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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownie View Post
    You put "they did something they had never done before".
    I took care of this by VM. For people reading this: this "they did something they had never done before" thing in chapter 3 was NOT about kissing.


    The next morning, Misty woke up early, to get ready for her second battle in the Whirl Cup. She had to win this round to go on to the main tournament, which involves 2 vs. 2 battles instead of 1 vs. 1. She took her pyjamas and underwear off, took a shower, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and put on her black bikini (she had multiple bikinis that are the same), flipflops and a long, elegant black skirt. Then, she awoke Ash, Pikachu and Togetic.

    “Misty, do I really have to get up now?” Ash moaned.

    “If you want to be on time for the battle, yes,” Misty answered.

    Half an hour later, our heroes had breakfast at the hotel.

    “Misty, what Pokemon will you use against Prima?” May asked. Today, Misty would battle Prima, who used to be her childhood idol. While no one was expecting Misty to win this round, Prima was seen as one of the top contenders to win this tournament, along with Wallace and Juan.

    “Corsola,” Misty answered.

    “Why?” Max asked.

    “Well, Prima uses mostly Pokemon with a combined Water/Ice typing,” Misty explained.

    “So you will exploit that Ice type by using a Rock Pokemon,” Brock elaborated.

    “Indeed,” Misty replied.

    “That’s some smart thinking,” Ash complimented his girlfriend.

    Then, Misty’s Hoppip came out of his Poke Ball, to give his trainer a hug.

    “Thank you, Hoppip!” Misty said. Then, she looked at Ash. “Ash, could you please keep Hoppip with you during the battle? Then he can join Pikachu and Togetic in cheering.”

    “Of course!” Ash answered.

    “Thanks,” Misty said.

    Then, our heroes walked to the stadium. They came across palm trees, and in five minutes, they reached the stadium. It was already crowded with people, mostly Prima fans. Then, Misty went to the battlefield. “Good luck, Misty!” Ash said, before going to the stand with the others.

    “Thank you! And take good care of Hoppip and Togetic!” Misty responded.

    Then, Misty entered the battlefield. She saw her friends cheering for her on the stands, but also saw a lot of people wearing shirts with Prima’s face on it. Prima was clearly the one who almost everybody expected to win, almost no one was counting on Misty to defeat the Elite Four member.

    “Wow, Prima is very popular... And she’s a great trainer... But I’m sure Corsola can do it!” Misty thought.

    Then, Prima arrived at the stadium. She waved at her fans, and then she talked to her opponent. “Good luck!”

    “Thank you!” Misty replied. “It’s a honour to battle you.”

    “Thank you,” Prima said. Then, she hurled her Poke Ball. “Sealeo, I choose you!” A blue sea lion came out of its Poke Ball and drifted on the water.

    “Corsola, I choose you!” Misty shouted. A Pokemon with blue and pink colours came out of her Poke Ball.

    “Trainers, begin!” the referee shouted.

    “Sealeo, let’s start with an Aurora Beam!” Prima commanded. A colourful beam was shot at Corsola.

    “Corsola, dive underwater!” Misty shouted, which made Corsola avoid getting hit.

    “And now Spike Cannon,” Misty said. Spikes came out of Corsola, Sealeo didn’t see where the opponent was, causing it to get hit.

    “Sealeo, now use your Water Pulse!” Prima commanded. Water came at Corsola, who could never be fast enough to avoid the attack.

    “Corsola, Mirror Coat!” Misty commanded. That was just in time, Corsola’s body started glowing, letting the Water Pulse bounce back to the strong sea lion. Sealeo was in great pain!

    “Sealeo, now use Bulldoze!” Prima shouted. Sealeo jumped a bit and crashed down on the water with its heavy body, making the water shake, causing a wave to hit Corsola harshly.

    “Corsola!” Misty shouted, afraid that this attack did a lot of damage.

    Some minutes ago, two girls ran to the stadium. They flew to the island to be just in time to see this match, but they didn’t know how to get to the stadium, so they were late. However, they had tickets and were able to enter the stadium. They went up to the stand, and sat down next to Misty’s support group of friends.

    Then, a blue-haired girl wearing a pink, short-sleeved contest dress and a Piplup on her shoulder used a megaphone and shouted at Misty. “No need to worry! You’re gonna win!” Misty looked at the stands and saw the girl sitting next to Ash. Then, she saw that Corsola was able to handle the attack with relative ease.

    “Dawn is right, Misty! As far as I know, from what Ash told us, you can do it!” a red-haired girl shouted, using Dawn’s megaphone.

    Misty waved at the two girls, then she commanded Corsola to do Power Gem. Pointed stones hit Sealeo, who was severely damaged.

    “Now, let’s finish this with Headbutt!” Misty commanded. Corsola swam at Sealeo, hitting the sea lion with a strong attack. The sea lion collapsed!

    “Sealeo is defeated. Corsola and Misty are the winners!” the referee announced. Misty started cheering, and was joined by Togetic. Meanwhile, the stadium was silent, not many spectators were expecting this. Then, Misty got a standing ovation from the audience!

    Then, Prima walked up to Misty. “You did well, Misty. You’re the deserved winner,” she said. “You can win this tournament!”

    “Thank you! And you didn’t give us an easy time,” Misty said, while Corsola nodded. Then, when Prima walked away, she realized what she did: she defeated her former idol! This was the biggest achievement of her life!

    Then, Misty walked out of the stadium, and went to her friends, who were waiting for her. The two girls who entered the stadium during the battle were with them too.

    “Well done, Misty!” Ash said, after kissing Misty on her cheek.

    “Thank you, sweetheart!” Misty replied.

    “Who are you two?” Misty asked to the two girls.

    “I’m Dawn. I travelled through Sinnoh with Ash six years ago,” the blue-haired Piplup owner explained. “I’m a Pokemon Coordinator, and I reached the final round twice, but didn’t win... But this year, I’m gonna win!”

    “I’m Misty, Ash’s girlfriend,” Misty replied. “Nice to meet you!”

    While Togetic flew at Piplup to introduce herself, the red-haired girl introduced herself. “I’m Zoey, a Pokemon Coordinator.”

    “And, are you and Dawn friends?” Misty asked.

    “Well, we started as rivals, and then we became friends, and now we’re even more than friends!” Zoey answered.

    “I see,” Misty replied. “Do you two travel together?”

    “Yes, we do,” Dawn said. Then, she changed the conversation topic. “Six years ago, Ash had a lure modelled after you.”

    “I still have it,” Ash said, while showing the lure to the group.

    “Hey, that’s it!” Misty thought. “Now I know what to give Ash as a birthday present!” Her boyfriend’s birthday was tomorrow. Misty was thinking about what to give him for a long time, but she wasn’t able to come up with something good.

    “I’m going to a store to buy something, I’ll be back within a few hours!” Misty said, taking Togetic with her.

    “Can I join?” Ash asked.

    “No, this is for your birthday,” Misty replied.

    Misty walked from the beach to a busy street with a lot of shops. While her skirt moved elegantly in the wind, she ran at high speed to avoid journalists who wanted to interview her, which she really didn’t feel like now. She needed some rest after the battle. However, she and Togetic were able to reach the shop they wanted to: Fishermen Top Shop.

    Much to her dismay, Misty noticed that the door was closed. She knocked on the wooden, red door. “Hello? Is someone there?”

    Then, she heard someone opening the door. “Um, sorry, but I have a day off now, the store is closed,” a muscular man wearing blue jeans and a black shirt answered.

    Then, he noticed who was standing in front of him. “Hey, you’re Misty, the girl who defeated Prima in the Whirl Cup!” he shouted. “Would you like to buy something in my fine shop?”

    “Yes,” Misty replied. “But I thought your shop was closed today?”

    “Well, for my idol, I’ll make an exception! I’m a huge fan of yours!” the shop owner answered. On the walls of his shop, Misty saw a lot of pictures of herself, mostly from newspapers and magazines.

    “It’s not very fair towards other customers, but I need to be here now, for a present for my boyfriend’s birthday,” she said. “Six years ago, I gave him a lure modelled after me. To fit that lure, I thought it would be a romantic present to give him a lure modelled after himself.”

    “That’s a sweet idea,” he answered. “Do you have a picture of him? Then I’ll get started right away, I’ll need two hours. You can either wait here or go out and come back in two hours.”

    “I’m tired after my Whirl Cup fight, and if I go outside, journalists will start stalking me. I really need some rest before doing interviews, so could I wait here and rest a bit?” she asked.

    “Of course!” he answered. “But could I please take a picture of you and your Togetic for my collection? My colleagues will be so jealous when they see you were in this shop, and I’d love to have a picture of my idol in my own store!”

    “That’s okay,” Misty replied. “We’ll take a picture when the lure is finished.”

    “Awesome!” the fan shouted. “There’s a bed for guests upstairs.”

    Misty went to the bed, took off her flipflops, her long, elegant black skirt and her bikini, and lay in the bed. Togetic was tired too, she already fell asleep while Misty undressed. Then, Misty thought about her achievement. “Six years ago, I was nobody during my journey. When I became a Gym Leader, I was a local hero and an unhappy, depressed wreck, and now I defeated Prima and I have fanboys... This is the best day of my life!” Then, she fell asleep.

    Two hours later, the fisherman shouted “Your lure is ready!” That was the moment when Misty woke up. She put on her bikini, her skirt and her flipflops and woke up Togetic. She went downstairs, and saw what her fanboy did: the result amazed her. She saw a lure modelled after her boyfriend.

    “That’s amazing!” Misty said with a big smile.

    “Thank you!” the fisherman said. “Here’s your picture of your boyfriend back, and I have a surprise for you!”

    “Thanks!” Misty replied.

    “Normally, I’d offer my lures for 200 Poke Dollars, but you can have the lure for free, because I admire you so much!” the fisherman offered. “And because you let me take a picture of you.”

    “That’s sweet, but you did well. I want to pay for it!” Misty insisted, handing out the money to her fan.

    “Then it’s picture time now!” the fisherman said.

    “Indeed,” Misty replied. “Where shall we do this?”

    “Just behind the counter here,” the fisherman responded, pointing at the place where he wanted Misty to stand. Togetic hovered next to her trainer.

    “Gimme a smile!” he said. Then, he took his camera and took a few pictures.

    “Does your camera have a timer?” she asked.

    “Yes, why?” he responded.

    “Well, then we can take a pic of you, Togetic and me,” she suggested.

    “Awesome!” he replied. He stood next to her, then the light flashed, granting the fisherman’s wish.

    “It’s time to go now,” Misty said. “It was nice to meet you, and it’s nice to see that I have fans like you!”

    “You’re welcome!” the fisherman replied. “Everything I thought about you is true: you’re nice, beautiful, kind, cute, smart, funny and attractive. And you beating Prima shows why I became a fan of you: you’re an amazing trainer!”

    “Thank you so much!” Misty replied. Then, she ran to the hotel, where her friends were having dinner. She came across shops, journalists (she gave an interview to two newspapers about her battle), the stadium, the beach and eventually reached the hotel. There, she entered the dinner room.

    “I’m back,” Misty said. “And I’ve got an awesome present for an awesome guy!”

    “That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see what it is!” Ash replied.

    “Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow,” Misty teased.

    “Hey, where’s Brock?” Misty asked. Then, she saw her friend running to the table.

    “I was at the corner over there. There, there’s a list of the Whirl Cup rounds tomorrow! Misty, your next opponent will be Trinity!” the flirter said, while gasping.

    “That’s gonna be a hard battle...” Misty replied.

    “But you can do it!” Ash encouraged. “If you can defeat Prima, you can beat Trinity too.”

    “Yeah. And I’ve seen Trinity’s battle on TV when you were away, and she didn’t impress me at all. She just got lucky in her battle against Crasher Wake,” Tracey said.

    “What Pokemon did she use there?” Misty asked.

    “Gyarados and Chinchou. And her Chinchou is much slower than the average Chinchou, so maybe you could plan a strategy to take advantage of that,” Brock responded.

    “Hmm... Then I think Seadra could do nicely against that Chinchou,” Misty replied. The blue sea dragon was her fastest Water Pokemon.

    “That sounds like a good idea,” Daisy said. Misty ignored her sister.

    “Tracey, could you please tell Daisy that I don’t want to talk to her?” Misty asked.

    “Daisy, Misty told me she doesn’t want to talk to you,” Tracey said to his beloved.

    After dinner, our heroes went to the beach: Misty and Dawn were going to battle, using the sea to allow their Water Pokemon to shine. “Thanks for accepting my challenge,” Dawn said. She was wearing a pink one-piece bathing suit with a skirt, which fitted her contest-like clothing style. “Piplup is eager to battle!”

    “No problem,” Misty replied. “And Dewgong hasn’t battled in quite some time, so I’m glad you’re willing to battle my Dewgong.”

    “Go, Dawn!” Zoey shouted.

    “Go, Misty!” Ash said, while cheering together with Pikachu and Togetic. Then, Hoppip came out of Misty’s Poke Ball to cheer as well.

    Then, Brock stood in between Misty and Dawn, to be the referee. “This is a one on one battle between Dawn and Misty. There is no time limit. Both trainers will use one Pokemon. The battle ends when either one or both of the Pokemon is defeated. Begin!”

    “Piplup, let’s start with a Whirlpool!” Dawn commanded.

    “Dewgong, evade!” Misty shouted. The white Pokemon dove underwater.

    “And now Swift!” she commanded. Star-shaped rays were shot at Piplup, who was hurt.

    “Oh, no, Piplup!” Dawn shouted. But the penguin stood up and was still able to battle. “Piplup, Peck!” The penguin swam at Dewgong, who got hit harshly.

    “Dewgong, Aurora Beam!” Misty commanded. A colourful beam hit Piplup, who was severely damaged and also confused.

    “Piplup, Water Gun!” Dawn commanded. Piplup was able to attack, but instead of Dewgong, the penguin accidentally aimed wrong hit Dawn!

    “Oh well, the weather is warm anyways, so a cold douche is nice,” Dawn laughed.

    “Dewgong, finish it with Horn Attack!” Misty shouted. The white sea lion swam at Piplup and delivered the final blow: the penguin collapsed.

    “Piplup is defeated. Dewgong is the winner! Victory goes to Misty!” Brock said. Misty took off her skirt (under which she wore a bikini bottom), jumped into the water and gave Dewgong a hug. “That was awesome!”

    “Dew gong gong gong!” her Pokemon replied.

    “That’s so cute!” Dawn said, carrying her defeated Piplup.

    When Misty returned Dewgong to its Poke Ball, she came out of the water, dried herself using a towel and received a kiss from Ash. Then, Dawn complimented her. “That was awesome!”

    “Thank you,” Misty replied. “You did fine too.”

    “Thanks,” Dawn said. Then, our heroes walked back to the hotel.

    While walking, Dawn talked to her partner. “Zoey, I’m about to fangirl squeal about Misty. She’s so awesome!”

    “I agree,” Zoey replied. “She seems kind, she’s a good trainer and she looks awesome. She doesn’t seem to have any flaws at all!”

    “Just wait until you feel her raging right fist!” Ash joked.

    “What did you say, Ash Ketchum?” Misty shouted, then hitting him softly as a joke. She realized that her boyfriend was right, so she didn’t want to hit him.

    “Um... Zoey, Misty is indeed nice, but she does have an anger problem,” Brock said.

    Then, they reached the hotel and went to the big dinner room. There were two people there. One of them was a purple-haired girl, the other one a green-haired guy.
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