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*Marco and that psychotic freak and the sadistic Scyther made this chapter something very intense. I definitely liked that, you really did a nice job of pouring some drama into things, they were all very villain-like in the sense you could really feel the antagonism within their characters.
Well, that's what I was trying for so I'm glad it worked out well. Thanks!

*Nuzleaf's evolution was simply epic, I never cared for the Shiftry family but your fic. somewhat has changed my opinion on it. I also loved the description about Shelton kissing Shiftry's nose.
Thanks again! I'm glad I was able to change your opinion. Shiftry started out being my favorite Pokemon when I started playing the Hoenn games a long time ago, but after I read up on what they're based on and how versatile they can be in battle, I was completely hooked

I enjoyed Shelton's snark comments this chapter, of course I usually enjoy Shelton's behavior XD It's not hard to tell she'll catch the Steelix next chapter given her allure toward it.
Well, Shelton is about 70% based off my wife, so a lot of the stuff she says in terms of wanting to verbally abuse Dorian, comes from real life. Well, maybe not 70% but pretty close haha

Thanks for taking the time to review, I'm glad you enjoyed it