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Thread: Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls! (Sign-Ups)

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    (For some reason, I'm unable to edit my last post. Please forgive my double posting, good people.)
    Good news, everybody! I just got Razor to approve a DT thread for us again!... or at least I think he did. He said 'Go for it.' Not too sure if it's an approval or a trap.

    EDIT: Garret's new sign-up is now up. It's under his spoiler tag on the second post.
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    Alright, here's my re-posted signup! I tweaked the "Big Three" fields (Appearance, Personality, and History) a bit, adding a paragraph each to those fields, and of course added the Relations section (which took forever to write). While tweaking the Personality, I also came up with a nifty idea for Halberd's Shadow Self! Shall I keep it to myself, or PM it to you?

    And yay, no more gun evokers! Halberd will definitely be happy about that. I also gave Scathach Dia, just for the heck of it, and added info on battle style. I can't figure out what the heck to call her shadowy wind blast--it doesn't seem to fit into a canon spell--so I'll just keep it unnamed until I can find a cool Gaelic name for it.

    Also, you mentioned that we're all required to be in the same dorm... Does that mean Halberd has to move out of his apartment?

    Hahaha, I see what you did there, without even looking at the Discussion Thread. Persona: BOSS. LOL.


    Name: Bryan "Halberd" Donneley
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Arcana: Hierophant

    Appearance: Halberd is a pretty big guy, standing just short of six feet tall and having quite a stocky build. Most notable are his thick arms and legs with a fair amount of hair on them. Try though he might, he can't get his skin to tan, so it takes on a rather light tone. He can't remember the last time he cut his chocolate-brown hair, but to keep it from looking messy, he ties it back in a braid that reaches almost the full length of his torso. A little bit of curly fringe hangs over the left side of his face. His eyes are the exact same colour as his hair, with a constantly bright allure about them. Underneath his nose is a well-trimmed moustache that consists of two little lines that droop at the end. And he has a little goatee on his chin.

    Halberd seems to think that big guys who are active often have body odor issues, so he takes careful measures to keep himself clean, well-dressed, and well-groomed. That having been said, he has a somewhat unusual fashion sense, namely that he likes to wear kilts. A plain black one will do just nicely for him, one that just barely exposes his knees. A brown belt surrounds his hips, fastened by a buckle featuring a skull and crossbones as its design. Attached to it is a leather pouch for storing things.

    But of course the kilt isn't all he wears. He also wears a soft and cottony shirt with a red and black flannel pattern, with one pocket on the left side of his chest. There's always something in this pocket, be it a pen or a lighter or a peculiar-looking gadget (most likely the latter). The bottom part is tucked into his kilt, which often makes it seem that he has a bit more of a belly than he actually does. White knee-socks with a blue stripe at the top cover Halberd's shins, and heavy-duty black boots with lots of buckles on the sides adorn his feet.

    No matter what the occasion is, Halberd is never without a sword of some sort. Since his fencing saber isn't sharp enough to be considered an actual weapon, he can bring it to school with few problems. Halberd likes to keep the blade polished, and the dark red bell guard with black edges is almost always nice and shiny. He made a sheath for it, a black one that blends right into his kilt. It fastens to his belt by way of a scabbard. He likes to say that he keeps this sword "for ornamental purposes".

    During the Court or any potentially dangerous nighttime venture, Halberd puts on his "battle coat", a sturdy, dark red one with black trim, reaching down to his knees. It looks to be slightly weathered, a few little scrapes seen on the seams. Depending on the danger anticipated (or sometimes via his Persona's request), he'll either wear his usual kilt underneath it, or a pair of sweatpants instead.

    Personality: Mature is one of the first words to describe Halberd, besides "large", "clean", and "Scottish" that is. Just recently has he realised the virtue behind being reasonable, the relief of being past most typical teenage woes. One of his greatest beliefs is in being fair. Never will he cheat to get what he wants, and whenever possible he will abide by the rules. In fact, he's often the first to point out that something is against the rules. Nor will he lose his temper that easily. One can describe him as having a lot of inertia--it takes a lot to change his mind, to get him started on things, and to tick him off. He's just not one to go for instant gratification--instead he will patiently wait until the time is right.

    Indeed, Halberd is a gentle giant. For the most part anyway. Despite his propensity to be a leader, he does not take aggressive command of others. Rather, he listens to what people in the group say and integrates their ideas to formulate a plan. One of his favourite things to do as a leader is to guide and protect those who view themselves as weak, a direct result of him being the eldest of three brothers. Likewise, he is often the first to take responsibility for something. In a way he sees himself as important, that it is his duty to take on a task on behalf of someone or something. He sees this in others too, believing that everyone has the potential to be strong and independent. Drawn to tradition, old practices, and the "classical" way of doing things, he applies the morals of the past to the prospects of the present.

    A very down-to-earth person, Halberd needs things to be certain. A planner and a strategist, he cannot just jump into action without a plan. Though he enjoys a friendly competition once in a while, he doesn't boast his talents. He's very realistic in nature, almost to the point of sticking with the mundane side of things. Often he has a hard time comprehending metaphysical concepts and anything that doesn't make much logical sense. In fact, the only way metaphysical concepts can make any sense to him is if he can relate them to some mundane concept or activity. If he ever finds himself "up in the air", where nothing makes sense and he doesn't know what the heck's going on, he becomes unable to think straight, unable to do practically anything. In a sense, he becomes paralyzed when things are uncertain.

    The above is very obvious to strangers. But those close to him might see him as more reclusive and independent, maybe even a bit of a geek. Unless he's in a panic due to uncertain circumstances, he's very much in control of himself, and will not depend on others unless absolutely necessary. The geek part plays more into his interests. Just as he likes to work with people's ideas to form a plan, he likes to play with and learn about gadgets of many interesting types, coming up with possible new uses for them, and integrating new features into existing gadgets. While the other Black Cat Bandits are out on a mission or an adventure, Halberd frequently finds himself at home in front of a computer, communicating with others and picking out information from a database or the Internet as needed. He isn't too much of the adventurous type, that's for sure.

    However, sometimes he does have his slip-ups. Sometimes when he's really focused on a task, little imps escape from his fortress of self-control. When he lets his instincts run free, he tends to do things he ends up deeply regretting later. It was in this manner that he sometimes got provoked into an argument or even a fight with a rival gang member, and more recently, did very questionable things to a shadowy pole dancer in the Court. Whenever mistakes like this happen, he just pretends it never happened and moves on...

    History: Sorry to disappoint you all, but Halberd is not Scottish. Well, his mother is, but that's about it. Actually, Halberd lived most of his life in the US, in a suburban town just west of Boston, specifically. His father, who had recently immigrated from Ireland, ran an auto repair shop, and little Bryan's earliest dream was to work alongside him as a mechanic. As a small and reserved boy, he enjoyed playing with toy airplanes and fighter jets. Or he would make strange "sculptures" out of discarded car parts from the shop. But because both of his parents had jobs, he felt lonely much of the time, especially since he was the only child.

    That all changed a few years later. The Donneleys adopted two little boys, so Bryan now had two little brothers to play with. Three, actually, after a Welsh family moved in next door. The four of them got along very well, Bryan adapting surprisingly quickly to having siblings. With their parents not around all day, they had the freedom to wander around town for a while. While doing so, they decided to be a bit mischievous. Namely, they developed an interest in stealing things or sneaking into restricted areas. Even at this age, Bryan was developing his leadership skills, finding the process of synthesizing group ideas together to work rather well. And he was the one who encouraged the others to avoid acts of violence. Their most memorable feats were an adventure through a house believed to be haunted, and a successful raiding of an electronics store after closing hours. Growing quite close to each other, they gave themselves a "gang name": the Black Cat Bandits.

    Additionally, the Black Cat Bandits gave themselves individual nicknames at this time. So the youngest member was Warren, the cute hippie who lived in a cartoon world. Then there was Merlin, erudite and observant and with a penchant for the paranormal. The one who did most of the criminal work was Lupin, an experienced thief with a dark past. As the official leader of the group, Bryan decided to call himself Halberd, due to his interest in bladed weapons. If you ask him why he chose that name specifically, he will tell you "because it sounded cool".

    And then there was school. Halberd still went by his real name around teachers and most other adults, but preferred his nickname around his peers. Bullies never gave him too much trouble, nor was he much of one himself. Because of the way school teachers cracked down on gang activities, he was careful about keeping the identity of the Black Cat Bandits a secret, to make them seem more like a group of close friends. He was a couple grades ahead of the others anyway, so he often couldn't hang out with them while at school. While in school, he did modestly well academically, his best subjects being math and physical education. Though many of his peers thought he would be good at sports, he never bothered participating in any, thinking they would take up too much of his time.

    Outside of school, Halberd enjoyed playing with electronic gadgets, in the hopes of using them in new ways or to connect them to new things. This included computers and their programming as well--he knew that someday he would have to learn how to hack. When he got older, he began helping his father out in the shop. He used those times to examine how various vehicles worked, and to speculate on what else might be done with that sort of machinery (a car that could fly, perhaps?). And in his room, he was starting a collection of knives and swords (and maybe even a halberd to go with his name?).

    Once high school started, Halberd started to get more involved with school activities. Most notably, he joined the school's fencing club, that being the first and only sport he had ever liked. It was his experience in that club that he learned about the importance of self-control and the virtue of playing fair, for he had not quite grasped those concepts before that. The club took the emphasis away from being competitive, and more towards playing just for fun, and the "captain" of the "team" was very friendly. But by the time he was in his junior year, Halberd had risen to the position of president of that club. He enjoyed teaching the little freshmen how to fence, adopting the friendly morals of the former instructor. And he even had a sword of his very own to fence with, at least in the saber style anyway. Many of the other students called him "Captain Halberd" at this time.

    During the summer before his senior year, Halberd wondered about what he was going to do after graduation. He could just work at his father's auto shop, of course. Yet a part of him wanted something more... maybe he could go to college and eventually become an engineer. Or maybe he could get his degree in computer science instead? He could join a professional fencing team... no, that would be too hard. When he turned eighteen he would get the army draft... maybe he could do something related to the military? That sounded kind of interesting, especially if he could join the air force or get more of a research position... The bottom line is that he wasn't really sure what the heck his plans after high school were. And the time for him finalizing that plan was drawing near...

    Then a surprise came: an invitation to attend a high school in a faraway town. At first Halberd really wanted to refuse this offer, especially since he would have to leave the other Black Cat Bandits behind. But something deep down inside of him, something almost like a voice calling from his very heart, told him that going to that new school was the right thing to do. It was more than that. It was his destiny to go there.

    It took a while for Halberd to grasp the idea behind the Court of Miracles. Actually, he still doesn't quite get it, having forced himself to relate it to something like a video game he's a character in. But by now he's at least recognised it as good fighting practice. Speaking of fighting practice, so far Halberd has gotten involved with Bellow High's own fencing club. However, he hasn't yet achieved "Captain Halberd" status. Bernard, the current club president, doesn't like him at all; he would have kicked him out were it not for his commitment to it. The club seems to be divided into halves now. One is the Brave and Bold Half, led by "Saint" Bernard and containing the more "experienced" fencers, hoping to make it into tournaments someday. The other is the "Pussy Wussy Half", which Halberd defiantly calls the "Boy Troop". Here Halberd teaches the "weaker" members, mostly undergrown freshmen and shy girls, how to fence, emphasizing the finesse and sportsmanship of the art over the brute force Bernard seems to preach.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices, choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Bryan Donneley Halberd

    Relations: Any character that is not listed here is someone Halberd doesn't know that well, or is just indifferent to.

    Ciara - The first fellow Court-goer Halberd met at Bellow High, through the school's fencing club. Originally, he was really attracted to her strong and independent nature--timid and passive girls weren't really his type. However, as he observed her both in and out of the Court, he started to second-guess her. She really came off as a mean person, and didn't seem to like him at all. However, he still has his eye on her, believing that her malicious tendencies are purely hormonal, something she'll grow out of similarly to how he did.

    Snow - He was the first Court-goer ever to approach and talk to him; Ciara never bothered to even get close to him. Halberd sees Snow as a very calm and cool person, which is surprising given how he's only 14. And definitely a potential friend, if he isn't occupied with other people instead. He attends the concerts of the band he's in only to see him in piano action; otherwise the band is just meh to him.

    Randy - Based on his actions in the Court, Randy came across to him as reckless. Definitely reckless. He'd always want to take the major blows in a battle, so it seemed, and was always getting himself hurt as a result. He had a pretty cool Persona though. Halberd still doesn't know Randy that well, and hasn't put much effort into talking to him, though he heeps thinking whenever he sees him that he has to ask him why he keeps getting himself hurt.

    Russell - As far as Halberd is concerned, Russell is probably his closest friend at Bellow High. He's baffled by the fact that Russell seems intimidated around him--is it because of their size difference, perhaps? Despite the fact that he tries his best to be friendly around him, Russell still seems to want to avoid him. He's also concerned about the freshman's safety in the Court, due to his lack of fighting experience and ineptitude with weapons. So far he's tried to help him with that, lending him one of his swords to practice with, inviting him to join the fencing club (which he refused), etc. He's not liking the sight of Russell with an axe so far, that's for sure. But even besides that, Halberd invites him to hang out on occasion as well. On one hand, he really wants to become friends with him, but on the other, he's a bit afraid of smothering him with affection.

    Mana - The main thing that drew Halberd to Mana was Alice, his Persona, oddly enough. And the fact that he and Russell are dorm-mates. Though Mana could well have a maniacal heart of darkness (in the notion of a Persona representing one's true self is correct), he seems level-headed enough. Mana might be another friend worth having, perhaps.

    JP - Halberd doesn't really know him that well in real life, but his actions in the Court interested him. JP seems to follow a lot of the same morals that he does, coming across as rather heroic in a sense. Halberd doesn't really get why some people see him as a jerk. Although maybe such impressions are a reflection of his highly pompous yet awesomely cool Shadow self. Halberd would like to know a little more about what JP is like in real life, especially after the Terri incident. He really feels sorry for him, and for Terri as well. Although JP shuns him like everyone else, he really wants to help out with the situation, especially outside of the Court.

    Garret - Or Wulfgard-sensei, as he currently calls the school pharmacist. Here is a guy who really knows what he's doing, especially during Court training. Through his guidance during training, Halberd has learned more about himself, specifically how he behaves as a follower. He never really paid that much attention to this side of himself before, with his stronger tendency to be a leader. Halberd behaves as a loyal pupil under him, for the most part. When Wulfgard-sensei gives someone an order that doesn't seem fair, or if someone gets hurt or falls, rather than complaining about it, Halberd assists the person first, and maybe then he might offer Wulfgard-sensei one of his signature moral-backed suggestions.

    Lace - Honestly, how can anyone feel indifferent toward this crazy girl? Granted, she is only fourteen. Halberd actually finds her kind of cute in her own way, especially with her sweet tooth and all. She almost reminds him of Warren in all her bubbly weirdness and innocence. Nowadays he occasionally cracks a smile whenever he sees her, and hopes that it doesn't get taken the wrong way.

    Sofiya - Although she gives off a similar vibe to Lace, Halberd still manages to remain indifferent to her for some weird reason. He didn't hear about her bunny-baking suggestion, nor did he witness many more of her weird remarks, for one. She's probably more distant to him because she was more experienced in the Court than Halberd was. He attributes her noises in the hallway to hormonal imbalances, nothing more. Like Ciara's issues, it's probably something she'll grow out of.


    Name: Scathach

    Appearance: Scathach is one of those few Personae who look almost completely human. Indeed, she certainly looks like an ordinary woman of an ordinary height with light-coloured skin and dark-coloured hair. Her eyes are a deep cobalt blue, further attributing to the subtle coldness of her gaze. Most who first see Scathach first notice her hat, a black one with what looks like a golden belt around it, buckle and all. What's peculiar about it is the brim, a very wide one which splits at the sides to look much like a four-pointed star. That or her cape, which matches her hat in colour, and is just long enough to reach just below her knees. It's made of a durable yet light material, so that it doesn't get in the way during a fight.

    Underneath the cape, Scathach wears the scant leather clothing typical of a Celtic warrior, which is tough yet flexible and a very dark red in colour. The part of her body that's covered the most is her chest, which also features a rather large silver pendant consisting of an even-armed cross in a circle. Attached to a thong-like belt around her hips is a small scabbard in which she keeps her special rod (see Abilities). The armour is complete with gloves that also cover her forearms, and boots that only halfway cover her shins.

    Personality: Scathach's name means "shadowy", and her personality definitely reflects that. In the usual setting she prefers to keep to herself and avoid the crowds, and prefers to let things come to her rather than rashly seek them out. She prefers to keep her mind in pretty much a meditative state, with few thoughts and worries crossing it and a general sense of calmness and understanding enveloping it. One thing she has that Halberd doesn't have is an affinity for metaphysical concepts. In fact, she stands out among other warriors for her experience with magic. However, she doesn't go into too much depth with it, preferring to relate things to mundane concepts (which she is in fact very good at doing).

    Scathach enjoys teaching people about her ways, taking a rather authoritative and disciplinary approach to her instruction, just like most combat instructors of her time. This also means she's insensitive to most displays of emotion, and doesn't really show it herself either. Such is what happens when one gets used to the seriousness of war. Rather than look to the future, she bases her teachings off of tradition, the wisdom of the past. Also, she has no patience for people who are naive and "just don't seem to get it"--it is these people who she tends to ignore. It takes a certain level of experience and moral understanding to gain her attention and trust.

    Scathach is considered a warrior not only because of her skill with weaponry (to be detailed more in the Abilities section), but because of the strength of her will and the controlled acknowledgement of her fears. Truly, she follows the virtues of honour and respect, of integrity and perseverance, and holds them true to her heart. But this does not mean she necessarily plays the hero. Remember the "shadowy" part. She will only jump in to protect someone if she absolutely has to, preferring to see if they can overcome an obstacle with their own skills first. As Scathach would say, "unnecessary action is detrimental to the self". But when she does decide to move in and protect, she becomes a fearless and formidable fighter. To a task she's devoted to, she brings sound determination without strong emotions or rash impulses. However, if she finds herself in a difficult situation or fight, rather than stand strong and rely on luck and faith to pull through, she has the sense to retreat.

    Another thing Scathach has a habit of doing is appearing out of nowhere to give advice to someone or something. She really does have a sneaky nature, aided by her overall tendency to be quiet. Moreover she is patient, and thus is good at hiding. This would probably make her a good thief, except that would go against her morals, which she follows closely. Still, she doesn't believe in a clear definition of good and evil, and believes in being fair.

    Abilities: Scathach's most prominent abilities deal with weapon mastery and shadow magic. Actually, she combines the two. Hidden underneath her cape is a short rod, which looks very much like a stubby wand, but by way of a sort of mental incantation, Scathach can use it to draw out one of a few weapons, each of which has their own little characteristics:

    Sword--It materialises out of a short beam of light. If it becomes broken or considerably nicked, she can always re-summon a new one after a minute or so. But she can also fire energy beams from the sword, in the form of streaks of light left over from swings of the blade. These actually have more penetrating power than the sword itself.

    Spear--Scathach's signature weapon. It can't fire energy beams like the sword can, but it cannot be broken by physical or elemental means (i.e. fire) save for the strongest magic out there. And this is the weapon she has the most accuracy with, not having missed a hit with it yet. (It was this accuracy technique that she ended up passing to Cu Chulainn when giving him his own spear.) Plus she can magically return this weapon back to her hand if it ventures too far (it has to fly back to her, and thus can be affected by objects in the way).

    Shield--Round and about three feet high, this shield offers good protection against most physical and magical attacks. However, some attacks can still send Scathach flying backwards if powerful enough, and she can't use any other weapons while wielding the shield.

    Of course, even without the rod, all is not lost, for Scathach is also skilled in the martial arts. Very rarely does she engage in hand-to-hand combat, nor is she the most agile Persona in the world, but she uses this skill to block and dodge attacks and even reverse a basic physical attack when in a tight spot. Plus she has a habit of doing other interesting physical feats, like using the base of summoned spear as a pole vault. After all, she can't fly--the most she can do is levitate herself a couple of feet while using a chilling wind blast infused with shadow energy (her basic magic attack). This wind blast is commonly used to cut through enchanted objects that can't otherwise be touched, or just as a useful ranged attack. I'm not bothering to give it a name because Scathach never bothers with an incantation for it anyway. Of course, she also has Dia if it's absolutely needed, but she's not that good at it and doesn't like to use it that much.

    Scathach's use in battle is kind of odd compared to what is typical. She hardly ever comes out for a single spell use, except maybe for a Dia in rare circumstances. Instead, Halberd will either refuse to evoke her at all, preferring to fight by himself, or have her battle alongside him. The latter happens more often against multiple foes. Only against users of ranged or magical attacks will it be Scathach doing most or all of the fighting.
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    Accepted once more!
    As for your questions:
    If you have an idea for a Shadow, PM it to me.
    Halberd doesn't have to move into the dorm, but it is suggested.
    As for the spell, seeing as our versions of Mudo and Hama don't insta-kill, you can effectively call the spell Mamudo (Dark spell that hits multiple enemies).
    Yes, BOSS. I'm loving it.

    Sorry Marbly, but I just noticed somthing in your Persona section.
    You sure do have a wide variety of powers there... like, really wide. Can we cut one of them off? We usually stick to one element here. If we want to stick to the doctor motif, removing Zio would seem to be the best. That would still leave him with Hama as damaging, seeing as it doens't insta-kill in this RP (so, it's actually usable on bosses and the such).
    Feel free to shoot a VM to me if you want to talk about it.

    @Niihyl and GH
    Just you two guys left.
    Last one in has to tell me how awesome my new trainer tag is. (Hint: It starts with 'F' and ends with 'ucking Awesome')

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    EDIT: Liza's new sign-up is now under her Spoiler Tag on the second post. The Ciara plot summery is now on the first post to make room.
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    But so, yeah, my SU:ll be up either today or tomorrow. And hey, Zinc, you should add the "Relations" field to your characters as well. Not because "Baww, we're doing it, you need to too!" But because reading those is fun. I'm going to write mine from Sofiya's POV. Fun times ahead.

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    Sorry for the lateness. If I did something really, f*cking (swear jar...) retarded like cutting off in the middle of a sentence, mixing paragraphs up, or just typing general BS... I don't know, I'm a bit sick. Because it started snowing. In the middle of March. In the land of constant rain.

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    Name: Mana Shizuko

    Age: 16, Junior Year

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: XIII: Death

    Appearance: Mana is of Asian descent, Japanese to be precise. He has gently slanted black eyes, which are covered by a spray of spiky hair. He re-dyed his hair, giving it large segments of a darker, crimson tone, mixed in with its natural black. His hair is fairly long, but shorter in the back than in the front. He has a wide brow and thin, dark eyebrows. He has no facial hair, as he shaves any - admittedly light - hair off. A stylized winged skull is tattooed on his back, a memento of angry teenage rebelliousness. And Hawaii's lax laws on the matter, of course.

    He has a light build, being medium in height at 5’9”. He is thin, but wiry and tough, muscles well-defined from long nights of hunting the things that go bump in the night. He was on the Archery team, and additional practice has given him a keen eye and excellent accuracy, although anything that gets too close will have an easy time of getting past his still-clumsy knife thrusts.

    Mana usually wears 'artfully' torn blue jeans, and neutral colored t-shirts, such as white, black, or grey. He often wears hoodies, with complex graffiti designs splayed across them. There is usually a pair of eye-catching over-ear headphones around his neck, although he's taken to wearing them less often, since they tend to get broken. Smaller, in-ear headphones are usually present instead.

    Personality: Mana is sarcastic, and quick to joke. Even in dangerous situations, he's able to make fun of whatever he's fighting. Only exceptional danger or loss can drop him into a more serious mood. He is rather dreamy, and falls asleep in class often, as well as spending a lot of time quietly daydreaming. A great lover of interesting stories and fairy tales, Mana is very easily bored by ‘dull’ things, including subjects such as math and history, since much of that work involves memorizing facts and figures, or dates and names. He prefers to exercise his imagination, such as when writing or learning things in science classes.

    Mana is actually rather friendly, something that's begun to become more apparent. Rather than being sarcastic and cutting, he's more likely to try and keep others happy, unless they personally piss him off. He likes having friends, of course, and is far from asocial, but he's still a bit of a loner at heart. He would prefer to read a light romance novel or watch a few episodes of his favorite anime than go out to do stupid high-schooler things. He loves fantasy and sci-fi, and reads himself away into worlds of swords and sorcery; aliens and phasers. He doesn't actually care for action/adventure fiction, however, finding that his own personal reality is far more exciting.

    Mana has spent a lot of his life pretending to be someone he’s not. He tries to keep up his persona of a 'cool', devil-may-care sonuva*****, but doesn't necessarily succeed. He hates to lose, and doesn’t like being embarrassed. He has a long memory, keeping shame, anger, and happiness all close to heart. Therefore, he holds grudges, but also remembers good turns, which he strives to pay back. An eye for an eye, aid for aid.

    One of his darkest memories is the jealousy towards his two little sisters, who died in an accident at sea. They had what he wanted… his mother’s attention, and something magical, secrets and mysteries. When they died, as shocked as he was, there was that tiny, black, horrible speck of smugness. He remains guilty about that feeling, the fact that he could have been happy about their deaths, and tries to push the dark thoughts away. Alice is a constant, shadowy reminder of his old shame, although truly, she's just himself refusing to let go and move on.

    Mana loves music, of many genres. A fan of everything from modern hip hop raps to classical concertos, he has a wide knowledge of music. Although he loves listening to music, he has absolutely no talent for making it. A miserable singing voice, and absolutely no ability in the production of music through the various button-y, string-y devices means that he’ll never be a musician, and he knows it. He doesn’t even try anymore, because trying would just mean failure and embarrassment, something that Mana avoids at all costs.

    His dislike of failure gives him a cautious tint, which can be called cowardly if you stretch it (just try it!). He prefers to stay out of trouble, impaling his foes with arrows, both literal and figurative. The Court of Miracles is the best thing that's ever happened to him, and combat fills him with delight, despite the fact that he doesn't really get down and dirty. There's nothing quite as satisfying to him as watching a burst of darkness send a horde of Shadows writhing into hell.

    The cautiousness even trends into paranoia, especially when Alice is feeling temperamental. Mana always carried his gun evoker around, and now that it's been replaced by the far more benign Tarot card, he has taken to carrying a Tarot deck around, to keep himself from endlessly fiddling with that particular card. It's almost obsessive-compulsive, the way he turns the cards in his hands.

    History: Mana was born to two very different people, on the island of Hawaii. His mother was a member of a small neo-pagan religion, similar to Wicca, but not quite. His father was a Christian priest. Although the family seemed highly dysfunctional, it wasn’t. His parents loved each other, and kept their theological differences away from their family, although joking debates over the breakfast table weren’t uncommon.

    He preferred his mother’s religion. It was more interesting to him, with healing herbs, potions, rituals and spells. It was unique, something he loved. And not just that, but it was magical. But… her religion was passed only through the female line, and he was forever pushed away from it. Mana was just a child when his little sister Lana was born. He loved her, and hated her. She was always with his mom, listening to her stories, wandering the woods picking herbs… He didn’t understand why he was excluded.

    His father tried to get him to read the Holy Bible, as an alternative, but Mana couldn’t help but despise the Bible. It wasn’t what he wanted, to him, it was nothing but a dusty stack of rules and regulations. It galled him, and he refused it.

    Another sister was born, and quickly joined her sister. Mana loved them, and took care of them when his parents were gone, but deep inside, he envied them. He didn’t get along well with his father, so he was always the odd man out in the family. Then they both drowned in an accident at sea. He had opted out of the family cruise, claiming he had far too much schoolwork. His parents survived, by virtue of the strength of adulthood and simple good luck, but his two little sisters were dead.

    His first reaction… satisfaction. Followed by enormous horror and self-loathing. He saw the corpses later, bloated with water... Mana was thirteen years old, in eighth grade. He became someone else. A sarcastic, devil-may-care joker. The façade was imperfect, and he couldn’t truly bury who he really was. His friends from middle school, he pushed away, finding new ones in high school.

    When he was about to enter Junior Year, his parents moved to Bellow, and he had to follow them. He would go to Bellow High, and he'd get caught up in a terrifying whirlwind of death and fear. The thing was, it would be the best thing to ever happen to him.

    At Bellow High, he quickly grew into a somewhat-friendly rivalry with JP, an older boy, occasionally ran in with the ambiguously gay Joshua, came face to face with an insane psychopath - pot, meet kettle - and fraternized with a variety of other interesting people. The days were simple, normal, average, and boring, despite the fact that Bellow was a melting pot for the odd. Until it happened.

    The Court of Miracles. Midnight exactly, at a concert for the school’s resident rock band, time stopped, and monsters attacked. The doppelganger of one, a chef at the school, appeared and assaulted them, killing his double in a burst of flame. Nevertheless, the rest survived, as it turned out that Wulfgard, the nurse, was secretly a katana-wielding badass. Who knew? Head rocker Randy turned out to be a shovel-wielding badass as well. Hrm.

    The next time, they were prepared. Wulfgard taught them to summon Personas, parts of the psyche brought to life to fight back against the Shadows. Mana summoned his… and it was Alice. Alice in Wonderland, perhaps? A little girl, weak and pathetic, right? But… no. She looked just like her, Mana’s littlest sister. It looked like karma wasn’t going to let him off after all. What made it worse was that Alice began to grow darker and more vicious, a cynical devil's advocate in his soul.

    I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such, 静子 愛 Shizuko Mana


    Name: Alice

    Appearance: Alice is a young English girl, with pale, smooth ghostly skin, and blond hair. Her hair reaches to just under her shoulders near the back, and long, rough bangs that cover most of her face. She has a white ribbon wrapped around her head, keeping most of the back of her hair… back. She has clear, piercing blue eyes. Although you would never expect it from her skin, eyes and hair, there's an Asiatic look to her, as well as an unnerving sense of wrongness, like someone caught on the rim of the uncanny valley.

    Her clothing consists of a child’s Victorian-style dress, made of silk satin, which reaches down to her knees. The dress is a deep satin blue, and is decorated at the hem with white ruffles. Her collar is tight, and adorned with a short black tie. Her dress has puffy shoulders, and a wide ribbon, also white, is wrapped around her torso, tied into a decorative ribbon behind her. She wears simple black ballet shoes on her feet.

    Ever since Mana began to practice with his knife, she's taken to carrying a little sword around, barely larger than a dagger. Practically a toy, it doesn't seem to do much in combat, but there always seems to be a trickle of blood lining its edge…

    Personality: Alice is erratic, to say the least. Occasionally, she seems like nothing more than a child, innocent, naďve, and playful, constantly in a state of euphoria at her surroundings. At others, she seems sarcastic, a vicious, cutting psyche that delights in driving her forked tongue into the most vulnerable parts of the mind, playing off doubts and fears. And sometimes, she seems mature, serious, and knowledgeable, coldly analyzing her situation. Uncanny valley indeed, Alice looks normal, but her laughs and smiles have a disturbing quality to them, a quality that doesn’t quite seem sane. She has an odd, innocent sadism, finding that her 'playmates' have a saddening tendency to end up dead, or worse. But there are always more toys.

    With her presence being more common on the battlefield, Alice has taken to conversing with the other Personae and their wielders, irrepressibly curious. Sometimes it's uncertain if Mana really controls the girl, or if the girl does as she wishes and occasionally their interests align.

    Combat Data:

    XIII. Mana Shizuko | Death Arcana
    Persona: Alice
    Weapon: Bow - Elem: Pierce
    Phys: -
    Slash: -
    Strike: -
    Pierce: -
    Fire: -
    Ice: -
    Lightning: -
    Wind: -
    Earth: -
    Water: Wk
    Light: Wk
    Dark: Abs


    Skills in bold have been obtained.

    Mudo > Mamudo > Mudoon > Mamudoon
    The Mudo line of skills are dark-element. Quite powerful, with a small chance of instant death on non-boss enemies. However, they use more energy than other elemental skills at this level.
    Evil Smile
    A terrifying grin accompanied by laughter. Can cause nearby enemies to be stricken with fear. Fear reduces enemies willingness to strike, lowering attack.
    Draws the very strength from an enemy's bones, causing them to become weak and fragile, lowering defense.
    Disorients and Confuses an enemy by exposing them to a series of colors, lights, and hallucinations akin to abuse of psychedelic drugs.
    Spirit Drain > Soul Drain
    Steals some energy from an enemy.
    Die for Me!
    A powerful Mudo-type skill that deals damage in the guise of terrifying images that only the victim can see or feel. Scales with the user's strength level.
    The user escapes combat by fading into darkness, then reappears a safe distance away.

    Temporarily silences the target, preventing them from casting magical spells.


    Alice performs two roles, the first comes in the form of dealing magical damage via the element of darkness. Darkness is one of the more powerful elements, yet consumes the most energy as well. Her second role is as a debuffer/status'er, inflicting negative statuses such as fear and enervation, which weaken foes. She has no support/healing skills nor physical abilities at all.

    While Alice can remain out for longer, there doesn't seem to be much need to, lacking support abilities, being rather slow, and lacking the physical strength to fight anything that isn't 99% dead already.


    Mana trusts pretty much all of the Persona-users, and considers them friends. Going through life and death situations with people does that.

    JP: JP has become less of an enemy and more of a friend, although that's not saying much. The boy seems to be avoiding everyone. Mana knows what loss feels like, so isn't sure whether he should leave the guy alone or try and snap him out of it. Nevertheless, he tries to lend a hand whenever possible.

    Joshua: The possibly gay kid who seems to be hanging around Ciara a lot. Perhaps he's not gay, but a masochist instead. Well, to each his own.

    Sofiya: Mana's teacher - *smack* - sorry, commander. His lessons are still a double entendre laden affair of two sweaty bodies sticking their knives into each other. Mana's gained more skills and endurance from this, so he can last much longer now.

    … Dammit, that came out wrong. Anyway, Sofiya's still insane, but there's no better person to brighten your day. It's literally impossible to be in a bad mood after spending time with her. Which is the same thing they say about… you know what? F*ck it. No, not like that.

    … Jesus Christ, it's contagious.

    Ciara: She's a b!tch, but at the very least an opponent to throw snark at. What with being nice to people now, Mana doesn't get enough chances to b!tch at people. And it's even self-defense, so he can't be prosecuted in court of law!

    How fun.

    Halberd: Quite the interesting fellow, he's caught Mana's attention. A large, kilt-clad fencer who has connections with gangs? How could you not be interested?

    Sigmund and Russell: Two of the tea party bros., both friends, but not close enough to be considered best buddies or anything.

    Snow: Snow is genuinely… nice. He seems a little naďve sometimes, and makes Mana feel as if he should protect him.

    Miyuki: While Mana met her early on, they haven't interacted often. The two were too different to get along comfortably. A friendly acquaintance, and trusted team member, but not much else.

    Randy: Can't get a better bro than Randy, the de facto face of the band. Mana trusts him and considers him a friend.

    Wulfgard: Sensei, and deserving of respect. He's saved their asses enough times, after all.
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    Well, it's good thing you cleared out the swear jar. After that post, it would have exploded. I still have enough to pay for the Subway platter on Monday as well.
    Still, I'm happy to see Mana has finally arrive, and eagerly await GH, and his mandatory kiss-*** session (in my favor of course).
    Quote Originally Posted by Niihyl
    I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such, 静子 愛
    ... the fuck? I need a closer look.
    Quote Originally Posted by Niihyl
    静子 愛

    ... the FUCK?
    At least add english next to it, dude.
    Accepted. I thought I was going to have to slam down any utility for Alice considering how powerful 'Die for Me' can be, but it seem you covered that before I did.
    *looks at euro with Niihyl* Throw that Monopoly money away. I feel sick just looking at it.
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        Spoiler:- POP- Directly From the Diary of Muyiki Tachibana:
    GM is prone to going for the throat. Poke at own risk. Continued poking or complaining in his presence may result in serious character injury or death. You have been warned.

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    One euro’s not paper money, jsyk.

    And you keep dreaming, Zinc. Your delusions are adorkable.

    I can’t believe nobody pointed out that I actually called Wulfgard their “combat couch” in the last SU, as opposed to a coach. I… just don’t even.

    Oh, and remember when I said I’d write the relations from Sofiya’s PoV? I LIED. My creative/comedy juices just aren’t flowing when I’m swamped with work so here, have a boring version instead.

    And no, I haven't read this through, just awasdg I'll edit later if something's off.

    - Human -

    Name: Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova (to good friends, Sonya)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: The Sun

    Appearance: She doesn't quite reach the average height for a female of her age and ethnicity, standing only at 5'2''. She hasn’t really grown during the two month period like everyone else, either. In fact, she actually thinks she’s gotten shorter, instead of everyone else getting taller. I don’t know. It makes sense to her. She has an average weigh, with no huge curves, muscles or chubbiness to add pounds to her numbers. She’s started to become pretty athlete, though, if not from her nightly training sessions alone in her room or the mixed martial artist club she’s part of, then from all the fighting she’s done in the Court. She especially excels in stamina, being able to run and fight about without tiring for respectable amounts of time. She’s gotten stronger, too, though the muscle is yet to show all that well. She’s well off with her knife, at least when she lets her reflexes take control instead of her questionable mind. Her personality tends to mess with her fighting at times. She can also shoot a gun, and is disappointed she still hasn’t managed to convince Wulfbarb to get him one. She suffers from lack of sleep and it admittedly puts a strain on her body. She can’t even sleep well during the nights she’s off-duty like everyone else, but of course, this is a fact you’d never know; she covers the dark circles under her eyes with makeup and puts on a smile all the same.

    Her hair is jet black and long, bushy, though the exact length is often obscured; she prefers to keep her hair tied. The ways she does this are various, but the most common way is a bun on the back of her head, with many loose strands sticking out of it for a more relaxed look. Only the hair on the back of her head is gathered in the bun, however, since she likes her bangs and wants them framing her face. She loves the way they wind catches them, as stupid as it sounds. Another common way for her hair to be kept from tickling her lower back is by having it in two pigtails, one on each side of her head and a ponytail in the same place she has her bun. But, generally, as long as her hair is tied in some way, any hairstyle is fine.

    Her face is pretty round and her skin soft. And, despite the lack of sleep her eyes don't appear tired, quite on the contrary; they're big and curious, and seem to be bursting with life, just like she, herself. Their color is light green mixed with blue so, in essence, they're turquoise. It's rare to find her mouth in anything but a smile, though there are different kinds to be found should you pay close enough attention. There's the smile when she's genuinely happy, and the one when she is troubled, for example.

    As for clothing, she often has a warm jacket, though she doesn't wear it normally. Instead, she throws it on her back and ties (or buttons) it from below the collar, leaving it open and looking more of a cape than a jacket. Only if extreme cold attacks her will she tug her hands in the sleeves and close the jacket for warmth. She does this with multiple jackets, but her favorite is her brother's gorod patterned, Delta winter jacket, colored black and different shades of blue. This is a piece of clothing she will stick with until she dies, but she has gotten to changing her clothing under it quite often lately. She’s experimenting with different styles and colors, you could say, and the results vary from “holy heck she’s gorgeus” to “are you freaking kidding me.” Since it’s getting cold and her tubetop isn’t suitable for the weather anymore, she has switched to using a simple jacket (sometimes her brother’s) and a greenish muffler to along with it. Her skirt has gone and gotten replaced by tight jeans, as well as new boots; these ones don’t have a heel and reach higher up, all the way to the halfway of her thigh. They’re dark brown in color, with straps here and there along with other decorations.

    Personality: Sofiya is generally a very positive and friendly person but also, deep in her mind, an extreme worrywart. She tries to talk at least once to everyone, even the meanest and most stoic people, since her belief is that everyone should be happy and friendly. That’s because the thought of seeing someone's sorrow or troubles horrifies her. Seeing negative things brings her own troubles to mind, the ones she does her best to run away from. They bring back the thought that what if her brother doesn't wake, what if the positive attitude she adapted was a waste after all? Thus, she tries, without always even realizing it make a happy, positive environment for herself, immediately seeking to get rid of any and all negative personality traits of others that would disturb her fragile peace of mind. She basically does this by being friendly and trying to help everyone get over whatever it is that saddens them. Of course she has another motive for that, and that's the sheer will to help.

    In turn, she is extremely careful not to show anyone that her life and especially her mind aren't all rainbows and sunshine either. For this reason, as well as in order to maintain the aforementioned positive attitude, she tries to find positivity in absolutely everything, to the point she might seem extremely airheaded. You broke your leg? That means you can stay home and eat lots of potato chips and ice cream, while watching TV all day! Your cat died? Maybe now you'll parents will buy you that dog you've always wanted. She has an answer for everything, and understandably, some may find that extremely annoying.

    Another reason why she doesn't want to show that she has troubles is the fear of abandonment. Her friends left her before when she was sad, what if the same thing happened again? She has embraced the poem "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox to heart, and it's become sort of life advice for her. People are shallow enough to abandon you if your company doesn't please them, and nobody wants to sit and listen to someone pour out their heart the whole day. She thinks that's the way life goes and that it's a simple fact, so she isn't saddened by it or anything, and actually admits that she might do the same, if she couldn't get someone to cheer up no matter how hard she tried. She wouldn't want to be like that, and does feel sorry, but she believes she just couldn't handle it. Maybe if the person was close enough to her, but she doesn't think such a thing as deep friendship exists. Friends are just people who like to hang out together, right?

    Though lately, she has started to think a bit differently, and found herself enjoying the company of others more than she would've ever thought. None of her new fiends has shown signs of abandoning her either. Could her way of viewing the world have been wrong?

    Because of her abandonment fear, she also very often gets second thoughts about the things she has said. She doesn't really think before she opens her mouth, but afterwards? There's chaos inside her head. Did she choose the wrong word, might she have accidentally insulted the other? These thoughts are very short lived however, as she is capable of pushing them away, in the same pit at the back of her mind where she stores everything she doesn't like. Though, admittedly, this has lessened lately. While she still panics inwardly when talking to complete strangers, she doesn’t second guess her words with her fellow Persona-users anymore; they haven’t persecuted her for what she has said up until now, why would they start now?

    During crisis, in situations she simply can't escape from and the like, her coping mechanism is to laugh. This can give others a very wrong impression of her. Who in their right mind would laugh during a car crash or a train wreck? But she doesn't do it because she'd find the situation funny, she does it in order to make it seem funny and thus, less scary.

    She used to feel sort uncomfortable around girls, thinking they’re less trustworthy, but that belief has basically disappear now; she gets along with everyone equally and actually feels a certain need to protect the girls of the team. The guys too, of course, but women area weaker, so they’re in most danger! Of course she’s a girl herself, but she hasn't gotten that far in her thought process yet. She has also taken the role of a (self-proclaimed) teacher for some of the team members, and cringes when she sees someone use a knife the wrong way, for example. She has an uncontrolled urge to teach those not in the know.

    She is curious and ready to try new things, and unfortunately peer pressure affects her a lot. She couldn't even think of refusing and seeming like the negative one, if everyone else is ready to do something. That, and what if her decision makes her lose her friends? On the other hand, she is very trustworthy; she will help you out if you just ask, though she doesn't really like people telling their deepest, darkest secrets to her. She appreciates the sentiment and the fact that someone trusts her enough, but such things are a burden. Naturally, she never says anything of the sort, just nods and smiles and listens.

    She is very studious, and has already started to read some medical books her mother recommended to her, as practice for the medical school she plans to enter. She does study other things like sex, too, though often in secrecy. Some think studying is "boring" and "uncool", after all, and she doesn't want to be thought of as either. Although admittedly, her medical studies have had to take a backseat lately, what’s with all the time needed for school, clubs and the Court. In addition to liking studying and having a goal of becoming a doctor, she also dreams of getting stronger and enlisting in the military. She’s already practicing her commanding skills by acting as the mentor to Mana.

    Despite all the worries and insecurities however, like mentioned earlier, Sofiya is basically a positive girl, she just needs to remind herself of the fact every now and then. When left alone at night in her own room, though, all the worries come to her in waves and she often cries herself to sleep. That’s why she enjoys the Court immensely, despite all the tragedy that has occurred during it; it's a great escape. In the Court, when fighting for her life and ripping things apart, she doesn’t have time to think about sad things. Killing monsters eases her mind, it relaxes her, and some could say she’s starting to enjoy it a bit too much for it to be healthy lately…

    History: Sofiya was born in Vladivostok, Russia, to an ambassador father and a doctor mother. She had an older brother, Pyotr, thirteen years older than her. Her parents lead hectic lives, but with Pyotr growing more and more independent and attending afternoon club activities in addition to school, Sofiya's parents falsely thought they would have time for another child. Sofiya was born from this thought, and her parents soon realized their mistake, especially with her mother's sudden promotion. Though it saddened them both, neither had the time for her. They struggled through the very first years of her life, and once she was three, they deemed it safe to leave Pyotr in charge of his younger sister.

    Pyotr and Sofiya spent a lot of time together, the sibling bond between them far stronger than either one's bond with their parents. They loved them, of course, they just didn't… really know them. Years passed and Sofiya finally attended school as well. Her brother was well known, always the popular guy especially among girls, and so Sofiya was instantly befriended by many. There were true friends among them, but included were also those who just wanted to use her to get closer to her brother. Always the trusting one, Sofiya didn't seem to notice the ulterior motives of some of the students, however.

    When the time came, since it was mandatory, Pyotr went to military service. Despite the extremely harsh environment and the downright cruel forms of dedovshchina, her brother really liked it there. He had always had a compassion for his country, and regardless of the scars he received from the bullying, he endured the first years in the service until he could climb into the upperclassmen's favour, telling glorified tales of the military to his sister. As a result Sofiya, too, grew an interest in the military, and while other girls were busy playing with dolls, she played with guns and military knives. Over the years, she learnt the names of the most important history figures of her country, she knew the dates they died at, and she loved nothing more than her brother's military coat, under which she always snuggled when it was cold.

    Pyotr was 24 when he was seriously injured in a gang fight and went into coma. And that destroyed Sofiya.

    She refused to eat, talk, do anything but hug her brother's belongings and cry, thinking her brother would never wake from his condition. Her friends at school were understanding at first; she had almost lost an important brother, they were ready to give her time to mourn, and they tried to cheer her up the best they could. But it just didn't work. She wouldn't cheer up, no matter what they said, and whenever they mentioned that they were sure her brother would recover, she snapped at them for belittling the problem. And so, eventually, one by one, her friends contacted her less and less, spoke to her in fewer words and eventually, grew extremely distant and left. They weren't mean, they weren't exceptionally bad people who only cared for themselves, Sofiya's sorrow and frustration had just worn them out so much they couldn't stand it anymore. They had their own troubles in life too.

    Sofiya's parents grieved as well, but life continued, and they had to resume their work. They couldn't risk getting fired on top of such a great loss. And, with her parents busy and no friends to depend on, Sofiya was left alone. It went on like that for a year or so until one day, she heard a knock on the door. She was alone, miserable and didn't want to open the door, but the knocking became so intense that Sofiya was afraid the door would break. So she forced herself up and went to the door.

    And behind it stood men. Many of them, all serious and carrying various little gifts. They told they were Pyotr's friends, and that they were sorry for what happened to him, as well as how late they came to give their condolences. They left their gifts and as they were about to close the door, one of them spoke. And those words would come to be Sofiya's salvation. Time has blurred Sofiya's memory, but they went something like: "Oh, and you'd better stop looking like that. Your bro ain't dead yet. It's kind of really annoying how you act like he is. Show the guy some support. Positive thoughts and such."

    It was funny to her. Such a simple concept, and she hadn't realized it before. This wasn't even the first time something like that had been said to her. But something in the way it was let out, like a statement or a demand, rather than an attempt to comfort her really struck to her. And so, she took herself by the neck and stood up. She started to help herself get over her sorrow, started to hope, believe that her brother would get up again. It took time to force those thoughts into her head and push out all the negative "what ifs", but she managed.

    And eventually, a few years later, she even did something she had never managed to bring herself to do before; she visited his bedside. He looked so peaceful there, and right then, right there, Sofiya made a promise to not mourn a brother still alive. During the time she had spent alone she had started to make origami, and so, she made a single crane origami and left it for her brother. She told how she had heard that making thousand of those things would grant a wish. Foreign nonsense, and yet, from that day on, she made sure to make at least one origami a day.

    The shadow of worry, of sadness still had a hold of the back of her mind, however, and so she decided that a change of environment was in order. With her parents' permission, she traveled to study abroad, feeling that a completely new school with new people would help her clear her mind. She'd study hard, make friends, become a great doctor and once her brother woke, make sure he could be proud of his little sister and her achievements.

    That is, if he woke…

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova


    - Persona -

    Name: Horus

    Horus takes the appearance of a majestic bird, resembling a bigger than average hawk. His whole body shines like a small sun, the radiating light hiding its middle body from sight. His wings are long and slender but strong, and his talons are fairly big and head small compared to the rest of his body. He's golden in color with sharp, golden brown eyes that have the symbols of the Eye of Horus under them.

    Personality: Horus is a proud creature, one that highly dislikes being told what to do. His help can be gained if one can handle him, in other words, if one can beg and plead. Orders will go to deaf ears, though he has started to warm up to Sofiya a little lately, possibly due to all the fighting the girl is doing. Horus appreciates effort, after all. He can be condescending and even hostile should someone try and drop him off his high horse, but in general he is calm and serious, standing for absolutely no nonsense (such as Sofiya’s attempts to dress him up cutely). It's not easy to anger him, and he does have a will to protect the weak, just as long as he gets some sort of praise from it. He is cunning, and isn't afraid to cheat and resort to dirtier tricks to get what he wants, if power alone isn't enough. He isn't trusting, and it is difficult to fool him; oftentimes he is the one fooling you.

    He is very wise and sincere, however, and you will know what he thinks of you from the very start. Generally, he is friendly the way a king would be to his people, it's only when one tries to cross him that they should be afraid.

    Abilities: He can use wind and ice spells, and the light radiating from him can repel weaker and lessen the impact of stronger dark spells (Repel Dark) later on. His light can also blind the foe. This is something he uses to get more time to deal with the enemy, whether for attacking, fleeing or healing his allies. His healing is alright, but he is only able to use it on one ally at a time. He can fight physically too, that's what his large talons and sharp beak is for. Speed is a major asset of his, as is sheer attack power. He can't take too much damage on the other hand, otherwise there's trouble for him.

    Now that he has learned to stay out for extended periods of time, he has learned to fight alongside Sofiya. They have quite a few tactics together, one of them being that he covers himself in light and soars towards the enemy, effectively blinding them while Sofiya runs up and slashes them up. This is against enemies Sofiya would have harder time getting close to otherwise, and that need physical attacks to take them down.

        Spoiler:- Clicky:


    Normally Sofiya would have been all over getting to know the new recruits, but Terri’s “death” was a harsh blow to her, too. It’s only lately she has managed to get herself together, gradually going from hysterical and never sleeping to silently sad and… still never sleeping.

    Sigmund/Sig – One of the first people she met, and very nice. She considers him a good friend and very dependable, and is working hard on coming up with a new name to impress him. He has a cute Persona. Ike, a really, really cute Persona. Sofiya has secret urges to kidnap it and play dressup.

    Snow – Also one of her first and closest friends. She thinks of him as a little shy, and she feels he has certain girlishness in him; maybe that’s why she thinks she needs to protect him! She’s very proud of him making it into the band and very happy for him, always coming to watch and cheer in the concerts. She hasn’t talked with him lately all that much, and that’s definitely something she needs to cure.

    Miyuki/Miyumiyu – The shy girl she met in the library sometime after the first court. At first there was lots of awkwardness between them, but she feels like they’re really close now! Sofiya knows she’s shy, so she has wanted to help her get out of her shell, but now it seems like someone is doing a far better job at that than she. She’s happy for Miyuki but at the same, sort of afraid of losing her. They haven’t talked in a while, either… Is MiyuMiyu mad at her? Was it because she wasn’t much help against her Shadow? Sofiya fears to confront her and ask…

    Liza – She seems sort of reserved and shy, much like Miyuki. Her first impression on her, back when she emerged from under the library table was that she was really strange, but she doesn’t seem to be as spastic as back then now. The two haven’t really talked, though. Oh, her hair is cool!

    JP – She hasn’t interacted with him that much, and finds it tragic that only hours after spending time with him at the Mall, he got totally crushed in front of her eyes when… when Terri died. She feels awful for him, and the fact that he has distanced him from everyone has her worried. She is determined to cheer him up no matter what, partly because… well, if he keeps being sad over Terri’s death, Sofiya will never find it in herself to be able to push her own sad thoughts about the issue away. Maybe it’s time she put all her research to good use…

    Oh, he sucks with a knife. Almost like Mana. Maybe she should bring the two together for some commanding time at some point.

    Randy – He comforted her after the Shinai incident, so Sofiya sees him as a really Nice Guy ™. She loves his attitude, too; the boy seems to always be upbeat and energetic no matter what. Definitely something she aims to be able to do as well. He seems to get hurt a lot though. Maybe she should offer help with that.

    Wulfgard – Their coach couch! Trustworthy. Maybe. She hasn’t really seen him fight all that often. He’s still a jerk for letting her have a gun, though. Not that she has asked in a while…

    Shinai –The student council president who has lots of worries, it seems! The moment she saw him she knew someone had to help him, and who better to do that than her? He’s the reason she started her research the first place, and is set on showing him the results of all those nights she spent in front of her computer soon enough! Oh. He doesn’t seem to like bunnies. Or baking them. Strange.

    – After seeing him destroy Shadow Izzy with an immensely powerful (and cool) attack some Court back, Sofiya has had some level of admiration towards him and especially Alice; the girl seems so cute and innocent, maybe they should play together some time? Yet, even though Sofiya has some respect for Mana, she mainly considers him her student and is determined to be a good commander for him! She still hasn’t quite managed to figure out which level of strictness is okay, so the training sessions she holds with him can vary from “You did well! *pat pat*” to “How dare you call yourself a soldier? *whip whip* get up yer filthy *** – and then get down again, yay, exercise – and give me thirty! NOW.”

    She isn’t sure why Mana is so afraid confused very often.

    Clarise – The only new recruit she has really spent time with so far, she thinks of her as somewhat reserved and maybe a bit uptight, but still friendly. She’s convinced she can get her to have fun and smile properly if she just drags her out often enough.


    I think that’s everyone she knows… First impressions are pretty much everything for her, so since I didn’t know how the first interactions with the rest of cast would have went/would go, I figured not to include them, just in case I don’t end up contradicting myself later. Do note if I forgot someone Sofiya has met and talked with, though.
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