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Thread: Official Favorite Series Thread

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    Lightbulb Official Favorite Series Thread

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the only thread you can discuss and (civilly) debate about your opinions about the Pokemon anime's, somewhat "distinct", halves.

    These distinct halves are commonly known as "OS" (Original Series) and Post-Johto. As you may have seen, we've implemented a new banned topic concerning the discussion of this seemingly endless debate over which one is better. This is the ONLY thread in which you may discuss and perhaps even divulge into some kind of light-hearted debate over the issue.

    Now, some ground rules:

    1: Obviously all forum-wide and Pokemon Anime Section rules apply.
    2: Respect other's opinions. It is obvious we have distinct groups of people who think one series is better than the other. You MAY NOT attack said people about their opinion. However, you may ask them to elaborate their reasonings and have friendly, negative arguments about it (aka debate). ONLY participate in a debate if you are willing to DEFEND your ideas and reasoning. If you believe it's a matter of taste, then debate is not for you. However, this is not a debate thread - it's only being restrictly allowed here because I know there are a few jumping out of their pants to debate it.
    3. No bashing of characters, human or Pokemon, or events. There's a difference between saying, since I KNOW it will come up, "Misty did virtually nothing in comparison to (name of other girl) because X, Y, and Z" and "Misty sucked because X, Y, Z". One is a statement and the other is an attack.
    4. Explain your opinions. If you believe one series is better than another, you need to give a reason. There is a lot of material in the anime, you MUST have a reason. "Just liking it" will prompt those itching for a debate to ask you to elaborate, and because it's in these rules, I'm allowed to infract you. If you really have no reason, answering the poll shall suffice.
    5. Don't complain about the poll choices. I didn't put "don't watch the series" because that's silly in this forum.
    6. And of course, do not make other threads concerning this topic. It's sticky, it's got a handy-dandy poll, and it'll soon be stuffed with both side's reasonings. There is now no reason to open another topic about this in any shape or form.

    I will be in the thread debating as well, so remember, if you guys screw this up and I have to close this thread, the discussion will be allowed no where. Enjoy, have fun!
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