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    Default KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique

    Welcome to our trade shop! We've got a variety of Pokémon available! Shinies, Events, Shiny-Flawless, etc. We hope you can find something that interests you. Be sure to read the rules below before you post! Thank you!

    Update as of December 16th, 2013: We have slowed down trading events and shinies to focus in the past months on other games and our RNG obsession. With the release of X and Y we are looking for pokemon from the New Kalos Dex (so Chespin on up) as shinies or shiny IV bred pokemon. We would be glad to negotiate for them in gen 6 or gen 5 trades. We have some gen 6 shiny pokemon available for trade but if you want events or our own RNGs or custom RNGs in return for gen 6 shinies, we will likely do so. Please VM or PM if interested.

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    Whitelist: Forum members and friends who have helped us or been wonderful traders to do business with. Also, these people are generally the nicest people we've met here, and to say thanks, please trade with them too

        Spoiler:- White List (Good Friends):

        Spoiler:- Index/Table of contents of our Shop:


    1. All Serebii forum rules apply; no exceptions.

    - If we trade you a Pokémon that you discover is hacked and have proof of it, we will trade back and reimburse you for the trouble.

    3. RNG’d Pokémon and Clones are welcome in this shop.
    - We clone most (but not all, ask for specifics if necessary) of our Pokemon. We do this through 2 or more ways and if you are concerned about that, please ask us for more info. No matter what, a clone is the EXACT same pokemon as the original... nothing is added or subtracted to/from it.

    3.5: We will NOT accept Pokemon downloaded from Pokecheck directly because of the Gift Ribbon.

    4. Any Pokémon with specific Redis conditions will be noted. If nothing is noted on our end, then you can assume the Pokémon is fully Redis.
    - We assume that, unless you tell us otherwise before trading, your Pokémon are fully Redis.

    6. We do not like using trade ratios. Negotiations will work on a trade-by-trade basis.

    7. We can only trade in generation 5.

    8. Please post here first. PM or VM AFTER you have set up a trade.

    9. Pokemon we feel to be worth more to us personally and less likely to trade will have this: *** after their name.

    10. We reserve the right to cancel any trade that is pending for various reasons, such as: trade took too long to happen and we lost interest/got similar pokemon from another trader, rude negotiations, never hearing back to a reply, etc. If we do cancel a pending trade, we will notify you and we are more than willing to rework the deal we had made to best suit everyone.

    11. Do not spam this thread. If we are not online, do not constantly send us VMs and PMs asking us to trade with you.

    Contact Info:

    - PMs to KiltedTrainer or Wolveram

        Spoiler:- Our Trainer info (in games):

    Our Wares:

    [B]Note: Wolveram can supply Pokerus with ANY Pokemon we own.

    Trophy Case

        Spoiler:- Trophy Case Pokemon:

    Poke Park Events
    (Trophy Case Part 1 1/2)

        Spoiler:- Poke Park Events:



    Dream World Events

    Dream Radar Pokemon
    Near-Flawless Lugia (with Multiscale), UT level 10, Timid, OT チイズ, ID 12321 (Caught in Dream Ball, checked legitimate).

        Spoiler:- Dream World Events:

    10th Anniversary Pokemon

        Spoiler:- 10th Anniversary Pokemon:

    Other Event Pokemon

        Spoiler:- Other Event Pokemon:
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