I'm trying to get my actual fanfic started, so until I have the motivation for that, have a one shot! Sorry if it's poorly written, it's kind of my first fanfic. Now for the idea of the one shot? Well, why was Darkrai not trying to prevent you from stopping the world's paralysis when you were in the future?

A Different Kind of Darkness

He quite enjoyed this world of darkness. Watching the pitiful Pokemon around him fight for the rare food they could find and slowly losing their sanity was quite enjoyable to him. What made it better was that he hadn’t seen his counterpart in so long, perhaps she had died? That was quite an enjoyable thought.

A sudden thought came to him, perhaps he should pay a visit to Dialga and feast on his nightmares? They were always much more flavorful than any other Pokemon around here, and he enjoyed the writhing and whimpering of the once powerful legendary. He hadn’t eaten in awhile as well, and such a meal would keep him full for weeks. Materializing into a shadow, he began to head towards Temporal Tower.

As he sped through, he could sense the fear of the Pokemon around him, and he enjoyed every second of it. Stopping at the edge of a cliff, he watched as a Luxio viciously attacked a Buneary, desperate for food. The Luxio lunged at the Buneary and clamped its jaws around the other Pokemon’s neck, snapping it. He grinned when he heard the sound, then went on his way again. Once at Temporal Tower, he came out of his shadow form and glanced at the crumbling building, then sped to where Dialga rested.

Dialga began to writhe the moment he entered the same floor, and he grinned to himself as he approached the insane Pokemon. Once close enough, his own eyes glowed red as he entered Dialga’s nightmare. Inside, everything that he had caused was happening again, the world was slowly becoming frozen again. He could almost feel Dialga’s fear as he began to feed on it, though this fear only made him stronger. He laughed. It took so little effort to create his own world.

He was laughing quietly to himself when fear suddenly spread throughout his body, causing him to exit the nightmare abruptly. Looking around, he saw nothing, but noticed Dialga stir from his slumber. This startled him slightly, so he began to head for the exit of the tower when something hit his side and knocked him into a wall instead. Yelping slightly, he growled and looked for what had hit him, preparing a Dark Pulse in his hands. Suddenly he was pinned to the wall by the thing that had hit him, and the Dark Pulse in his hand vanished, but he could identify his attacker. Fear went through him as he realized what it was.

A blue metallic tail was pinning him to the wall, its owner growling at him viciously. Dialga lunged at him, but he quickly melted into the wall, and fled towards the exit. Primal Dialga quickly turned and fired off a pulse of draconic energy, hitting his place in the wall. He came out of the wall gasping slightly, dazed from the attack and pain. He began turning back into a shadow,but Dialga’s jaws clenched around him before he had the chance, his teeth sinking into his flesh. He yelled in pain when something in his body snapped. This only caused Dialga to quickly toss him at the wall, slamming him into it hard as he tried to prepare an attack, but Dialga quickly lunged at him again and sank his teeth into him again.

This time a yell couldn’t escape him, instead he gagged and coughed up blood. He struggled in Dialga’s jaws but was in too much pain to do anything. Dialga suddenly dropped him, yelling in its own pain. He expected to hit the ground, but instead something caught him on its back. Another Pokemon, but he was too dizzy to identify it correctly, only capable of seeing its colors. It was a mainly blue Pokemon, though pink and yellow were on the Pokemon as well. Growling slightly, he attempted to get off of her, but she yelled at his attempts, calling him foolish and he deserves what happened to him.

“I should have left you to your fate.” She yelled at the bleeding Pokemon on her back, fleeing from Primal Dialga. He tried to get off her back again, but was weaker than he had been only moments ago. His own blood was running down his counterpart’s back, staining her feathers and his own fur as well. She suddenly stopped after traveling for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. Pain filled him again suddenly, causing him to yelp, Cresselia had thrown him to the ground.

“Do you still enjoy this damned world of yours?” Her voice was full of anger and disgust. “All this pain and anguish you’ve caused?”

He attempted to respond, but instead coughed up more blood. Attempting to get up, the pain spread throughout his body again, though he noticed it wasn’t as severe as it had been earlier.

“I’d feel sympathy for you if you deserved it, but a heartless monster doesn’t deserve such an emotion.”

He managed a growl, then swiped his claws at her, but was only greeted by more pain as he did. He noticed a glint of white when he set his arm down on the ground. He could see his own bone, and that frightened him. How injured was he?

Hs counterpart looked over him, noting his injuries. “Perhaps I really should have just left you to your fate.”

He coughed up blood a few more times, but finally managed to speak, though it was quiet and painful to do it. “So why did you help me?”

“I just wanted to know if you still wanted a world of darkness?”

His eyesight was blurring, though he ignored it and he managed a weak laugh. “Of course, it’s still enjoyable.”

“I suppose you’re in luck then, A Treecko and a human are planning on changing this world, but you’ll still get your wish.”

“Good luck... for them.” His voice was quiet and struggled now. He could barely manage to let them escape. He was gasping for breath now, but the pain was subsiding.

“You don’t seem to believe me? Well why do you think you’re struggling to breath?”

He suddenly realized what was happening to him, why it was so hard to breath, why the pain was subsiding, why his eyesight was nearly gone. Panic overcame him.

“Why are you panicking? Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Fear was taking over common sense at this point. He wanted himself to get up. He wanted to get up and sink his claws into Cresselia’s throat to at least take her down with him. His eyesight was completely gone now, he couldn’t move, but he could still hear.

She repeated herself, “Why panic Darkrai? Isn’t this what you wanted?” Though he was unaware, she smiled slightly.

He managed a weak growl before his body suddenly shook a bit, convulsing before death began to take him over. Before his conscious was completely gone, Cresselia said something again, her voice quiet,

“You’re getting your world of eternal darkness...”