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Yanappu hitting him just seemed a bit much (in a cringe worthy way). Then I went on to list all of Dento's immense grief throughout his journey. You need to think like Dento a bit more. XD Of course he goes on frolicking through monocots, eudicots, and ferns on his merry way, but the pain that he has endured throughout his epic journey is terrible and very, very "d'aaaaaaaw"-worthy. He's a gentle prince. Who smells of grass on pleasant spring day.
I'd be more inclined to believe that if Dento's opponent was Masaomi and not Stephan. It didn't hurt anything and Dento and Stephan say well done, so no not really too much. Now Iris's loss to Masaomi almost seemed much after seeing her and Excadrill beat Burgundy earlier. But then I remembered how Excadrill is weak to Fighting type moves, of which Throh used a lot of powerful ones.