Thanks so much for the comments! That chapter was really hard to write and I'm not sure if it was the content or more my state of mind, but I basically had to chain myself to my chair to finish it XD So I was very interested to see if I managed to keep that from coming across.

I lol'd at that. And at the earlier sentence about his white shoes and the mud. You have a neat talent about describing these little characteristics that I seriously doubt I would have usually thought of. I just don't think about things like that, and the fact that you do really make for a fun read.
Eusine's been a very enjoyable character for me to include here. I definitely want to work with him more.

However, the fact that the word darkness was used three times in pretty rapid succession kinda bothered me. It didn't take away from the imagery at all, but I find myself stumbling over the word for a moment. I might replace one of the darkness's with blackness, but besides that I don't have a suggestion for anything to replace it with.
Hmmm. You know I don't like umm... I guess you could call it non-purposeful repeatition when a synonym could be used, but in this case, I'm going to have to defend this, because it is purposeful repetition and because it's refering to the same thing again to give more information about it. So it would feel weird to me to switch one for a synonym like blackness. I'm probably not really explaining myself well X_x sorry.

That may be one of the best explanations for underage drinking that I have ever read. Like speeding up when the light turns yellow instead of slowing down.
I'm really glad to hear that bit worked out because I'm a non-drinker and I don't have a great frame of reference for drinking in general, let alone underaged drinking.

Wow, I have to say that this has been my favorite chapter so far. I'm not sure if it was the teen angst that Morty was experiencing (that I myself have been privy too), the wonderful dialogue and witty observations, or even the inclusion of Falkner (which I enjoyed) It ran the right length, was well written (as always), and opened up more about Morty than I thought I would have been capable of seeing. Not only that but the way you've painted Eusine turns him into pretty much a huge pompous *** with good intentions. Obviously I'll be around for the next installment, and I hope it comes soon
I'm glad it's remaining interesting even though Gastly's not around. I was really looking forward to being able to work with characters like Eusine and Falkner, and it's a bit of a relief from the ghost stuff, which won't be gone for very long.

I really do want to get back to working on this thing. I think I just let it slip away from me for a minute there because I was frustrated with it. I have to work on something else first, but I'll probably have the next chapter of this out before I work on anything for any other Pokemon fics. ...Probably XD

Thanks so much for reading!