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    Default Thais's Agora

    the rules:
    1) All serebii Trade rules apply here.
    2) Please do not offer me any hacks. RNGing and clones are fine
    3) Be polite
    4) Use proper English please.
    5) No is an acceptable answer if i do not find your trade acceptable. Please don't take it personally.
    6) i am all for fair trades, if its not on my want list but you feel you have something of equal value, feel free to make me an offer.
    7) no i don't want your level 2 patrat for my legendary. please only give me serious offers.
    8)if i accidently trade you a hack i will trade you back what ever pokemon you offered for it and i will immediately take it off my shop

    What i have::

        Spoiler:- what i have:

    What i want    Spoiler:- what i want:

    My Ratios:     Spoiler:- RATIOS:

    My services (things i do that i also offer in this shop other then just trading for pokemon)    Spoiler:- services:
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