Gags and glitches galore...It can only be error 404!
"Those Pokémon are almost unheard of in Tanko," replied Violet. "From what my mom told me, that was what he initially planned to do when he opened his lab, but he had so much trouble getting ahold of any semi-decent amount of them that in order to be ready for three starting trainers one day, he had to just go out and catch the first three Grass, Fire, and Water-types he came across. Those happened to be Bellsprout, Growlithe, and 44Hy. It's not all that balanced, considering that Bellsprout isn't very strong to start off with, and 44Hy has incredible psychic power, but he never intended it to be a permanent arrangement."
I've always wondered why the starters are impossible to find in the wild, but the professor always has enough for everybody who asks.
"Q, the Deep Sea Pokémon, and the evolved form of 44Hy," stated the Pokédex. "When it starts to use its immense Psychic powers, its entire body lights up. It can dive underwater to great depths."
How does a lump of static evolve?
"About time!" Orange exclaimed as he burst through the giant "9" which served as the center's front door and into the middle of a nearby vacant lot, the landscape peppered with tufts of grass, chunks of rock, and various sevens and threes. "Let's battle!"
That doesn't sound like a very good door...
"For once in your life, you're right," Violet said, earning a dirty look from Orange.

"That was a cheap shot!" Orange snapped.
But true.
"'I'm away on business. Until my return, Ivadirin Gym is closed. Signed, the Ivadirin Gym Leader.' What the hell?!" Orange demanded indignantly. "Vi, I TOLD you we should have hurried!"
I wonder which team leader will be the leader of this gym? I guess, as it's the samekanto/the games, it'll be team debug.
"Look, Bug-types bug me, OK?" Orange said loudly.
There's always one.
"Like naming a Magikarp 'Fails'." nodded Red. "Suits it as a Magikarp, but once it evolves..."
Perfect nickname. You could carry the nickname on, as irony. A bit like Jack from AoA nicknaming primape and rayquaza 'persuation' and 'reasoning'.

And finally:
Oh, I have something in mind for the Gym Leaders.
Just PLEASE don't transgender them. Change their pokemon types, names, hack, even TURN them into pokemon. Just not transgender. I would never look at misty the same.