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i still need the keldeo. I have a shiny lv39 ambipom i received in a trade and a touched shiny lv42 gigalith. I also have a barely touched(2 levels) shiny mienfoo. I really hope we can work something out! Please reply soon, and pm me if you can.
I don't need those. But PM me and maybe we can figure something out.

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OT-Lacesso ID-16966 nature timid moves faint attack nightmare double team hypnosis IV's 31/18/31/19/4/31 its in an ultra ball
Ah, no thanks. Sorry.

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Its okay, ill find something else to trade you. (;
Nifty. LMK.

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ut- joltik, horsea, veniepede, cobalion, latias.
I could use the Coballion.