Izzy Simone

“Eh, I'm not so sure about sparring... heh heh...” Izzy answered, looking slightly away from Mana a fake smile plastered on his face. He had no desire to ever fight up close with anyone. Especially Mana, who he still wasn't convinced was completely sane. Well, were any of them, really? They certainly weren't normal. They'd been touched by fear. They'd learned to fight to survive on a nightly basis.

Just this morning, a student's phone rang in the hallway on the way to class. Izzy jumped at the sound and dodged behind the nearest corner out of instinct. His peers thought it was normal Izzy behavior (or, as most of them knew him as, that Weedy Kid with the Headlights), and in a way they were right. While he didn't duck because of 'seeing a girl' (Honestly, he wasn't scared of women... just talking to them. Damn rumors...), he was running for his life. Like a rabbit. And, honestly, he'd like to keep it that way.

“How about I just... umm...” He glanced over at Mana and realized he had nothing. No way to actually get out of it, instead he sighed. “How about I just go get a training dagger.”

Randy Clopin

All he had to do was run, they said. It's with Lace they said. She's fun they said.

Yeah, all of that was true, but they didn't realize one little thing. He was bushed He's run across almost the whole city earlier in the afternoon. Was it necessary? Not completely, he could have gotten to the guys on time without sprinting. But it sure felt like it. After embarrassing himself and Liza in front of her father he just wanted to get away. He didn't even wait for Liza. She could handle herself.
Nope. He was OUT. He was still drenched in sweat, all the way to his tee shirt.

"I'm tellin' you 'cuz you're the Persona-guy, but, you see that street lamp over there?" Lace pointed over his shoulder to the nearest sidewalk lamp. But on another note, 'Persona guy'?

"Bet if I skate into it with Saturnus and stretch my hand out I can whirl up to the top of that pole and shoot off over the gym gate!"

...Alright, he needed a piece of that action. That sounded badass.

“You're on. You do it, you get my dessert at lunch tomorrow. But we're talking the top of the pole.” He smiled. It was nice to be able to just be carefree like this. Lace was a fun girl. He really didn't notice it too much in the Court... given the nature of it, but she was still all happy, regardless. It's a nice change of pace.

He strode over to where she was bent down and fixed himself into the same position. Hands on the ground, one foot popped back. He wasn't sure if it was completely up to form, but it was the best image of it he had in his mind.

“On your mark!-”