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i`m surprised this is still going on
i say mienshao is bad because he lacks he power and speed to outright sweep, he cant set up anything besides calm mind, which as divine retribution said, lucario does better. Thus leaving him in the role of wall breaker. He was good in BW 1 when everyone used gliscor, ferrothorn, jellicent, etc. because he could KO those threats. How he faces alot of competition with kyurem black, who does the same thing, but with more power, better bulk, and arguably better typing. Plus the metagame is so offensive oriented, mienshao cant really switch in with easy because hes a glass cannon. 65/60/60 is bad, it cant switch in on a dark move from the most common dark pokemon without lossing close to half its health, basically forcing it back out, while banded hits for about 3/4. Even though he has 105 base speed, other fightings like terrakion and keldeo out class him in speed and attack, while slower fightings like breloom add more support to a team then he provides. Yes he can shie with support, but why would you waste 2 spots to support a support. Overall, he can be decent, but is outclassed in basically every area but the common fightings in OU.
I'm surprised too and yet again, I agree with Sir mcdanger. Yes, Mienshao can "shine" with the right support, but what if those Pokemon that "make" the support, faint before you even get to use your strategy? Mienshao lacks the coverage to fight certain Pokemon as well as it's stats. It's basically a Glass Cannon aforementioned by mcdanger. (xD) You would've wasted 2 spots of your team that could've been enough for you to be victorious in battle. Since we're on the discussion of OU, then this is why we suggest Lucario, it has better offensive stats, better Special Attack for it's Aura Sphere use, better Speed, Defensive, and Typing in order to take hits and move quickly. And it has the ability to provide excellent coverage from moves like Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Psychic.

So sorry if this offends anyone, but facts are facts. =/