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Thread: Godzilla 2: Reign of MG1(upcoming fanfic preview)

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    Default Godzilla 2: Reign of MG1(upcoming fanfic preview)

    Rushing into the room, Doctor Serizawa slammed the door open, to see Admiral Stenz staring at footage of recent ‘Godzilla’ sightings in a dark room filled with photos of ‘Godzilla’ and the M.U.T.O.s.

    “Stenz, Gojira has just made landfall at Panama! People are dying as I speak, get jets there now!” Serizawa shouted, tossing a blurry photo of Godzilla making his way towards the Panama Canal, to Stenz.

    Pausing the footage, Stenz picked up the photo and stared at it briefly before pinning it onto the wall next to a photo of Godzilla’s most recent appearance near Brazil.

    “Calm down, doctor, there are probably jets headed there now…We have a more…interesting topic to discuss.” Stenz replied, walking towards a locked side door.

    Placing his hand on a hand-print scanner, Stenz gestured for Serizawa to follow him. Hesitantly, Serizawa followed Stenz into the dark room.

    “As you can see, mister Serizawa, we have everything under control.” Stenz said proudly, staring out a large window.

    Serizawa walked over to the window, staring into a huge, dark room filled with cranes, bars, steel plates, and construction workers. The room looked big enough to hold Godzilla himself…

    However, what was being constructed was the most interesting part of the room. Right in the center, there was a massive metal skeleton shaped like a foot, with steel plates being placed over the ‘skeleton’, creating something increasingly dangerous…

    “Stenz…what have you done…”
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