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    Default SPPF Reading Club

    Hello everyone and welcome to Serebii's own Reading Club! Here we will talk about any reading material that comes to mind, ranging from fanfictions to books to magazines to poems to play scripts. Talk about your favorite or least favorite characters, major or minor. Talk about your favorite or least favorite authors. Talk about the themes of a book. If it has to do with literature, sign up.

    1. All SPPF Rules Apply
    2. No bashing books or members of the club.
    3. If you, or someone else, are posting a religious book do not go off into a rant about religion. Same goes for politics, science, and other "sensitive" subjects.
    4. If you really enjoyed a book offer a review, but not a summary, of the book.
    5. If you don't enjoy a particular genre or style of writing don't insult the member or author of that particular work.
    6. If posting a magazine, it must be academic in nature.
    7. Don't post with one liners.
    8: Rants are subject to an immediate three strikes.
    9. If you wish to join the club, fill out either sign-up form below.
    10. Have fun!

    Sign-Up Forms

    HTML Code:
     "You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me."~ [I]C. S. Lewis[/I]
    [B]Favorite Piece(s) of Literature[/B]:
    [B]Favorite Author(s)[/B]:

        Spoiler:- A book, like a landscape, is a state of consciousness varying with readers."~ Ernest Dimnet:

        Spoiler:- "You cannot open a book without learning something."~ Confucius:

    Strike Rules
    • One Strike: Warning
    • Two Strikes: Day Ban
    • Three Strikes: Week Ban
    • Four Strikes: Month Ban
    • Five Strikes: Permanent Ban

    Book Burners
        Spoiler:- Where books are burned, people will next be burned."~ Heinrich Heine:

    SUPPORT THE READING CLUB- Use this to support the club.
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