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    Sigmund Okonkwo
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    Russell piped up first: "I'm going to get a haircut," with a further explanation on how it was getting in his way and that he didn't have any better ideas. Halberd gave his support, and Sigmund nodded along, remarking, "Yeah, better now than in a month or two when it starts really getting cold." He'd felt a bit of chill himself across the top of his head on the way back, himself. Hopefully his hair would grow out at least a little bit by winter. As Halberd made a note of his own plans - nothing huge and concrete - Sigmund tossed his apple cores and came around to the couch, where Halberd was setting down the teapot, sliding across the armrest into a corner seat.

    The older student was proposing a toast, hoping that they would beat whatever the Court had up its sleeve.1 Of course, they were all still around to talk about it after more than two months, which was impressive enough, but now they knew that Apathy Syndrome was totally curable and exactly how to do it. A positive outlook was definitely something they could manage. They just had to keep on living and fighting, like they had already proven they could.

    "Yeah - let's not let this thing get the better of us," he agreed, lifting his mug of tea2 to match Halberd's. The gesture almost looked like the classic three musketeers sign, until the three broke it off and started into their drinks, Sigmund downing half of his at once. This immediately turned out to be a terrible idea, as to be expected from pouring near-boiling water into one's mouth, causing him to spit it back out - mostly into his cup, though a small amount of the spray ended up on the table.

    Sigmund cleared his throat, trying and failing to salvage his composure, before answering Halberd, "Dunno what I'm gonna do about the weekend, though. Got nothin' planned, just went home last week, so I'll probably just take this one as it comes." Taking a drink from his mug3, Sigmund leaned back in his chair. He was planning on doing something else, but he couldn't exactly remember what. Which, honestly, probably meant that it wasn't a huge deal either way.

    At that moment, Ciara walked into the lounge, making a bee-line past the three and making a production of sticking a poster to the notice board. Then, just as quickly as she had come in, she disappeared back up the stairs. Curious, Sigmund took off his glasses briefly to try and read the poster from the couch. He mainly just caught a few words - Chinese takeout, free food, evening tomorrow, fun - but those were plenty. He'd definitely have to show up after -

    Oh, that's what he wanted to do!

    Jerking himself back forward, nearly spilling his drink for the second time and pushing his glasses back up, he added, "That's it - I was gonna go visit, ah, the girls in the hospital sometime in the next couple days. Probably tomorrow, before Ciara's thing. You guys wanna come?" He looked to Russell and Halberd in turn before setting his mug down and slid himself back over the armrest to return to his near-boiling rice.

    1 Though Halberd said it much more eloquently.
    2 His interest in herbal tea had faded over the last two months, though he still appreciated that Halberd made a good cuppa.
    3 A much smaller sip this time.
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