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Interested in your two Bullet Train Pokemon, please CMT for anything you may trade them for.
i would like for them
Aura Mew (GERMAN)***
UT level 10, Brave, OT Aura, ID 20078 (from Hoenn)

VGC2012 Larvitar (FLAWLESS) (shiny event)***
UT level 5, Adamant, OT VGC12, ID 03032
Holding Chople Berry

also if theres anything else you want comment here for

- Mew (PokéPark, Taiwan)
UT Level 30, Careful, OT (Japanese), ID 60510
From Hoenn

-DOEL Deoxys (Netherlands Event)
UT level 70, Impish, OT DOEL, ID 28606

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i can trade you year of dragon swablu and horsea for dw guidebook porygon and Shinsegae Munchlax
i dont think thats fair i think the munxlax is worth 2 year of the drgon events