Sakura just got done with finished up the last patient of her shift of the ER Room. She was walking home. While she was a walking. She was thinking about what Sasuke said after he poked her forehead.

[Flash Back}

Sakura asked, "Before you leave me. I want to asked you a question okay?"

Sasuke smiled and said, "Sure."

Sakura asked, "Why did you say' That I had large Charming forhead and it makes you want to kiss it?' "

Sakura didn't expect the reaction from Sasuke cause Sasuke was laughing.

Sasuke said, "I never said that. When did 'I' said that to you?"

Sakura replied, "After our team assignment at lunch."

Sasuke started laughing hard and said, "I always wonder why that Idiot jumped me and disguise himself as me. Now I know."

Sakura was shocked.

Sasuke said, " I only think of you Sakura as my sister from now on. The reason. I poke your forehead is the same way my Brother show his love to me as a brother. Beside I always had a crush on Hinata Hyugga."

{Flash Back End]

Now Sakura came back to reality. She fell ill cause what she said to that 'Sasuke'. She almost fell over cause she was disgust with herself but the new Hokage Kakashi caught her.

Kakashi said, "I guess you finally found out about that day?" with a eye smile.

Sakura was shocked and asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Kakashi replied, "You didn't ask." with his eye smile grow a bit.

Sakura get a tick mark on her forehead and Chase her former Sensei.

Kakashi thought to himself, 'Unless with Naruto and Sakura kids will be handful.'

Sakura said, "Thanks for getting my mind off feeling disgust I felt. Sensei."

Sakura flicked Kakashi's headband off of his and poke her two fingers to his forehead.

She ran off to find Naruto.

Iruka and Naruto was at Ichiraku Ramen. Sakura pulled Naruto from his half eaten bowl of Ramen. Naruto was shock at Sakura is doing before Naruto could reaction. Sakura grabbed Naruto's head make her forehead against Naruto's lips and she said, "You did said that you want to kiss my Large Charming Forehead. I know you won't do it on your willingly. So I took that from you." Before Naruto speak. Sakura kissed Naruto on his lips.

After Sakura pulled away. Naruto asked, "Why did you just kissed me?"

Sakura giggled and replied, "Why won't I want to kissed My future Husband. I was approved by your father away." end the statement with a smile.

Kakashi said, "By the way Naruto.Tthe Former Kages of all the village want you to become the 7 Hokage."

Sakura and Naruto face turn from Shock to Emberassment and angry to ruining their first Moment as a couple.

Tsunade was watching from her Grandfather's and Granduncle's compound. She shook her head. She wondering where is Orochimaru and Kabuto at?

END of the Chapter 700.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Six years and one month. At Hospital Sakura was walking from her appointment to see what her and Naruto kids would be. She found out that she's gonna have one daughter and one son.

Ino and Chouji is gonna have the two kids as well. Ino and Sakura tease that their kids would be rivals/bestfriends like they were. They'll make sure to go for the right guy/gal instead of the most popular. Ino asked, "What are you guys going to named your kids?"

Sakura said, "Both me and Naruto. Don't want to named our kids after two drunks like Jiraiya or Tsunade. Naruto want to name our son Haku to due our first real mission. That got me think of Lady Chiyo. Even though she was Lady Tsunade's rival. She taught me allot in the short time. So I think will go with those two names.
Chiyo Uzumaki and Haku Uzumaki"

Ino said, "Sasuke and Hinata are having Triplets. Boruto, Salada and Himawari."

Few years later Boruto, Sarada and Himawari having trouble with the teachers due to that actions of Sasuke that led to Fourth Ninja war. While Iruka took over as Headmaster of Academy.

Haku asked, "Mommy Why did you and daddy name me Haku?"

Sakura replied, "Your father pick your name due to a old friend of his that was once an enemy of ours. We'll take you and your sister there."

Chiyo said, "That Grandpa Kakashi? Uncle Sasuke? Were heroes in the Land of the Waves?"

Sakura giggled and asked, "Do you have a crush on?" At at question. Chiyo's face turn red and mumbled, "Bolt-kun."

Sakura mumbled to herself, "Now that MY Daughter fall in love with a Uchiha like I did."