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Thread: Official Favorite Series Thread

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    Ok, here's my ranking:

    1) Advance Generation
    I find this series the most balanced of the bunch. It has Ash as a quite competent trainer and with a bit of personality (he was shown as cocky since he acknowledged his past achievements and I liked that), May is my favorite girl since she had great dynamics with her brother Max and introduced Contests and Brock had still a good role in the group. I loved the League and the pacing was good. Also, it has one of the most epic matches ever (at least to me): Charizard vs. Articuno.

    2) Diamond and Pearl
    I simply loved how Ash was shown as a competent trainer. He seemed to really know what he was doing. I really enjoyed his rivalry with Paul and the battles were excellent and full of strategies. What I didn't like was that Brock seemed almost non-existent and I wasn't really fond with Dawn and Piplup at the beginning of the series.

    3) Kanto
    I began with the beginning, so I'm quite fond with that series. It was quite humorous and had a lot of interesting stories. Also, the characters had a lot of... character. XD The battles weren't great, but I don't complain. They had just started after all, so I forgive them for that.

    4) Orange Island
    I liked the originality of the series, since it wasn't based on any game and I liked the original Gym matches and the champion Drake. But other than that, I don't remember much about this series. It simply didn't stick much for me.

    5) Best Wishes
    I like the animation and the personalities of the characters. However, I'm not too fond to the rest. I find the series quite messy and too fast-paced, in all honesty.

    6) Johto
    You may say that kids follow the show because we can see monsters fighting. Well, I was a kid back then and I grew bored fast with a lot of episodes. Also the fights weren't that great, even if they significantly improved from Kanto (the League was really good, though).

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    DP, then Kanto.

    It was DP afterall that brought me back into watching Pokemon again. Loved the interaction between Satoshi and Hikari and Hikari is an awesome Pokegirl, my most favorite by far. The DP movies were great too. Keep in mind that I didn't watch the dub because at that point I disliked dubbed anime.

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    BW2 is the best series so far. BW, however, was made of massive amounts of fail.

    I picked Sinnoh, because Ash was clever and had it not been for Tobias, he would have probably won the league.

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    I like Hoenn and also Sinnoh but well I only can vote for one, so I voted for Hoenn..
    Hoenn being that it's the starting point of something new, namely contest were being introduced which was really cool and Sinnoh due to the great rivalry between ash and Paul. Also in my opinion the characters in Hoenn and Sinnoh are more well developed plus the great storyline.

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    I watched every single episode of the Indigo League all the way through the end of the Hoenn saga. I stopped watching at ''The Scheme Teem'' and have never watched any episodes since, so I cannot judge the other arcs, although, they do look a bit worse than the ones I have seen. My favorite would have to be the Indigo League.

    1. I grew up with this season, as well as all the original 150 Pokemon. I got a Gameboy Pocket and Blue Version, as well as some packs of Pokemon Cards when I was 8 years old. I started watching the anime ever since the first episodes in America, and I was hooked.

    2. I love the trio of Ash, Misty and Brock. I don't like how they switched up the group almost every season, but did not replace Ash or Brock (he was only absent for Orange Islands and Unova). I would have rather had them replace all main characters every time or just keep the original trio, exploring each new region together.

    3. I loved how the episodes in the first season had a LOT of Japanese references and the animation was basic, yet very good IMO. I don't like how Pokemon has become overly Americanized with the anime. The games have essentially stayed the same, not sure about the TCG because does that still exist?, and the anime has just changed a lot.

    4. The raw emotion of the characters and Pokemon were incredible, which was lost in later seasons.

    Honestly, I though the Orange Islands arc was pointless and I did not enjoy really any of it, except for maybe a few episodes. It was basically an entire filler season, while waiting for G/S/C to be properly introduced. It's evident even more so because there have never been a mention of The Orange Islands in anywhere else except for the anime, which bugs me.

    The Johto arc had it's ups and downs. At first, I thought it was going to be awesome, but there were SO many fillers, and pointless fillers at that, that it kept be very bored and uninterested. It dragged out way to long honestly. I did like some of the battles and Johto Pokemon, and the Silver Conference was pretty cool as well. Charizard VS Blaziken was epic. Overall though, too many fillers and the character and plot development was very poor. If there was ever a stale point in the anime, it was Johto.

    The Hoenn arc was actually awesome IMO. I loved the R/S games, and I thought it was awesome that Ash basically started over and left all his Pokemon from Kanto/Orange Islands/Johto with Oak, and started fresh with only his starter Pokemon, Pikachu. It felt like the very first time Ash left Kanto with only Pikachu. I liked how he had to capture all new Pokemon and build and raise a team. I loved the clothes of Ash and Brock in Hoenn as well. Brock returning after only a few episodes into the arc was a good move, and I loved how he left all his Pokemon from Kanto/Johto behind and only took Forretress. Max was kind of annoying and pointless most of the arc, but he didn't bother me that much. May was cool, and I loved how Ash fried her bike in the first episode, like he did with Misty in the first episode of Pokemon. The battles were awesome, and I loved Ash's team this season, which may have been the only time I ever liked his team. I think it's lame to have Ash always get all 3 starters, and Hoenn was the only time that he didn't. The gym battles were all good except for Roxanne, IMO. The Hoenn League was decent.

    Overall, I think the Anime's biggest downfall is that it is never-ending, because with each new Pokemon region introduced in each new game, the anime will follow. I feel like they need to get rid of Team Rocket completely, I cannot believe how they never have been replaced, and I can't believe how no one is sick of them. I don't like how Ash apparently does not age at all, he was 10 during the very first episode where he left Pallet with Pikachu, and he is 10 during the Unova saga too, apparently. It just makes it seems that the anime has no real story, like it's just there to make money or they are afraid to cancel it, ever since the start of Advanced Generation, it just seems like they are wiping the slate clean with each new region and forgetting everything from past seasons. I also refuse to watch the horrible English dub for Pokemon, so I am sure it's even worse in America nowadays.

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    Favorite: OS/Orange Islands
    Least Favorite: DP/Sinnoh

    Favorite to Least Favorite: OS/OI (Loved It/Excellent) --> OS/Johto (Oh blah, blah, BLAH-- filler this, filler that, no one gives a crap-- I Liked It/Awesome) --> AG/Hoenn (Pretty good, but hated the character replacement trend it started) --> OS/Kanto (The original and still good after all these years-- it holds up really well and I still love it) --> AG/Battle Frontier (Okay...Kinda boring, but okay) --> BW/Unova (Writers don't know WTF they are doing) ---> DP/Sinnoh (Epitome of boring for me, and way too dull and monotone-- characters aren't relatable and in fact come off as really shallow and self-centered to me)

    Quote Originally Posted by Geki View Post
    Overall, I think the Anime's biggest downfall is that it is never-ending, because with each new Pokemon region introduced in each new game, the anime will follow. I feel like they need to get rid of Team Rocket completely, I cannot believe how they never have been replaced, and I can't believe how no one is sick of them. I don't like how Ash apparently does not age at all, he was 10 during the very first episode where he left Pallet with Pikachu, and he is 10 during the Unova saga too, apparently. It just makes it seems that the anime has no real story, like it's just there to make money or they are afraid to cancel it, ever since the start of Advanced Generation, it just seems like they are wiping the slate clean with each new region and forgetting everything from past seasons.
    I have to agree with you 100% on this one.

    Oh, I'm VERY sick of Team Rocket myself. Just seeing them makes me sick to my stomach. :/

    Quote Originally Posted by RealRaymon View Post
    The OS are the best. I enjoyed watching them back then, it brings me good memories, it`s classic...Ash`s original team... then butterfree left, primeape, pidgeot, charizard, squirtle and bulbasaur(I know that he used them but it was never the same)
    johto series were not good for me(except the silver conference championship)

    Liked Hoenn because of May, really)
    Sinnoh were too long and I didn`t like seein Darkrai and Latios in battle
    Black and white ruined Brock, attacks(for example pikachu`s quick attack, iron tail and thunderbolt look awful)
    and I am sure(unfortunately)that ash won`t recall his old pokemon in championship

    So...OS and AG
    This guy knows what's he's talking about, IMO.
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    OS > BW ( Dont judge , some bw episode make me laugh( of course there no team rocket in it ) and i don't remember where the last time i laugh when i watch pokemon = Johto ( what ever it is filler or not is good and i like it ) > AG ( May Rivarly and character development so ash character make this saga enjoyable even some episode is bad)> DP ( I like this saga where ash is more competent but i just cant stand some of rival , and some of rival made debut in anime so late ( ursula , i wish her beat dawn once at least ) and mary zoey i just dont like her since i considered her as dawn main rival
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    I like the Sinnoh series best, so I voted for Sinnoh.
    - I liked how Ash was shown as a mature trainer, he actually used strategies in battles.
    - His rivalry with Paul was intersting and their battles were awsome.
    - Dawn's contests were a nice sub-plot.
    -The Team galactic saga was epic.
    - Cynthia was awsome.
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    1. The Battle Frontier-The BF is my favorite series. Most of the episodes interest me and the battles were really great. I also like that May and her rivals got a little more focus than in Hoenn. Also Charizard and the other older Pokemon returned.

    2. DP-My 2nd favorite series. Dawn and Paul were introduced, this series had the best battles, and the character development and plots were awesome.

    3. Hoenn-This would be my 3rd favorite series. I enjoyed most of the episodes, especially later in the series. The battles were pretty good and also May's contest sidequest was introduced.

    4. Kanto-This series was pretty good. There was lots of humor and Charizard starred in a lot of battles. Most of the battles weren't really that great though.

    5. BW2: EN- A pretty good mini series. It introduced N and Team Plasma into the anime and was a little more plot driven than BW, BW2 and BW DA!. The battles though were also a little better than those 3 series, but they still weren't that good imo.

    6. Orange Islands-A pretty cool idea for a filler arc, but I don't really remember much about it.

    7. Johto-I didn't really like Johto that much at all tbh. There were too many boring filler episodes, which got me bored of the series and the battles weren't that great either. Both Misty and Brock just stood in the background doing nothing and we barely had any character development episodes. The League and the Whirl Cup tournaments were pretty good though.

    8. BW-I don't like it at all for most of the reasons I listed in Johto. Also Ash gets regressed to a horrible level. The TR vs TP episodes also got banned indefinitely and we never got to see the Team Plasma and N from the BW1 games, which was better than BW2 Team Plasma imo.

    9. BW2-I didn't like anything about this series. The Junior cup, the league, and Dawn's cameo were horribly handled. The battles were also awful and were way too rushed.

    10. BW2A!-This is the worst series imo. It's mostly boring filler imo and most of the reasons that I've listed for the last 3 series apply here as well.

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    I voted Sinnoh. I think up until Sinnoh each series kept getting better. All of the characters were more mature and episodes were just great fun even when they had no events of consequence in them. Dawn is my favourite of the female companions, May's second - I really enjoyed the contests. I feel like they need to make a comeback.

    BW was a bit of a hiccup in my opinion but eventually it made up for it, recurring characters like Stephan who is my favourite from BW, then in Cynthia's villa with Dawn's return and Operation Tempest all was forgiven.
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    when will the Kalos Region be an option?

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    While Sinnoh's regional pokemon are definitely the worst ever , those 3 seasons were the best. Great characters, great pokemon, great league.

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    ASH’S AGEING IN POKÉMON (My Ideal Timeline)

    Kanto Region: 4 Months (10)
    Orange Islands: 4 Months (10)
    Johto Region: 1 Year (10-11-11)

    Hoenn Region: 1 Year (11-12-12)
    Battle Frontier: 4 Months (12)
    Sinnoh Region: 1 Year & 4 Months (13-13-13-14)

    Unova Region: 10 Months (15-15-“15”)
    Decolore Islands: 2 Months (“15”)
    Kalos Region: Possibly 1 Year (16)

    •The numbers in parenthisis is Ash’s Age per season;
    •From DP to BW there is a Undefined Timeskip;
    •Each “American Season” equals 4 months (1/3 of a Year);

    •The “15” resembles Ash’s Age in the 2 parts of the 16th Season:

    2 months for “BW:Adventures in Unova”
    2 months for “BW:Adventures in Unova and Beyond”

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