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    Just posted! Whew. Had to finish a signup for another RPG before my reservation expired. And don't get mad at me because it's another Persona RPG.

    Oddly enough, I'm not really under the impression that the RPG's dying. I just think many people are busy with other stuff. School recently started for many people, for instance. I think the current pace is fine, as long as we don't go more than a few days without a post.

    And I'm almost as surprised by the tardiness of contest entries as Zincspider is. Really? Only two submissions got in before the official deadline? Huh.

    I also honestly think the reason why there was so much side stuff going on in OP's discussion thread was because of Jean Grey. Seriously, every time she's in an RPG with a discussion thread, she just loves to create fun side things with the characters--TV tropes, avatars, food-for-thought questions, pairings... I've seen it a bunch of times. And I kinda liked it, actually.

    Hahahaha, interesting fic with the wolves, Zinc. I'm still a little shaky on the concept, but that's probably just me. I imagine it'll become clearer as the rest is written. I really like how you portrayed Randy though... For some reason I like Randy when he's all ominous. And obsessed with ketchup, lol.

    And back to the RPG itself, I, too, am really looking forward to what this meeting with Testa/Wulfgard-sensei (not really sure who, as people have been saying both) will entail. I really think the group is in dire need of knowing more stuff about the Court.

    ~ Poyo! c(-'.'-)c *wave* Hiiiiiii!

    P.S. OMG I just realised something. Zincspider's nickname for me in this RPG is Kirby. My character is called Halberd. COINCIDENCE?

    (Of course, what I just said makes no sense if you're unfamiliar with either Kirby Super Star or Super Smash Bros. Brawl.)
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