Liza Monroe
Following Shinai Haitani in the Hallway

It had been a simple matter to sneak out of the class room. As this 'Amissa' introduced herself, Shinai was focused on her alone. All she had to do was slip out the open door while the class was distracted. She wasn't completely sure why she was compelled to.

Maybe it was the girl? She seemed familiar. Or maybe it was Shinai's sudden change in personality. Or reversion is more like it. He was more like his old self. He seemed... happy. And clean. Either way, something in the pit of her stomach knew that she had to follow him. Intuition. Reporter's Intuition!... or Snoop's Intuition, but she preferred to think it was the first.

Soon after Shinai walked out of the room, Liza's cover was almost blown, by a large shout from none other than Jerk Pants. Just got back and already making things difficult for her... typical. But Shinai didn't turn around to face the insult, he simply sighed, and kept going, the new girl at his side completely silent.

“Mas- I mean, Shinai. That man seems to think little of you. Does this bother you?” The girl was the first to speak up. Her voice was monotonous, something Liza tried not to think much of, given her own habit of not displaying how she felt.

“No. I think I... deserved it.” Shinai admitted, begrudgingly. 'Well, put that one down in the record books.' Liza though, 'Shinai admitting he's wrong... hmm... although, I barely know the guy. Maybe he's not as conceited as I thought.'

Her targets were regrettably quiet the whole trip back to the student council room. Liza followed them the entire way until the door closed behind them, locking her out of the hunt. She was left with almost nothing to show for it. Save for a sentence each. Maybe if she put her ear to the door, she could still eavesdrop on them.

Yes. She could hear bits of the conversation. It seemed that Shinai was talking...

“How's your eye? Are you going to be alright?”

“Yes. The surgery was well done enough... It will take time, but it should make a full recovery eventually.”

“Good... it's a delicate thing to work with. And nerve wracking at that. I'm sorry for any pain it might have caused you.”

“Do not worry. I felt nothing. I was not active at the time. Neither was sh-”

Liza had heard enough. There was nothing here. Just a bit of chatter between the two. She felt disappointed, but it happens. Not everything was a big secret.

The meeting would likely be over by the time she got back to the classroom. She should probably just get back to class.


Turning around, Liza spotted something shining on the ground. Making sure no one else was around, she tip toed over to it and clicked it open.

“Well... damn.” Inside the right side was a picture of Amissa. No... not Amissa. The little inscription on the left said “Assua”. But they looked almost identical. Amissa's hair was a bit longer, and she was unnaturally thin, but there was no denying the similarities.

“Where is it!? It was in my pocket a second ago!”

Shinai was yelling from the student council room. Sounds of things being tossed every which way could be heard clearly. Liza closed the locket and placed it back on the ground. It was best they never know she was there. She had been right all along. Something was fishy here. Who was this girl? Who was Assua? She looked familiar... maybe someone from her old school? Before Bellow High? She'd need a resource for it.

Liza began to walk to class, ignoring the sounds of someone walking out of the room behind her and picking up the locket and returning without a word.

She had an old year book at home. She'd go and check it out this afternoon, see if she could find out something. But that was far across town, she'd need someone to come with her...

Randy Clopin
Quarterman streets
5:00 PM – Nov. 1, 2011

Jones finally broke up the meeting halfway into the 'club' conversation. He had a class to teach coming up, and he couldn't hold everyone up longer than he had anyway. He wrote a couple notes to excuse them, and told them to meet at the stadium tonight. They'd finish this there.


The rest of the day flew by quickly. School didn't seem to be such a problem anymore... with what it had to be compared to. Randy himself was itching to get out of here and spend some time with Phil, Ned and the rest of the band. They hadn't done anything to remind him that he was still a teenager in such a long time. He needed this. He needed something that was... normal. For him at least. And going to go get something snazzy and fail at writing meaningful lyrics was about as normal for him as it would get.

He didn't get the chance though. He was drafted. Drafted by a little girl into helping her get home for something he didn't really care about.

“This is your problem now too, dude. Don't worry, we'll wait for you. We'll bring Izzy and Snow to the shop to get some ideas down until you get back.
“Yeah, what Phil said!”

Randy sighed at the thought. He didn't expect to be sold out by his friends so easily. Why were they so insistent he help Liza? It was just to get a year book...