We have threads about Volt-Turn and Underrated threats, but nothing about creative movesets. For Shame!

Many claim that creativity is dead. But this is just plain wrong. I guarantee that at least one pokemon on every team has some sort of creative aspect to it. This is a place to disprove the death of creativity. Post any creative sets here. But there are a few rules.

  1. Don't post something if it is simply just underated, but not particularly creative. I don't care how underated you claim Butterfly Dance Venomoth is, it's not particularly creative. I understand that it is underated, but this is for custom sets that can't be found elsewhere.
  2. Make it good. Sometimes people post creative movesets that just plain aren't good. Remember, a creative moveset doesn't have to be on a bad pokemon or with a bad move. So don't post your physical Alakazam here saying "but what about the suprise factor?"
  3. Creative =/= Gimmick. Not every set here has to be a gimmick, and to be honest, Gimmicks aren't really too good or useful. All we want are just creative movesets that will break away from the standards, but will still be usable.
  4. If you are going to post here, you have to contribute something useful. Don't just say "lolz specs machamp sux". Put some substance into your post. In fact, most post should either be sets or comments on sets.
  5. Please post complete sets. If you say "I like Amnesia Scrafty", please include a spread, item, moveset, and comments.
  6. YOU MUST COMMENT ON THE SET ABOVE YOU. If there isn't a set above you, look back to the last set posted. This may seem annoying at first, but it is to be sure that there aren't just sets flooding in, and that we can get comments on our sets. If you post something and notice that something has been added while you were typing, you aren't going to be forced to edit your post, but it would be nice.
  7. The best sets, that are truly creative and useful and have gotten good comments, will be edited into the OP.
  8. BW2 sets are now being accepted as the game has been out for awhile

SOME EXAMPLES (From Smogon):

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Best Creative Serebii Movesets

    Spoiler:- Standard Pokemon:

Little Cup:

    Spoiler:- Little Cup:


    Spoiler:- Ubers: