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Thread: The reviving of the Shadow Pokémon

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    Default The reviving of the Shadow Pokémon (PG-13)

    The reviving of the Shadow Pokémon (I'm gonna make new chapters when I'm done rewriting/making the old chapters!)

    PM List:

    Chapter List:
    Chapter 1: The First Chapter.... (this post, rewrited/made by me)
    Chapter 2: The First Babysitting time...
    Chapter 3: Drama in the Evening!
    Chapter 4: The International Police Agent!
    Chapter 5: A Romantic Date with a Sad Twist!
    Chapter 6: Mareep's first battle!
    Chapter 7: The Rakki Fair!

        Spoiler:- Characters:

        Spoiler:- Chapter 1: The First Chapter… [REMAKE]:
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