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Thread: Battle of Giants: Legend of Hoenn (one-shot)

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    Default Battle of Giants: Legend of Hoenn (one-shot)

    Battle of Giants: The Legend of Hoenn

    Thousands of years ago, Hoenn was a huge land mass, far larger than any current day regions.

    However, not everyone knows the tale known as ‘The Battle of Giants’.

    All those years ago, people and Pokémon soundly lived in peace, under the protection of their two gods; Groudon and Kyogre, the gods of the ground and the water, respectively.

    This all changed when the people of Hoenn separated into two groups: Magma Clan, and Aqua Clan. One group wanted Hoenn to expand and become an empire, while the other wanted Hoenn to have more water, and become the world’s leading sea port.

    However, neither of their plans could come into fruition unless they had incredible power; the power of gods!

    Realizing this, the groups’ sorcerers crafted two mysterious orbs, capable of controlling the gods of Hoenn. This, however, raised yet another problem: both clans wanted the power to control both gods. And, due to man’s lust for power, a war broke out.

    For seventeen winters the war raged on, causing the deaths of thousands of Pokémon and people. In the end, the locations of Groudon and Kyogre were discovered, and a cease fire was announced.

    With the red orb and the blue orb in hand, the two clans went in opposite directions, with Magma Clan heading for what is now Sootopolis, and Aqua Clan headed for what is now Meteor Falls.

    Arriving at the two locations, the two clans awakened their gods with the power of the orbs, however, the power backfired. The red orb and the blue orb awakened the gods, but couldn’t control them!

    The orbs were filled with Magma Clan’s lust for land, and Aqua Clan’s lust for water. Because of the feuding wishes, Groudon and Kyogre sought to destroy each other, and the winner would fulfill the corresponding clan’s wish.

    The two clans hoped for the best, but neither would get what they bargained for. If Groudon reigned victorious, Hoenn’s land would be expanded, but Hoenn would suffer from an eternal drought, and if Kyogre won, all of Hoenn would be flooded; no survivors.

    As the two giants battled, the weather underwent a strange mixture of intense sunlight and intense rainstorms.

    However, the weather was the least of Hoenn’s worries. Groudon destroyed villages with one stomp of the foot, and Kyogre flooded mountains with one spurt of water from its blowhole. As this destruction ensued, thousands of lives were taken, even more than the previous war.

    As the two giants slowly drew nearer, half of Hoenn was flooded, and half of Hoenn’s cities were leveled, resulting in half of Hoenn being land, and the other half being water.

    Eventually, the two beasts met at the shore, and the greatest battle in history ensued. Fire raged, tsunamis slammed, earthquakes shook the earth, hydro pumps created lakes, and all hope was lost for Hoenn.

    Just as mothers began to hold their children close, awaiting imminent doom, something sliced through the clouds. A huge, emerald green dragon swooped down from the skies. This beast, Rayquaza, was the third god of Hoenn, which was long forgotten. Rayquaza was the superior leader of Groudon and Kyogre, and sought to keep the two under control.

    However, Groudon and Kyogre were still infected with the two clan’s lust for power, and only sought what the orbs told them. And thus, a free for all ensued, with the people of Hoenn giving their prayers to Rayquaza.

    After Groudon launched many blasts of lava, and Kyogre sent bursts of water flying, Rayquaza ended the battle with a vicious Dragon Rush, leaving Groudon and Kyogre near fatally wounded.

    Groudon and Kyogre were sealed back into new, secret resting places, and, in thanks, a giant tower was built as a home for Rayquaza. However, the tower, known as Sky Pillar in the ancient scrolls, has never been found.

    Though Groudon and Kyogre were sealed again, ancient scrolls say that Groudon and Kyogre were still infected by the arrogance of man and would never be their old selves again. Although Magma Clan and Aqua Clan were disbanded, it is theorized that, should Groudon and Kyogre ever be awakened again, then their battle would continue, and Hoenn would be ruined just as it was all those years ago.

    But that was just a legend, right?
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