Decent episode.

But I had some issues with it: the competition seemed... full of cheating. I mean, the kid with Elgyem used psychic tricks to get advantage and just... got away with it. It doesn't matter he lost. He proceeded and didn't get any kind of actual punishment. While it's true it's different for the show, I don't think it was a smart move for this character since he is most likely a COTD.

Anyway, I'd say the good points such as Ash's and Iris' "cosplays" made the episode more interesting to watch. Actually, Ash and Iris moments were the saving grace of this episode IMHO.

Plus, the way Stephan won the match is ridiculous. His Litwick just suddenly felt in the mood to extinguish Ash's? That's lame IMHO

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anybody notice Brock's vest from season 1 - 6 made a cameo appearance?
Yeah, I noticed as well. Nice throw back!

Also, I'm glad seeing that Dawn's hat appeared as well.