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    Nov 2012


    Nobuangas Rayquaza
    Modest, Japanese OT 03172
    Dragon Pulse Ancient Power Outrage Dragon Dance

    Hasty , Japanese OT 4218
    Round Quick Attack Confusion Relic Song

    World2012 Pikachu - (Accidentally copied this and realized it ._. No stats since I dont have it)

    VGC12 Larvitar
    Adamant VGC12 03032
    Bite Leer Sandstorm Superpower

    Oblivia Defense Deoxys
    Quiet Oblivia 03060
    8/9/2011 ( Got this myself )
    Psycho Boost, Detect Counter Mirror Coat

    Oblivia Attack Deoxys
    Gentle Oblivia 03060
    8/9/2011, Got myself
    Psycho Boost Meteor Mash Superpower Hyperbeam

    PC Fukouka Kyogre (to replace the Pikachu I accidently copied)
    Shiny Bold Japanese OT 03172
    PC Fukuoka
    Ice Beam Ancient Power Water Sprout Thunder
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