>Shuckle can NEVER be used offensively EVER without compromising its defense!

Let's say you use Power Split on a Salamence that has switched into it. Shuckle, at maximum Attack, will have 130 Atk, whereas Salamence will have 405. Average that out, and you get 267.5 for both of them.

This Shuckle can withstand literally anything that Salamence throws at it, even if the Salamence does happen to attack Shuckle. Gyro Ball caps out at 150 base power, which hurts Salamence much more than Salamence hurts Shuckle.

Stone Edge has a base power of what, 120? And it's super effective? Plus STAB? Shuckle has moves to sling around that, were they attached to any other Pokemon, would be considered overpowered in a combination with each other. Imagine Excadrill with that kind of moveset and Shuckle's godawful speed - Gyro Ball 150, Stone Edge 120, Earthquake 100, Swords Dance. With an attack that is actually normal, Shuckle can be a devastating force...but its HP cripples it. If that were increased to the level of, say, a fully evolved, non-Blissey, non-Dusknoir Pokemon chosen at random from the game, Shuckle would be entirely unstoppable for the simple reason that it could not be stopped.

That's probably why its HP is so low ^_^;;

Think, calculate, think more, then post. Otherwise you're just badmouthing Shuckle. Or copypasting from Smogon which is just as bad.

I hear Acupressure sets work really well, but I've never used one. It seems a little iffy to me, personally.