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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Rings, Chapter 1

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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Rings, Chapter 1

    Pokemon/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover

    Chapter 1: The First Adventure

    Ed's POV

    'Ka-Boom' Lightning struck in the distance. The depths of the ocean crept under my feet. "Brother don't let go!" I barely heard Al yelling from the frightful waves. Al grabbed my arm tighter than ever before.

    "I promise you, Al, I won't let go!" I yelled back to him, but I couldn't tell if he heard me or not. Suddenly a 50 feet wave sweep me into its sandy ocean floor!

    Eve's POV

    The storm outside raged, but all I could see was the flashes of lightning and the big 'Booms' afterwards. The sound crackled my ears. I tried to sleep comfortable on the bed that my mother made for me.

    Sorry to say, but my parents left me here. Why? Well they didn't just get up and leave without saying a word, that wouldn't be right! They went out for a mission a while back ago, and never returned.

    I searched Treasure Town for any sign of them, but turned up nothing. I asked the local workers, but they said they haven't seen any sign of them either. They trained, with pride, at the guild for many years before I was born. I've always wanted to join, but never had the courage to ask. I always thought they'd think I wasn't as good as my mom and dad and they would push me to the limit to want me to quit.

    After hours of millions of thoughts going through my mind I decided to ask. What's the worst that could happened? I ran through Treasure Town and then to the crossroads that connected everything together. I headed up at the crossroads to see a giant pink Wigglytuff with an iron gate underneath its huge eyes which was locked. I saw a trap on the ground. I knew not to step on it from what my parents told me.

    "Hey you!" A echo hollowed under the earth. I ran in fright to the beach not knowing how to react. The ocean high waves from the night before were overwhelming. I started to cry in terror, then I saw bubbles made from the Krabbies in the forest that lit up the sky. I closed my eyes remember the day my mom and dad left, which made me cry harder.

    I stood up wiping away my tears trying to forget my horrid memories. Suddenly, I see a Shinx lying on the sandy, damp ground. Huh, I think it was unconscious by the position he was in, facing the waves. I poked it not knowing if I should wake it up. "Hello?" I asked, but I wasn't answered. I tickled the unknown Shinx with my tail, but still nothing.

    "Tackle!" I ramped into him with my hard head. I knew that would wake him up if nothing else.

    "What the hell was that for?!" the pissed off Shinx screamed in anger. I didn't think he would be mad. It's a weak move that Pokémon start out with, I'm sorry.

    "I'm s..sorry! I j...just wanted to wake up." I stuttered and flinched hoping he wouldn't hurt me. When he stood up I saw a symbol on his left leg that was a snake on a cross with wings flying out of the crown on top. I thought that was a little odd.

    "Where am I? How did I get here? How am I talking to a dog?" He questioned. I guessed he lost his memory, but I wonder who is he, and what happened?

    I breathed in and out calming myself down. "You're a Shinx I found on the beach unconscious. I felt compelled to wake you up because I've never seen you before, and, of course, I can talk to you, you're a Pokémon! All Pokémon can talk to each other," I explained.

    "What?!" he looked at his reflection in the water. "What happened to me?! I'm a human not a BLUE DOG!" he yelled. I laughed because how could a human turn into a Pokémon that's impossible, but if this was a human was he going to capture me!? I started to shake uncontrollably. "My name is Edward Elric. It's just Ed for short, you don't have to be scared. What's the matter with you?" He gave me a dirty look.

    "My name is Eve." I skittishly said. He doesn't act like a human? Suddenly a Koffing knocked me on the ground. I looked up to see a Zubat flying beside it.

    "Hehehehe, we will happily accept this," they took my necklace lying on the ground. It had the Capricorn symbol, it's like a cursive capital N and a O on the loop. My mother gave it to me when I was younger. She told me to guard and protect it with my life. "You aren't going to do anything to us, now are you?" They asked laughing, and ran into Beach Cave.

    "Hey, bastards where do you think your going?" Ed roared then ran into the cave, I trailed close behind. How dare they take my necklace from me. Who do they think they are? Psycho lunatics that what they are, Grrr!

    I've been in this cave a billion times before with my parents. I played and trained with my parents protecting me every step of the way. I wish they were here now. *Sigh* The cave had Shellos, Corsola, and Kabuto running throughout. "Since this is a Mystery Dungeon, if you find the stairs you go up to the next floor. You go up and up untill you find the top. Zubat and Koffing are probably waiting for us, so get ready," I told Ed. He didn't say anything, but he must've been listening because he headed toward the stairs, and then headed to next floor.

    "How can I possibly defend myself as a dog?" Ed asked himself. He ran into a blue Shellos.

    "You just say what move you want than use it. Your moves might be different than mine. Every Pokémon has its own unique moves", I answered, "See watch, Tackle!" I bounced on top of the Shellos, and it fainted.

    He tried the next one. "Tackle," he ramped into a Corsolea. It fainted. "Ow, that hurt, it felt like I smashed into a rock."

    "That is because you did Coraslea is a rock and water type Pokémon." I said. "You'll get used to it." We reached the top, which was the floor 5. The Koffing and Zubat were waiting for us. "Give me my necklace back, thief!"

    "Hehehehe," they laughed. But there was nowhere they could run now, it was a dead end.

    "What are you laughing about? Tackle!" Ed smashed into the Koffing.

    "Tackle!" I smashed into Zubat.

    "How do you like this, Toxic!" the Koffing used on me. I felt sick, but I had to keep on fighting for that necklace was my life.

    "Leave us Shinx; you are not needed in this battle. This is between us and this little Eevee here, Wing attack!" The Zubat began to flap his wings rapidly; I was blown away by the blast.

    "No, this is between you Bastards and me!" Ed drew a strange-looking figure on the ground with his claws. I saw a big flash of blue light in front of my eyes, and I saw rocky spears being thrown at the thieves, but Ed was an Electric type. How was that possible. Maybe it's his special move?

    "Waaaaah," they screamed. They both were able to miss the attack, and ran back into the dungeon.

    "Here they dropped this," he handed me the necklace.

    "Do you have a Pecha berry? It would help cure my poison," I asked. My body felt like it was about to give up, and everything started to blur. "What did you do? How did you do a rock type move if..." 'Cough, cough' I wheezed. "...You're an electric type!"

    "I don't know. I just used my head!" Ed panicked, "Is this a Pecha berry?" It was half eaten. "I got hungry," he smiled with relief when I took it out of his paws.

    "Thank you!" I happily accepted the item. My heart rate started to calm down, and my vision slowly came back, "Let's go back; we got what we came for," he nodded, and then we headed back towards the beach.
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