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  • A Full Eved Section

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Thread: Shinyunbreon Trade Shop

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    Default Shinyunbreon Trade Shop

    My Side Of The Shop

    Friend Code
    Black One 0948 1837 4215
    Ot Killian

    I can now wifi trade again expect a massive update tonight in events and the format of my part of the shop

        Spoiler:- Rules Please Read:

        Spoiler:- Whitelist:

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:

    I offer Hack checking,Eving,Cloning,Ev wiping And move tutoring
    Services form

        Spoiler:- Form:

    I mainly collect Events and ill be updating this over the coming weeks i have all common events genesect keldeo ect so dont offer for the moment

        Spoiler:- Wants:


        Spoiler:- Trophy Case:

        Spoiler:- Korean:

        Spoiler:- Dream World:

        Spoiler:- Events:

    Flawless and Semi Flawless
        Spoiler:- Gen 1:

        Spoiler:- Gen 2:

        Spoiler:- Gen 3:

        Spoiler:- Gen 4:

        Spoiler:- Gen 5:
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