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    Quote Originally Posted by VictoriousVictini View Post
    Hewwo there! :3

    I'm requesting a User Bar please?

    Colour(s):Orange & Red.
    Length: 6 inches? Somewhat close to that. Pretty long, maybe.
    Pokemon: Victini.
    Animated:Yes, please.
    Pop-out or inside: Pop-out.
    Background: Dots.
    Text: Victory is the way to go!
    Border: lines.
    Color of Border: Yellow.
    Anything else?: Maybe so little flames outside?

    Thank you! :D
    Woot! First request! :D And of course, accepted! :)

    EDIT: Here you go!

    Did you mean a border with lines like the one in my sig?

    I totally decided to challenge myself, and ended up making this; however, I wasn't able to have the Victini sprite animated.

    If there's anything you want edited, let me know :)
    Last edited by Bumbleurtle; 6th October 2012 at 3:07 AM. Reason: Done request!

    Come visit us!
    Special thanks to Shiny_Wooper for the awesome Ditto trophy.

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