Alright guys, I have something to admit here.
For the past four years, my dad has been fighting cancer.
Two hours ago, he died.
It's in the past few months it's been getting worse, and it finally killed his liver and kidneys.

For a while now, I haven't been able to think straight, I haven't been able to sleep well... but I think it happened the best way it could.
He dropped me off at school on Monday and I could tell something was wrong. This morning I got called to the hospital. When I got there, he was sleeping, gasping for air. I talked to him the best I could but he couldn't hear me.
Right before he passed though, his eyes opened, and he finally saw I was there. That was the last time I saw him breathe.
That's all I wanted. I knew this was a long time coming. I just wanted him to know I was there to the end and loved him.

I'm not going to get to posting right away guys. I'm still torn up.
But I just wanted to come straight with you, even though I've been feeding you bullcrap like 'school work' or something.

Thanks for listening.