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    Some days after Ash lost to Melody, our heroes finally reached Ecruteak City. Of course, Ash was looking forward to his next Gym Battle. Because of that, our heroes immediately went to the Gym.

    Ash was knocking on the door. “Hello, is somebody there?” he shouted.

    One minute later, a blonde-haired man opened the door. “Hey, it’s cool to see you three again!” he said.

    “Hi Morty!” Misty said.

    “Will you battle me?” Ash immediately asked.

    “Sure I will, come on in!” Morty replied. “Darling, we have a challenger here,” he said to a woman in the Gym.

    “Hey, what’s Sabrina doing here?” Ash asked.

    “She’s my girlfriend. We’re dating,” Morty answered.

    “You two look like a cute couple,” Misty said.

    “Thanks,” Sabrina said.

    “Sabrina, do you think you and me would look cute a a couple?” Brock asked.

    “No,” Sabrina said, making Brock cry.

    “Hey, that’s my Haunter!” Ash shouted, referring to the Pokemon he owned for a very short time back in Kanto, when he was a rookie. Sabrina owns the Ghost now, and she took it with her on her date with Morty.

    “Ash, Haunter tells me by telepathy that he wants to battle by your side, just this one time, to apologise for the way he abandoned you when you were battling me six years ago. So how about it?” the psychic Sabrina asked.

    “Of course!” Ash replied.

    “Haun Haun,” Haunter said happily, with a nice smile.

    “Well, that’s settled then. Good luck!” Sabrina said.

    Then, Morty and Ash walked to the battle field. Misty, Brock and Sabrina were watching on the stand. In order to cheer better, Misty decided to take Hoppip out of her Poke Ball. The Grass Pokemon decided to stand next to Togetic. Together, the cuties started cheerleading for Ash.

    The referee entered the field. “This is an official Gym Battle between challenger Ash and Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty. This is a three versus three Pokemon battle without a time limit. Trainers, choose your Pokemon!”

    “Haunter, you’re so eager to battle, so let’s do this!” Ash shouted. Unlike six years ago, Haunter actually listened to Ash and entered the battlefield.

    “I choose you, Gengar!” Morty shouted. He hurled a Poke Ball from his belt, and the big purple ghost appeared.

    “Trainers, begin!” the referee shouted.

    “Haunter, let’s start with your Shadow Ball!” Ash shouted. A black blob was shot at Gengar, who wasn’t fast enough to evade the attack.

    “Gengar, you can take that. Now, use your Thunderbolt!” Morty commanded. A strong beam of lightning struck Haunter. The Ghost Pokemon looked like he was done for, but was able to carry on.

    “Haunter, now use your Dark Pulse!” Ash shouted. A dark aura struck Gengar.

    “Gengar, use Confuse Ray!” Morty said. A black and red aura touched Haunter, who was out of control.

    “Now finish it with Shadow Ball!” Morty shouted. The purple ball hurled by Gengar struck Haunter, who collapsed.

    “Haunter, no!” Ash moaned.

    “Haunter is defeated. Gengar is the winner!” the referee announced.

    “Haunter, you did a good job,” Ash said. “I agree,” Sabrina added to that. Then, she called the Ghost back into its Poke Ball.

    “Gengar is strong, but Noctowl is stronger. Go, Noctowl!” Ash shouted.

    “Gengar, use your Thunderpunch!” Morty shouted. Gengar hovered at Noctowl with a left fist glowing from electricity. However, Ash told Noctowl to evade just in time.

    “Good, Noctowl. Now, it’s time for Psybeam!” Ash commanded. A colourful beam was shot at Gengar, who seemed to have trouble with it.

    “Gengar, let’s finish this with Ice Punch,” Morty said gently. Gengar flew at Noctowl, and this time, he hit the owl.

    “Noctowl, you can go on!” Ash shouted. “Now, use your Air Slash!” Cutting blades were shot at Gengar, who got seriously hurt.

    “Noctowl, now, finish this with a Shadow Ball!” Ash commanded. A black blob was thrown at Gengar, who crashed down from the sky and got defeated! The referee acknowledged this, and Morty had to retreat his Gengar. Then, he grabbed a Poke Ball from his belt, and sent out his Dusknoir.

    “Dusknoir, let’s do this! Use your Ice Beam!” A cold beam escaped the Ghost Pokemon’s mouth, but Noctowl was able to evade it.

    “Noctowl, use your Steel Wing!” Ash shouted. Noctowl flew at Dusknoir, hitting it harshly.

    “That’s a nasty Steel Wing, and a critical hit. But Dusknoir can still go on. Dusknoir, use your Confuse Ray!” The beam affected Noctowl, who was hopping around and unable to listen to its Trainer’s commands.

    “Noctowl, try to use your Shadow Ball!” Ash tried. However, the attack was shot in the opposite direction of the enemy, and got hurled at Ash, who collapsed.

    Misty was shocked, and ran at her boyfriend. “Ash, are you okay?” Ash didn’t move.

    “Oh no, this is bad! Maybe we need to call a doctor!” Sabrina suggested. “But first, let’s wait and see if Ash gets any better.”

    Five minutes later, Ash still didn’t move. Misty started crying, afraid that her boyfriend might’ve just died. Her tears landed on Ash’s face. Then, Misty softly kissed Ash on his cheek.

    Then, a miracle happened: Ash opened his eyes! Misty was relieved: Ash was alive!

    “Misty, where am I?” Ash asked.

    “You’re at the Ecruteak Gym now. You were battling Morty, when Noctowl accidentally hit you with his Shadow Ball,” Misty answered.

    “To me, it seems like it’s best to quit this battle. Let Ash recover and then we can battle again tomorrow,” Morty suggested.

    “That’s a good idea, Morty,” Misty agreed.

    However, Ash didn’t want that. “No, I wanna continue this battle!” he said angrily. “Misty, help me up!” Misty grabbed Ash’s arm, and helped him to stand up.

    “Well, do you really want that, Ash?” Morty asked.

    “Of course! And I don’t even feel the pain from the Shadow Ball anymore! Misty’s kiss saved me,” Ash replied.

    “Well, if that’s true, we can continue,” Morty said. “But if you feel dizzy or feel pain, just tell me if you want to quit this battle.”

    “No, I wanna battle!” Ash replied angrily.

    “Noctowl, try another Shadow Ball!” he shouted. Noctowl was still confused, but this time Ash didn’t get hit: the attack ended up hitting the wall. Noctowl was still hopping around aimlessly.

    “Dusknoir, let’s finish this with Ice Beam!” Morty shouted. Noctowl hopped away just in time to prevent getting hit, without knowing what he was doing.

    “Noctowl, you can do it! I believe in you!” Ash shouted. Then, Noctowl came to his senses!

    “Oh no!” Morty thought.

    “Noctowl, now use your Shadow Ball, and this time you can hit that damn Dusknoir!” Noctowl shot a very powerful attack at the Ghost Pokemon, who was too slow to evade. Dusknoir collapsed!

    “Dusknoir is defeated, Noctowl is the winner!” the referee stated. Noctowl thanked Dusknoir for his efforts and returned it to its Poke Ball.

    “Ash, I only have one Pokemon left, but I’m not giving in! Misdreavus, I choose you!” the Gym Leader shouted.

    “Noctowl, use your Psybeam!” Ash shouted. A colourful beam was shot at the Ghost Pokemon.

    “Misdreavus, evade and then use Thunderbolt!” Morty shouted. After evading the attack, Misdreavus zapped Noctowl, who was too exhausted to evade, mainly because of the fight against Dusknoir. The referee declared Misdreavus the winner, so Ash had to retreat his trusty owl.

    “Noctowl, you were awesome. Really, really awesome. Now, have some rest in your Poke Ball,” Ash said. “Bulbasaur, it all depends on you now!” he shouted.

    “Bulba Bulbasaur,” his faithful Grass Pokemon added to that.

    “Bulbasaur, let’s do this quickly. Use your Solarbeam!” Ash shouted. The Grass Pokemon started charging the strong attack.

    “Misdreavus, Rain Dance!” Morty shouted. Raindrops started falling in the Gym, even though there were no holes in the roof of the Ecruteak Gym. The rain caused Bulbasaur to struggle charging his Solarbeam.

    Then, when Ash decided to make Bulbasaur stop charging, Morty’s Misdreavus quickly used Thunder on her unsuspecting opponent! Normally, that wouldn’t do much damage, but now Bulbasaur was wet because of the rain, an small boom followed. When the smoke went away, Ash saw Bulbasaur was exhausted, but not defeated.

    “Can you go on?” Ash asked. His Grass Pokemon nodded “yes.”

    “Misdreavus, use your Shadow Ball!” Morty commanded. A black ball was hurled at Bulbasaur.

    “Bulbasaur, use your Energy Ball!” Ash shouted. A green ball of energy was directed at the Shadow Ball, which made the attack culminate in an explosion.

    When the smoke drifted away, Ash and Morty saw that Bulbasaur and Misdreavus were exhausted. Bulbasaur had trouble just standing, and Misdreavus had trouble hovering. Then, both Pokemon collapsed! The referee said “Bulbasaur and Misdreavus have been defeated, the ...”

    Then, both Pokemon tried to stand up: the battle wasn’t over yet! Both Pokemon made desperate attempts to get up. Then, Bulbasaur stood up, and Misdreavus hovered upwards too.

    However, then, Misdreavus collapsed. This time, she was really defeated. Bulbasaur was barely able to stand, but his willpower enabled him to do so.

    The referee looked at both Pokemon. Then, he said “Misdreavus is defeated, Bulbasaur is the winner. Victory goes to the challenger, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!”

    “Yay, I won!” Ash shouted. Morty walked up to his opponent. “Ash, you did a great job, especially Noctowl impressed me. You deserve this Fog Badge!”

    “Yay, I got a Fog Badge!” Ash shouted. Pikachu ran up to Ash and started celebrating and taking the glory like he always did, even though he didn’t battle himself. “Pi Pikachu!”

    “Well done, Ash!” Sabrina said. “You deserved to win.”

    “That was awesome, Ash!” Misty said, to compliment Ash. “And I have a surprise for you: when we walked through the city, to the Gym, I saw an Alto Mare-style restaurant in which you can have Pokemon battles and eat unlimited for up to six hours for just 10 Poke Dollars per person! So this evening, we can have dinner there, and I’ll pay.”

    “Thank you so much, Misty! It’ll be awesome,” Ash replied. Then, Ash retreated Bulbasaur to his Poke Ball. “Thank you, champ! Have some rest.”

    “Now, shall we go to the lake just east outside of this city to have lunch and fish?” Misty asked.

    “That’s a good idea, it’s very close to this Gym,” Ash replied.

    “I don’t have time to eat with you two tonight, but I’ll come along to the lake before I’m leaving on the plane to Kanto,” Brock said.

    After saying goodbye to Sabrina, Morty and Haunter, our heroes left the Gym, walked up east through a small street and ended up at a beautiful, clean, blue, big lake.

    “Well, I took my rod, with my latest Misty lure, made one year ago. Are you two going to fish too?” Misty asked.

    “No, we won’t,” Ash and Brock said.

    “Okay. Well, have fun eating!” Misty said. Brock and Ash both took a sandwich and ate a big bite out of it. Misty did the same thing too, she wasn’t catching anything...

    “Ash, do you remember when we talked about love during the Catch-A-Seaking Contest?” Brock asked.

    “Of course, why do you ask?” Ash replied.

    “Ash, did you ever kiss a woman?” Brock responded.

    “I’ve kissed Misty several times. She says I’m a great kisser, even though I don’t see what’s so special about my kisses.” Ash replied.

    “She must love you a lot,” Brock said. “That alone is enough to make your kisses so great for her.”

    “I love her a lot too. I wish I would’ve realized it some years earlier...” Ash moaned. A few seconds later, he asked Brock whether he kissed many women or not.

    “Yes, Ash, I’ve kissed different women. And I even went further a few times. But my most memorable kiss was the one I had with Lucy,” Brock answered. “Have you ever kissed others than Misty?”

    “Of course not!” Ash snapped.

    “Why not?” Brock asked.

    “Well, before I realized my feelings for Misty, I didn’t care about kissing. And after realizing these, I didn’t want to kiss others. However, I did get kisses from Melody and Bianca on my cheek,” Ash replied.

    “Why didn’t you like those?” Brock asked.

    “Well, I don’t have feelings for them. The only one who should kiss me is Misty,” Ash replied.

    “Ash, if Melody would kiss me, I’d kiss her back and ask her on a date! However, Ash, you’re as dense as hell, but sometimes I wish I would be as faithful as you,” Brock said.

    Then, a pink Pokemon appeared: it was Jigglypuff! The pink puffball started singing its song. Ash, Misty and Brock fell asleep. However, Togetic didn’t, because Pikachu was protecting Togetic’s ears, so she didn’t hear the song. Pikachu fell asleep himselves, but Togetic stayed awake. Then, she used her Hyper Beam to send Jigglypuff flying: this time, Jigglypuff wasn’t able to draw on our heroes’s faces, because the singer was blasting off again!

    Two hours later, Togetic was finally able to wake Misty up, who hurled her rod at the water again. This time, something was on the hook! With a lot of trouble, she reeled in the rod: a Tentacruel! The jellyfish was angry about being fished up, Togetic was barely able to evade a hit from Tentacruel’s tentacles.

    “Togetic, use your Shockwave!” Misty commanded. The electric attack immediately took care of Tentacruel, who was in the water, causing it to get an extra hard shock: water conducts electricity.

    “Lure Ball, go!” Misty shouted, hurling the special Apricorn Poke Ball at the jellyfish. It stayed inside: Misty finally caught the Pokemon she always wanted! “Yes, I have... a Tentacruel!” Misty shouted. Her and her Togetic’s loud cheering woke Ash and Brock up.

    “Hey, sleepyheads, I caught a Tentacruel!” Misty said happily. Ash was very happy for her, while Brock congratulated her. Then, the Lure Ball was transported to Professor Oak’s laboratory.

    “Misty, Ash, I have to go now, I want to catch my plane without hurrying!” Brock said. “Bye, awesome friends!”

    “Bye, Brock!” Ash and Misty shouted.

    A few minutes later, Ash and Misty started talking about kissing. “Misty, Brock and I talked about kissing while you were fishing. I never kissed anyone else but you. And how is that with you?” Ash asked.

    “I also never kissed anyone else but you, and I’d like to keep it that way. I love you and haven’t been attracted to other guys in the six years I missed you,” Misty replied. “I’m romantic, you’re dense, but we’re still discovering love together!”

    “Yeah. And so far, I love it,” Ash replied.

    “Me too,” Misty agreed. Then, she looked at the Ecruteak Church, which was visible from the lake. “We should go to the restaurant for your dinner!”

    Then, Ash’s stomach growled. “I think my stomach likes your idea!”

    “Ash, don’t you have anything more fancy to wear than your current outfit? That would be nice for this restaurant,” Misty asked.

    “Yeah, my mom told me this shirt would be fitting, so I took it with me,” Ash replied, showing the fancy black shirt his mother gave him. “Shall I wear that?”

    “Yes, that’s good,” Misty replied. Because no one was at the lake except for Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togetic, Misty was able to put on her more fancy clothes: black high-heeled shoes, a long, black, elegant skirt, a red, strapless belly top and a black coat. “Ash, do I look good?” she asked.

    “Of course! And how about me?” Ash asked.

    “You too,” Misty responded. Then, they walked to the restaurant. After walking through what looked like a mini-forest and passing the Ecruteak City Gym, Ash and Misty reached the restaurant. However, before entering the building, they used a video phone that was next to the restaurant.

    “Hello, Ash and Misty!” Professor Oak said.

    “Hello!” Ash said. “I won a Fog Badge today!”

    “That’s great,” Oak replied. “I have to ask you something, by the way.”

    “What is it?” Ash asked.

    “Well, the Pokemon here started fighting again. So I’d need Bulbasaur again. However, I think he should teach one of your other Pokemon to be the peace keeper. Your Leavanny really wants to take over, but Bulbasaur would need to teach him some things. Could you please send your Bulbasaur to me? When you arrive in Olivine City, you can get him back, then I think he must’ve taught Leavanny how to do the job,” asked.

    “Well, okay then,” Ash said. “But Bulbasaur participated in an extremely harsh fight against Morty, so he’ll need to rest before he can work,” Ash warned the Professor.

    “That’s okay. Do you want to swap some more Pokemon?” Oak asked.

    “Well, I haven’t used Kingler, Muk and Tauros in quite some time. So how about those?” Ash suggested. “Then I’ll send you Bulbasaur, Noctowl and Totodile.”

    “Okay, put the Poke Balls on the transporter one by one, and we’ll swap them,” Oak replied.

    After the switch, Oak asked Misty whether she wanted to swap some Pokemon too. “You didn’t do any switches aside from getting your Hoppip, so do you want to use some other Pokemon?”

    “That’s a good idea. I’ll start rotating until the Whirl Cup, so I can see all of my Pokemon again before the Whirl Cup. Then please send me Goldeen, Staryu, Starmie, Politoed and my newly caught Tentacruel,” Misty answered. “I’ll send you Corsola, Marill, Dewgong, Psyduck and Hoppip.”

    “Okay. Could you please send me Togetic too? I’d like to do some research, and Togetic is a rare Pokemon,” Oak asked.

    “No!” Misty shouted. Togetic looked angrily at the man she saw on the video phone screen. “And it seems like Togetic also doesn’t want that!”

    “Okay, okay, sorry! Then let’s do the other switches,” Oak replied. Then, Misty also swapped Pokemon. Then, Ash and Misty said bye to Professor Oak and ended the phone call.

    Ash’s stomach roared again. “Ash, did you already decide what you’re gonna order?” Misty asked.

    “It’s an all-you-can-eat restaurant! I’ll take whatever I like and eat a crapload of food!” Ash responded. Then, Ash and Misty went in the beautiful, white building.

    When they entered, Ash saw how the restaurant worked: there were many kinds of warm food, and he could take whatever he wanted for the upcoming six hours! Whenever he wanted for saw there were many kinds of food, and he could eat whatever he wanted! He picked a hamburger, three sandwiches, a plate full of French fries, a plate of spaghetti, three pizzas and some fishsticks, and decided to drink beer. Misty decided to eat a pizza and drink a can of coke. Then, Ash started eating. His eating style was quite inappropriate: he ate everything with his hands and ate with his mouth open. Misty was ashamed of it, but because she was used to it, she decided to not complain about it this time.

    “And, do you like it here, Ash?” Misty asked.

    “It’s an awesome restaurant!” Ash replied, with a bite of pizza in his mouth.

    Four hours later, Ash finally stopped eating: he was filled with junkfood and also was a little tipsy. Then, he had to go to the bathroom “Misty, I gotta take a pee. I’ll be right back!”

    “Okay, Ash,” Misty said.

    Then, a brown-haired guy walked up to Ash’s and Misty’s table. “It’s so awesome to see you again, you still look attractive!”
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