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    Pokemon Rangers! Protectors of peace, Protectors of pokemon all over the world! 4 Years after Team Plasma split up, A pokemon Ranger academy opened up in Aspertia City. Then aa pokemon ranger base opened up in a secret location elsewhere in the unova region. Team Plasma are still battling with each other and have become stronger than ever before. 5 people are about to enrol at thr Ranger Academy. If they pass their tests they will train with elite rangers to become real Pokemon Rangers and save Unova from the raging terrors that are Team Plasma.

    Rules :
    All sppf rules apply
    Dont spam
    Try your best at this RP please!
    Have fun!

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    "All sppf rules apply"

    Like the RPG Rules? Because surely you've read them, seeing as how you're following just about NONE of them.

    Closed. Because Rules.

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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