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Thread: Yu-Gi-Oh GX FanFiction: Falling For Zane Truesdale.

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    Default Yu-Gi-Oh GX FanFiction: Falling For Zane Truesdale.

    Meet Clara Tomoe.

    Name: Clara Tomoe.

    Height: 5'9''.

    Hair: Mahogany Brown.

    Eyes: Hazel.

    Age: 16-years-old.

    Dorm: Obliesk Blue.

    Personality: Beautiful, Shy, Kind, Caring, Sweet.

    Deck: Beasts, Earth, Warrior, Fighting, Flying, Fairy, Spell Casters.

    Friends: Jaden, Syrus, etc. etc.

    Crush: Zane Truesdale.

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    First and foremost, welcome to Serebii's fanfic community! If you haven't already, please don't forget to check out our rules.

    That said, I'd hate to say this, but character profiles are not fanfics. There's no real story being told through them, so they really don't belong by themselves in the parts of the fic community where one would post their actual stories (such as this forum).

    Please note that although you can post character profiles, you must post some part of your actual story within fifteen minutes of starting a thread. Otherwise, it's considered spam, which tends to be looked down upon around these parts.

    Thank you!

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