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Hi Kilted, how are you? I'm interested in -Vaporeon (shiny, flawless, level 100, EVs: HP 248, Defense 252, Speed 10)
Shiny near flawless Manaphy
Shiny flawless zapdos
Shiny flawless aggron
Shiny flawless Shiftry
Shiny flawless Whimsicott
Shiny near flawless minun
Shiny near flawless plusle
Shiny near flawless lapras
Shiny near flawless chansey
Shiny butterfree
shiny pidgeot
Shiny wishmker jirachi all legit natures
KoreanYOTD shinies
Shiny searchers piplup
And more..
Ehh tired of listing x.x i haven't updated my shop posts but you get the point XP
Hey man, lol, I get it as I'm in need of sleep before driving a lot tomorrow... buuuuut I am here... whhhhyyyy???? lol

Anyway, hmm, what's up with the searcher piplup there?