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    Name: Sigmund "Sig" Okonkwo

    Age: 15 (Sophomore)

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Temperance [XIV]

    Appearance: Sigmund has a well-exercised body and very dark skin that identifies him clearly as having African origins. Having hit his adolescent growth period early has left Sigmund somewhat tall for his age at 178cm (5'11") and regular exercise makes him lean and fit. He has a slightly squared outline to his face with a flat forehead, straight, thick eyebrows, and an apparent inability to grow facial hair as of yet. His slate-blue eyes, often framed by glasses, are the sort that poetic types tend to think hint at a calm, even neutrality, though their focus tends to dart about their surroundings in a less-than-calm manner. His black hair is kept in dreadlocks no longer than an inch and a half apiece, seeming to naturally fall and point backwards along the top of his head, while the hair along the sides and back of his head is cut quite short. He has developed fingers that are surprisingly coarse for their agility, and seems to frequently bruise his knuckles. His self-enforced exercise patterns have given him strong limbs and a solid chest, though this is not so much of an advantage in the Court as is what he has learned from Wulfgard and the MMA club. As the month of Ramadan is roughly halfway through, Sigmund is looking a bit more gaunt than usual nowadays, but this seems to have only a small effect on his court performance.

    Being a relatively normal person, Sigmund does not consistently wear the same outfit, though he tends to gravitate toward tan pants or jeans with a brown belt and either work boots or athletic shoes. He tends to wear neutral-colored shirts and sweatshirts and consistently wears a silver watch with a leather wristband. As the days grow colder, he does tend to find himself wearing more sweatshirts or, on colder days, a maroon track jacket with white stripes down the sleeves. Though his vision requires that he wear a pair or rectangular glasses to read, Sigmund can see well enough without them and frequently will forgo them entirely, particularly during club, exercise or the Court. On formal occasions, he wears a red dress shirt accompanied by black slacks, shoes and a black tie. Sigmund carries a simple cell phone, blue handkerchief and leather wallet on his person at all times. His school supplies, as well as various other items such as a portable music player and collapsible umbrella, are contained in a pale blue single-strap backpack. While fighting shadows, Sigmund arms himself with a pair of plain iron gauntlets armored over the forearm, back of the hand, top of the thumb, and the first segment of each remaining finger. He pads his hand from damage by wearing these gauntlets over a pair of well-padded gloves to minimize the stress on his hands, and has taken to wearing a pair of leather gardening boots to better facilitate foot strikes, as well.

    Personality: Due to the heavy hand that his strict-but-fair mother had in his upbringing, Sigmund was taught to act with the utmost respect, especially towards his seniors, who he insists on calling "sir" or "ma'am," though who counts as a 'senior' in this respect tends to vary. Likewise, he is very mindful of others, taking care not to speak offensively in any way when he can help it and harboring genuine concern for his friends and family. A steadfast ally, he is always prepared to back up a downtrodden friend or give him the kick it takes to get back to normal, though sometimes it can take him a few attempts to tell when others just need space. Sigmund is known to keep a variety of odd interests, such as exercise techniques, the occasional model robot kit and a certain knack for a supposedly feminine ability - gardening. These specific interests tend to fade and vary from week to week, with his curiosity being currently held by the Mongol invasion of China. His current involvement in the Mixed Martial Arts club, however, seems to be a somewhat permanent interest, having contributed greatly to his midnight endeavors over the last two months in addition to furthering his mental discipline.

    As his sporadic history of hobbies would suggest, planning in reference to long-term goals doesn't seem to be Sigmund's strong suit. His single-semester involvement in previous clubs and student organizations, lack of any plan regarding a future career, and even small instances such as forgetting his glasses in the morning, serve as a testament to this. He seems to be fully aware of this flaw and has been trying to learn to balance his impulsiveness with rationality and the patience to think things through, but even with the discipline enforced upon him his mother and other obligations, he still has a disposition toward making immediate, definite decisions, whether or not they are well thought-out. What decisions he does make, however, he definitely commits himself to, and he has a healthy enough memory to avoid making consistent mistakes and adapt when situations turn for the worse. Despite their occasional risk, Sigmund's quick and decisive thinking has very occasionally shown to help in time-critical situations. This can work both for and against him socially, giving him a bit of a hit-and-miss record wherein he tends to jump headlong into camaraderie, which can give him the appearance of a strong personality when he is successful and that of a thick-headed idiot when it doesn't, though he is always amiable enough so as to generally come across as good-natured. Although a string of sequential failures can put Sigmund into a slump, he always tends to get over himself and rush back at the same problem the next day with renewed vigor.

    Sigmund is of the Islam religion and, therefore, is subject to compulsory prayer several times during the day, though he makes an effort to do this in such a way that it isn't disruptive to others (for example, using an empty classroom to do so during the lunch period). On a related note, he is under obligation to refrain from eating during certain times, particularly over the month of Ramadan (which began on the twelfth of October this year) and a regular three days each month, which has given him an acute appreciation of the plight of hunger and a fierce irritation toward those who waste food. In turn, he has gained a greater appreciation for food when it is available, particularly home cooking, and tends to gorge himself on food after his fasts are up. Oddly, though he is familiar with music from earlier decades and was raised with exposure to various traditional African music, Sigmund seems to be relatively out of touch with modern music, having a mild distaste for more modern forms of rap, hip-hop and electronic dance music, though he can see a bit of the appeal in modern alternative rock. He is actually much more fond of older R&B, jazz and swing music, particularly the likes of Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra, something that may not stereotypically be guessed of someone of his age. Despite being a fan of these types of music, he has no real dancing ability, nor any particular inclination to learn. He does, however, have a certain knack for another supposedly feminine ability: gardening. Sigmund seems to dislike carbonated beverages as a whole, preferring hot and cold teas or even plain water, and has a generally lower tolerance for sweet foods than his peers. He has been known to house certain common superstitions, such as those about broken mirrors and spilling salt, among less ordinary ones such as a belief in the possible existence of supernatural abilities such as telepathy. Recent events seem to have only strengthened his suspicions.

    History: Though he was born in a small city in Nigeria, Sigmund remembers nothing of the country. Before he had even reached his first birthday, his family had moved across the sea to the city of Denver in the United States, where his father had been contracted to work as an engineering adviser for transportation networks, particularly railroad systems. The Okonkwo family lived in Denver for the next seven years, though due to the nature of living in a big city, Sigmund was never allowed to wander far from the house without supervision, leading to a focus on indoor activities such as puzzles and games over playing outside. Though he harbored a bit of frustration with being kept inside so frequently, he managed to remain entertained nonetheless, and was a captive audience to his mother's ideals about raising him into "an upstanding young man." When his father's work dictated that his family move to Quarterman, Sigmund was excited about the freedom that came with living in a smaller city, now being trusted to go to the park with his three-years-older sister, Sarah, and no adult supervision, an opportunity which made him greatly interested in sports and the like over the next several years.

    Growing older held a few trade-offs for Sigmund. He was expected to be of more diligent help around the house and comply to his mother's strict ethical standards, as well as take part in more rigorous obligations of academic and religious natures. He was, in turn, treated with a similar amount of respect, teaching him the rewards of hard work through gained privileges. Over time, his father seemed to take his children's growth as a sign that he might be able to afford to devote more time to his work, and began to spend more time away from home, and though Sarah and Sigmund could appreciate the importance of his job and the support that he gave to his family, they would come over time to wish that he had been less busy during their childhood. As far as their mother went, living in the suburbs rather than an apartment meant that she had more freedom to indulge her interests in homemaking and gardening, the latter of which inevitably rubbed off on her son in varying degrees. When he moved into the nearby school, luckily enough, he managed to fall in with a group of children who lived nearby despite being the "new kid," and by the time he had graduated to junior high, they had formed a tight circle of friends.

    Through to the end of his first year of high school, he lived as any other kid on the block, becoming temporarily involved in the school drama club and soccer team in turn before losing interest, developing a one-sided childhood crush, and accidentally running over his neighbor's rose bush while learning to drive. Recently, though, his school life was shaken up completely with the re-opening of Bellow High, prompting Sigmund's parents to send him there for a better education than was available in the public school system. Though Bellow was still just across town from home, he was thrown into a situation on his own socially, with none of his close circle of friends transferring with him and suddenly having to live (mostly) on his own, though he was determined to adapt. At the same time, his sister Sarah, who had been a source of advice for years, had just left for a technical institute, which leaves him with a stern-but-doting mother, somewhat distant father and geographically removed older sister. Despite now being with little family to look to as a resource, the weeks to come gave him much more pertinent things to worry about. By the time the first weekend of the school year had rolled around, Sigmund had gotten himself knee-deep in the "Court of Miracles," a strange phenomenon with Bellow High at its epicenter, and he has quickly had to adapt to a fight for his life.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Sigmund Okwonko

    Relations: Over the course of two months, Sigmund has gotten to know everyone involved in the court to some degree, but the first few people that he met at Bellow were Snow Fields, Mana Shizuko and Joaquim Pereira. Though he talked little with the first two over the course of the next week, he and Snow became companions in short order, having bonded over being dragged to around town with Sofiya together, and the two will frequently back each other up when the chips are down. He came to be friends with Mana near the end of the next week when he taught Sigmund about the way of proper tea-making, and though his interest in the subject has passed, they still speak on occasion and are generally good-natured toward one another. JP and Sigmund got off to a considerably rocky start, speaking little over the first week and butting heads during an early Court, but their animosity eased up just in time for JP to become incredibly distant after the loss of Theresa, and the two have hardly spoken since.

    A continually interesting case is that of Sofiya Ignatova - though he finds her well-intentioned and endlessly entertaining to be around, he finds himself having to take everything she says with a grain of salt given her impossible-to-follow train of thought. He also became familiar in passing with Miyuki Tachibana, having met her on the first chaotic night of their involvement in the Court of Miracles, though the two have not spoken at great length. The hardest of all the group to place for Sigmund would be Lace Condor - he undoubtedly has a fondness for her, even having risked his life for her in an early Court (a fact which he has kept to himself), but he finds her disconnection from reality to be a bit worrying and, at times, mildly frustrating. Russell Wilton has left the impression of a fairly normal underclassman, giving Sig someone to act as a role model for when he remembers to do so. While "Halberd" Donnely had initially come off as a bit brash to him, Sigmund has little problem with him overall, though the two are only familiar with each other as far as being dormmates. He is also familiar with Joshua Sands and Clarise Stone and views them to be fair and reliable people, given that he only speaks with them infrequently outside of the Court. Ciara Wright has not escaped his notice, either, but he usually tries to avoid her in the interest of not creating unnecessary confrontation.

    After seeing Randy Clopin's performances on Friday nights and in the Court of Miracles, Sigmund thinks of him as a very capable upperclassman, if a bit showy, and is as friendly with him as he is with any of the other guys from the Court. His so-called protege Izzy Simone, is also a familiar face to Sigmund, and as with Randy, the two are as close as any other people who have fought for their lives together, but the two don't spend a considerable amount of time together outside the court. He has also met Liza Munroe several times, and appreciates the assistance her magic provides, though the two know little of each other. He is rather unfamiliar with the head of the Student Council, not even remembering his first name and having spoken to him exactly zero times so far, a figure which shows no signs of changing. Of the Bellow High staff, Sigmund is most familiar with the unofficial leader of the fight against the shadows, Garret Wulfgard, who he sees as a reasonable authority figure, albeit one who is much closer to the students' level than he views most teachers.

    - Persona -

    Name: Hua Po

    Appearance: Hua Po takes the appearance of a slender young girl, seemingly around the same age as Sigmund himself, though her incredibly round face and tiny smile cam make her seem even younger. Her smooth, reddish-pink skin and the butterfly-like wings protruding from her back give her a resemblance to the popular image of a fairie, reinforced by her meager stature at hardly twenty-six centimeters, twenty-eight with her wings fully outstretched (10/11in). She has wide eyes that are a calm gray-green throughout, with only a black outline denoting her pupils, making her appearance a bit uncanny to some. Hua Po has long, fine black hair (which grows only from her head) that is constantly tied back into a single braid with a ribbon of gold silk. This braid reaches just to the small of her back, seeming to somehow always keep itself nearly perfectly centered and of the way of her wings. Consistent with the country of her origin, Hua Po wears a white long-sleeved qipao with black trim that extends halfway down her thigh. She complements this dress with a golden silk sash tied about her waist and fitted white slippers.

    Personality: Though she lacks the ability to speak, Hua Po seems to have no issue expressing herself through action, using exaggerated gestures and her airborne mobility to convey messages. She is first and foremost concerned about her master to the point of nagging him - a welcome bother to Sigmund - but is quick to grow fond of or despise anyone else, typically reflecting a more exaggerated version of Sigmund's own feelings toward his teammates that can potentially embarrass him. For example, she may express her interests by floating longingly near someone, hugging their shoulder or kicking them in the knee, and is apparently non-apologetic regarding all of her actions. Her grisly origin, being a spirit formed from the souls of those who hung themselves from a tree, makes Hua Po seem ominous in nature, though her interest in plant life and the concern she shows for Sigmund's companions would suggest that she is more in favor of preventing deaths of ill omen. On that note, she seems to have a bit of an obsession with trees and floral life, feeling the need to admire plants when she is near enough, though her limited summoning time leaves her little time to linger. Because of her hostility toward those who abuse trees and the fact that Hua Po is unfamiliar with modern human society, she is liable to throw a fit if she sees plant life abused, and would likely have a tantrum if she were ever exposed to the idea of "deforestation." Being a spirit aligned with trees, Hua Po would shrivel and lose her power if not regularly provided with water, though this does not currently seem to be an issue.

    Abilities: Hua Po is well-versed in the use of basic fire magic, an ability which most commonly manifests as the ability to project flame toward her enemies in controlled bursts. This affinity can be put to another use, however - by focusing her pyromancy around Sigmund's hands, she is able to fortify his physical attacks with magic, making them generally do significantly more damage and providing them the advantages - and disadvantages - of an elemental affinity with fire. As Hua Po is constantly using magic to keep this up, this ability tends to fatigue Sigmund fairly quickly, and it is worth noting that providing this benefit to others is even more strenuous for both her and Sigmund. She also has the ability to momentarily shield Sigmund or his nearby allies from magic-based attacks, with this shield tending to last for a few seconds at most but providing thorough protection against most varieties of shadows. She can also change the use of this power in much the same way as her fire magic, providing a thin layer of protection over an ally that reduces the physical damage they take over the next thirty seconds and, thanks to Hua Po's affinity with fire, this protection also minimizes the damage taken from fire magic. On a physical level, her wings allow her to fly at any height that would normally be necessary, and her small stature allows her to enter small, otherwise inaccessible areas if she is summoned at length, two properties that would make her an excellent scout.

    Combat Data

    Persona Element: Fire
    Weapon Element: Strike
    Phys: -
    Slash: -
    Strike: -
    Pierce: -
    Fire: Str
    Ice: -
    Lightning: -
    Wind: -
    Light: Wk
    Dark: -

    Marakukaja (Radius ~3m)
    Red Wall
    Blazing Burst (Fire-based Tarukaja mutation)
    Maragi (Radius ~2m)

    Power Charge
    Fire Boost
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