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    About Brier

    Ramen, Petaya-Cranberry Juice, Shonen Manga, First Person Shooters, Cold Weather, Swimming

    Fangirls and Sportsfans (can't decide which is worse), Tomatos, Hard headed people who won't accept help at all

    Biography: Brier was born in the Hoenn city of Slateport which lead to his comfort in more industrialized area's of the world. However, due to his father's job as a Pokeologist; Brier's family was forced to move to a town located within the Johto Region. The city, very comparable to Hoenn's own Mawville save for the fact that it was far more natural. The city, called Kishito, was founded to provide power to the region while mantaining a harmony with nature. Now, due to his upbringing in Slateport, Brier was uneasy about his new surroundings. He was always quick to make friends but tenative to join them on any excapades. The first time he let his guard down and followed his friends into the forrest he became separated, which leads us to how he meet his partner.

    How Brier met Jitterz, or more accurately how he was saved: Brier was wandering in the woods near the plant, when suddenly a massive windstorm violently picked up. The wind was so strong that it was able to lift Brier off of the ground and send him flying. Now with the way the plant and the surrounding area was built, out-going power lines ran through the forest just even with the canopy, which happend to be in the direction in which Brier was flung.

    Joltik, being a electricity lover, was positioned on the power line and saw what was flying towards him. Due to his nature he was overcome with the need to do something, so instictively he made a spider web to catch Brier.

    Brier's Pokemon

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    Brier's Inventory:
    Electric Starter Pack
    x1 Backpack
    x1 Pokédex
    x1 Berry Bag
    x1 Pokéblock Case

    Brier's Coin Total
    0 coins
    Brier's Candy Total
    Rare Candy

    Brier's Berries
    x1/2Rabuta Berry
    x1Rawst Berry/Tomato Berry/Coba Berry/Weaper Berry/Leppa Berry/Lum Berry/Kebia Berry

    x1 Fast Ball
    x10 Pokeball
    x1 Premier Ball

    Hold Items:
    x1 Magnet

    Brier's Cards
        Spoiler:- Cards:
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