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Thread: Looking for feedback on my team!

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    Default Looking for feedback on my team!

    I've EV trained for a while.. never cared to make a team, just wanted to make cool Pokes. The time has come for me to make my first team.

    Machamp @ Leftovers / Sitrus Berry
    Ability: No Guard
    Adamant 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Spe
    Bulk Up
    Dynamic Punch
    Stone Edge
    Ice Punch

    This set is pretty self explanatory. Machamp's ability allows 100% accuracy and 100% rate of confusion with DynamicPunch, my main attack - which hits very hard, and countering the likes of Tyranitar and Scizor. I hit first with DynamicPunch and proceed to BulkUp while you're confused. Stone Edge is also 100% accurate taking out Volcarona, Chandelure, and Dragonite. Ice Punch is for the vast amount of dragons, annoying grass types, and the ever famous, Gliscor.

    I really like this Machamp. Kind of the crux of my team. Can be used as a lead or switching in on some one scared of Machamp allowing me to set up. I can easily Bulk Up with this Machamp if I play him right. He can be used as a lead [to hit hard off the bat] or as a counter. I think this set has pretty well-rounded coverage.

    Gengar aka Loki @ Focus Sash
    Ability: Levitate
    Timid 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Thunderbolt / Thunder
    Destiny Bond

    Probably my favorite Pokemon on this team. Rapid spin blocker. He hits hard, has good coverage, and Destiny Bond/Focus Sash can be a guaranteed OHKO if executed properly. I've opted for Gengar as he is fast and hits hard. My weakness to Flying is easily countered by Thunderbolt and my weakness to Ghost/Psychic is countered by my faster Shadow Ball, assuming you don't have a Choice Scarf. Thunderbolt also deals well with Bulky Water Pokemon and Focus Blast, although accuracy is a concern, hits hard against a number of common Pokemon. This Gengar should typically be used late game to bail me out of a situation where my opponent is sweeping using Destiny Bond and hanging on with my Focus Sash in the event you do hit me hard. This Gengar can also sweep if given the opportunity and can be used early if needed. However, my goal is to keep this Gengar around for as long as I can to guarantee a Destiny Bond, which can prove vital late game. I'm also immune to the common Earthquake due to Levitate and I absorb Toxic Spikes. I also really like the Destiny Bond/Focus Sash combination, especially to prevent a sweep.

    Roserade @ ?
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Timid 252 Spe / 252 SpA / 4 HP
    Toxic Spikes
    Sleep Powder
    Leaf Storm
    Sludge Bomb / Spikes / Aromatherapy

    I feel that this Roserade is a good compliment to Machamp due to access to Aromatherapy. If Machamp gets any sort of status, he's pretty much screwed, especially with being burnt. Aromatherapy after a Sleep Powder grants Machamp another opportunity to set up but Sludge Bomb is more powerful. This Roserade is very effective at getting down two layers of Toxic Spikes. Sleep Powder first move, Toxic Spikes next. Debating on whether or not to Include Spikes over Sludge Bomb. If the opportunity presents itself and I get two layers of Toxic Spikes along with 3 layers of Spikes and a Stealth Rock, I shouldn't have trouble denting you, especially if I can prevent you from Rapid Spin with Gengar. But I feel this is too much "setting up" for a Pokemon with a pretty beastly Special Attack and two strong STABs.

    Blastoise @ Sitrus Berry
    Bold 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
    Rapid Spin / Foresight

    Blastoise is a decent Pokemon and one I feel fits in well with my team. He's Bulky enough to sponge physical attacks while striking back with Scald and Toxic. His main purpose on this team is to Rapid Spin entry hazards and Toxic those who don't resist it. Roar also helps me shuffle through the enemies team and badly poisoning those who don't resist, and those who are hiding behind a Substitute, such as Gliscor. This Blastoise is also complimented by Roserade who is has a 4x immunity to Grass and a 2x immunity to Electric. Scald also takes care of those pesky Fire Types.

    Garchomp @ Life Orb / Choice Scarf / Choice Band
    Jolly 252 Spe / 252 Atk / 4HP
    Fire Fang

    Garchomp is simply a force to be reckoned with. He serves as my revenge killer pretty much putting a dent in a vast majority of common Pokemon. His great speed in combo with a Choice Scarf pretty much allow me to finish off Pokemon already weakened by one of Garchomp's teammates. I've opted for Fire Fang over Stone Edge due to Stone Edge's inaccuracy which could lose me the battle. Fire Fang is for Ferrothorn, Scizor, and Magnezone, and other steel types.

    This is where I meet my road block. I don't have a 6th Pokemon as of now. I'm considering my Paraflinch Togekiss just because he's annoying and has access to Roost. I also have an Eelektross who might fit well and can also run Roar. I have a Stealth Rock/Curse Mamoswine with a priority move as well. Any of the Pokemon in my sig can also be added to the team.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Ummmm why only 5 Pokemon? And btw Garchomp is banned.
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