Well, for what's worth, my PC has two 500 gigabytes hard drives, and while I had used about 350 ggs worth of my "main" hard drive, my secondary one is largely unused, so I MAY be able to use my second one to back everything in my main one before formatting it amd hopefully fixing it. Luckily or not, I installed AC Revelations and ME3 there, so at least those games should remain untouched, and my other games such as Skyrim and Fallout were installed with Steam so I think I could get my old saves through Cloud storage even if I ended up loosing them, so my losses may be mostly covered here.

I am going to loose all the random crap I accumulated over my long years of internet prowling and random stuff I had no intention of backing up, though. Those will still be missed.

Sorry for the spamming... But it does seem contagious. First IF, then the both of us...
The plague. It spreads.