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    I am moving my list of total request s to 5

    Wow Shiny i didn't know you did these!

    I would like a licky from Sph!
    Pokemon: Glaceon
    background(picture or solid color?): can it be light blue?
    Shiny tongue?: nah just pink!
    Anything else?: Just thank you!
    You have been accepted!

    I would like a licky from Sph!
    Pokemon: Mudkip
    background(picture or solid color?): Orange
    Shiny tongue?: No thanks
    Anything else?: thank you in advance
    You have been accepted!

    I would like a licky from Sph!
    Pokemon: Suicune
    background(picture or solid color?): Green Background, Solid Colour
    Shiny tongue?: No.
    Anything else?: No.
    You have been accepted!

    I would like a Pokemon egg from Sph!
    Pokemon: Zoroark
    Shiny?: yes please
    Anything else?: Facing right plz
    You have been accepted!

    One spot left!
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