Madra, The Talon Gates

Morgana's hand fell to the hilt of her sword at the sight of Thamien's wolves. She did not fear the Simic Combine, not with her power. But she disliked them. Though the abilities they had given her had been useful over the years, the fact remained those gifts had been given without her knowledge. To know the half-elf had consorted with them in some manner did not ease her distrust.

Rimuel glanced around. Something wasn't right. He observed as Claire confronted Rckaird, and her words stunned him. He immediately tried to grasp into the ether and walk between worlds, but as she said, it was gone. Beside him, Morgana tried the same, and also failed.

"What is this?" he murmured aloud.

"Something powerful," Morgana answered. "And something new. I've never encountered anything capable of something like this before." That in itself was terrifying. They were used to always having an escape route. If confronted by something too powerful even for their myriad abilities, they could jump into the worlds and escape. But now, whatever had taken that escape from them had the group at its mercy. The two looked around, trying to spot whatever had done it. And then they came into view. The five creatures soaring towards them from the horizon.

"Dragons," Morgana snarled. She had met dragons, and she had fought them. She had been to Jund, and faced them there. On several other dark and distant planes, she had confronted dragons and had fought them. Even with her enhanced physical abilities and command of magic, all had been gruelling, tough battles. Were these the beings who had snatched their power to Planeswalk away? If so, how, and why?

"Dragons," Rimuel repeated with an air of awe. He had more rarely seen dragons. There were some on Mirrodin, but they were few and far between. He had once fought one, but that had been a Phyrexian nightmare, dragged into the hell of compleation and set loose on the world as an insane terror. These beings were different. That much he could tell. Pinnacles of strength, and age. They were ancient beings, yet their age had not seemed to weaken them. As the dragons descended and encircled them, he regarded them at a closer distance, admiring them for their grace and apparent power.

Morgana was not so easily impressed, nor was she amused as Lance spoke up.

"I speak only for myself," Lance said with a smirk. "But indeed, I alone fought the enemy Planeswalker."
"And while he speaks only for himself, I shall speak for myself and say that while he confronted the Planeswalker, we were busy dealing with that Planeswalker's host of minions," she snapped. "I wish to know, are you the ones who have taken our power to Planeswalk? If so, why?" She paused. "And perhaps more importantly, why have you summoned us here? Your accuracy aside, I wish to know what urgent matter stirred you to gather us on this plane."