from Kalos who lives in the slums of Aquacorde Town with her mother and father... She has received a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the prestigious Sycamore Academy, however she has no interest in Pokémon.

"I'm so sorry had I not being the jerk that I am I would have told you both this sooner... But I'm afraid that we must depart from one another. Please, dont be sad or feel bad about yourselves... Its me, not you. I have chosen a path to follow that has forced me to leave both of you, my one and only true loves. Do not shed tears for me as I do not deserve them..." a young man said saying goodbye to a twin sister and brother who both began to cry immensely after his rant was over.

"Nooooo! Please dont leave me! I dont know what I'd do without you!" the twin sister said groveling on her knees for him to stay as the twin brother did the same.

"Please dont go! Please dont! We promise we wont fight over you anymore! You can have a boyfriend and a girlfriend if you want!" the twin brother said crying into the young man's shorts.

"Come now you two... I dont have a choice but to leave. My dream of dance forces me to be released from these confines and go on a journey with a Pokémon partner, however! I will never forget either of you or the way that you touched my heart!" the young man exclaimed passionately as the two twins fell head over heels for him once again.

"Oh Tierno~ You're soooo great~!" the two twins so in unison in awe over the young man's "greatness".

This is Tierno, his dream is to be a professional dancer alongside his Pokémon partners so he has signed up for courses at the Sycamore Academy... He is the personification of depending on the time of day a Kalosian can go either way.

"Hmmm... Professor Sycamore's Academy, huh? Its not too far from here... Actually its walking distance. I wonder... Should I go or not?" a young man said pondering whether or not to accept the invitation sent to him by Professor Sycamore to attend his Academy.

This is Trevor, is a generally timid scholarly young man with a passion for everything Pokémon, but due to his quiet demeanor people tend to forget he exist.

"Professor, I'm wondering... Was it really wise to select these particular students to be in your Advanced Placement Courses?" a young woman with long blue hair questioned her superior's judgment as he chuckled at the question.

"Yes... I am certain that they are all fully capable of accepting the task at hand. I cant wait until they all arrive here, the X's and Y's of the world." Professor Sycamore said looking out of a window from his lab at the wide open spaces of Kalos beyond the bustling Lumiose City awaiting the arrival of his newest addition of students.

"Hello? Hello? Its me... I'm confirming that the rumors are true. Team Plasma has been completely defected in the Unova region, we are ready to begin operations as soon as you give word, sir." a young woman said using her Holo-Caster while riding in the back of a red limousine.

"Thats good to hear... As soon as you reach your destination contact the others and tell them that its time for the new semester to begin and this time, its personal."