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Hello, I've been trying out new play styles as of recent, and it seems that right now, I'm focusing on Hyper-Offensive. I'm quite sure that I understand the concept well enough to start building a team. However, I have an absolutely huge problem that continues to pester me throughout the making of my team. You see, every time I start making the team, it always basically ends up as the same Pokemon: Scizor, Haxorus, Terrakion, Azelf, Infernape, Gyarados/Dragonite. I hope you all can help me out.

So, here are the Pokemon I have so far. I wish to keep these listed below and center the HO team not completely around them, but so that most of the time, I turn to these two for sweeping. Anyways...

Azelf @Light Clay
Timid Levitate
252 HP / 252 Spe / 4 Def
-Stealth Rock
-Light Screen
After Deoxys-D left for Ubers, I had to turn to another lead. I would have chosen Espeon, but I wanted to set up SR too. Azelf was perfect in this scenario. Azelf is incredibly fast, always being able to Taunt the opponent before they Taunt me. Through trial and error, I have found that Azelf is an awesome HO lead. However, I don't mind changing it. As long as the suggested lead can do what Azelf does, I'm fine.

Terrakion @Air Ballon
Jolly Justified
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
-Rock Polish
-Swords Dance
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
Double Boost Terrakion is so perfect. If he manages to get both boosts, he is able to smash his way through all types of teams. I used Double Boost Terrakion because of his ability to demolish offensive and stall teams. Furthermore, he was an obvious choice for a hyper-offensive team, and I've never used a DB Terrakion before.

Haxorus @Lum Berry
Adamant Mold Breaker
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
-Dragon Dance
At first, I doubted Haxorus. I thought that its rather low speed would hold it back. However, I soon found out that I was wrong. Haxorus is just amazing. So many players are unprepared for his raw power, and thanks to Azelf's screens, he can always manage to set up at least 1 DD, and if I'm feeling a little over myself, two. After that, it's practically game. Taunt works wonders on early game phazers. Haxorus is my early game sweeper, while Terrakion works for late-game. But I use them both whenever the time is right anyways.

Here is where I get stuck. I know that Scizor demolishes all three of my first Pokemon with Bullet Punch and Bug Bite, so I was thinking that Infernape could help. If not, I was trying to take a different route and use Magnezone to trap steels or Rotom-H as I've seen a few recent Physical HO teams use to dispatch Scizor and friends.
Thanks for the help!
So firstly, Taunt shouldn't be there when you could have a better move fro sweeping, like maybe Aqua Tail... Yeah nevermind. But consider another attacking move for coverage regardless.

Rotom-H covers Scizor well, shrugging off its dual-STAB moves and roasting him in return. That also kind of gives you a way to counter Sun and Hail teams, if that was a problem before.
As for other pokemon for your team, Thunderus-T is always nice for the sheer damage and coverage against some of your weaknesses (namely Jellicent and Heatran).
...And that's about all I can help you with, since HO is not my strong point :P
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Have you considered:

•dual dancing Landorus therian
•bulk up Toxicroak
•breloom (you could spore him)

These are just a few suggestions to add variety that could deal with Scizor
Landorus can still get beat by Bullet Punch, Toxicroak could work, but Breloom is easily beaten by the pokemon that counter Terrakion and Haxorus. Otherwise, he can help I guess.